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Game Review on Aug 26th, 2013

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8 Review

Game Review on Jul 17th, 2013

Good puzzler. Maybe a bit too easy or slow to progress. and I would like to be able to listen more to the music when I've solved the puzzle.

I own it on Android too, and it fits better as a casual game on a touch screen device. The negative here is also positive as there is plenty of puzzles to solve, and the music is good.

10 Review

Game Review on Jul 17th, 2013

Sound and visuals support the gameplay and creates a perfectly designed relaxing puzzler.

Constant C
8 Review

Game Review on Jul 4th, 2013

Great platform puzzler. The mix of easy and harder puzzles makes it akin to Rochard when it comes to difficulty. Not too hard to be frustrating and repetitive, but not too easy either. The soundtrack is excellent, and the graphics efficient and good looking at the same time. Using a 360 controller, the controls are responsive and feels natural.

8 Review

Game Review on Feb 25th, 2013

A little short since the puzzles are not too challenging; then therefore perfect for somewhat relaxed gameplay, enjoying the excellent graphics style and overall mood of the game. Was a joy to play through.

9 Review

Game Review on Feb 7th, 2013

Great music and nice graphics. Good sense of style, sound and visuals fit together with the gameplay. Easy to understand and get into, runs on Linux and has co-op. Just very well put together.

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