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Rtys8 Apr 17 2014, 8:30am replied:

Good for you,i am now currently coping with the wait for this mod,like how Overated said not waiting.If it's finished,it's finished eventually.I'm not gonna waste time waiting and getting hyped for nothing till then.

I'm playing AOE 2:The Forgotten and AOM now till then,and if this never materializes,I'm just gonna bet my hopes on Grey Goo and Meridian: New World or just Starcraft 2 for my RTS itch.

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Rtys8 Apr 16 2014, 9:04am says:

Well, an honest opinion as a fan of the mod.

Just it's creators decided to go easy on it as a hobby,not a task,i feel we as fans,should just do the same.Just,don't expect anything anymore,let them work at their own pace.

I decided for myself that obsessing about this won't do any good to anyone or anything and i decided to detach myself for a long time,perhaps even permanently,because i don't feel anything good would come out of obsessive expectations.

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Rtys8 Apr 16 2014, 8:58am replied:

I had said this many times.
I can only respect the units if i know i would be fighting an similarly respectable opponent when playing as or against it.Otherwise....i think it's just no point going wow at something that crushes everything in it's path easy peasy where it stands unopposed literally and your opponent has nothing he can use to fight it on it's terms.

Well,on the other hand,it's awesome,still.

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Rtys8 Apr 5 2014, 2:13pm replied:

Is it even ready?

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Rtys8 Apr 5 2014, 9:30am replied:

The one thing i felt Unitport was best to be was to be a complimentary mod to RVE,in fact, i felt it was good for what it was...s good experimental ground to see what would work and what would'nt.

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Rtys8 Apr 5 2014, 5:23am replied:

As a ex helper of the Unitport,i always felt it was best RVE 2.0 came out first due to some technical improvements Overated written into the code....

So AL,i really suggest you concentrate on RVE fully.

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Rtys8 Apr 4 2014, 9:01am says:

I'll say a word in fairness to the RVE Team.

If you all noticed,the "extra" time they took on this mod actually IMPROVED their mod.

Aside from getting unexpected help from Albino,which i was proud to have supported in the past,i honestly think the "renewed" design models are actually much better than the old ones.

PS.AL,i feel great for you to have finally gotten so good at modding SC 2 that you joined SC 2,keep up the good work!
(Don't follow my screwed up balancing sense,listen to the RVE team,they know what's best.)

With that,i will watch your hard work bear fruit from afar.

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Rtys8 Dec 9 2013, 9:03am replied:

That's why i feel you should not set a ETA arrival date,ever.

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Rtys8 Nov 22 2013, 6:13am replied:

That aside,I kinda liked the subtle design choice to fit the era of tech you guys chose to follow for mechs.
(Technical issues aside,that is....)

The mechs feel advanced,but not so advanced their movements look too fluid like they move like real life organisms.

Only the Epic XPs seem to have anything like that,and i like the subtle difference.

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Rtys8 Nov 21 2013, 6:24am replied:

Not really the refutation i was hoping for,but lets look at it this way.

Looking at the tropes in science fiction,and considering the design,i say Mechs are indeed a very viable evolution on the warfare technology path.

Like Avitus said,Mechs have maneuverability. You have to face it,Vehicles are literally "platforms",and thus not really as maneuverable.

True,they would be still used because sometimes a chassis of a vehicle can take things a mech cannot.

And if you mention the "turret advantage",I'll add it's more of a design fault of the mech if it can't just rotate it's weapons in the same way.

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Rtys8 Nov 21 2013, 6:13am replied:

Uh......while i understand the idea.....but it's already been done in Command and Conquer.

Sides, a mech tankish hybrid is really neither here nor there...

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Rtys8 Nov 19 2013, 5:22am replied:

That game,would be Command and Conquer,not SC.
So yes,you do have a valid point on more mech than vehicle.

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Rtys8 Nov 19 2013, 5:19am replied:

Hmm to be precise, its more of "vehicles" than merely tanks.

But when everything is automated,it may not truly matter between mech and vehicle.

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Rtys8 Nov 18 2013, 6:02am replied:

Except your logic falls apart when we have hover technology.(AHAHAHAHAHA lol)

What he's saying is to give the factions not just unit diversity in game,but design (looks) diversity.

(Which what i said a long while back.Try having some variety to the designs.)

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Rtys8 Nov 11 2013, 8:09am replied:

Anyway,it's time we gathered together our assets into a good direction......

I'll rather we do this first : Organise what we plan to do,then get what we want to port in. We have to clear the firstmost hardest hurdle of techinical issues.

We don't want our plans suddenly not working thanks to bugs.

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Rtys8 Nov 11 2013, 8:03am replied:

AA XP wants aside (Hell no,the point of the airnomo would be moot,then)

Yes,i am thinking we should port in units AS THEY WERE IN THE ORIGINAL mods.
(Not as easy as it looks,but we need to fix lots of techical issues first.It matters not how well balanced a unit is, if it's all bugged.There's lots of units not working like the originals.)

+1 vote   mod: Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE)
Rtys8 Sep 26 2013, 7:58am says:

Wonderful! I wonder if you read my post when i evaluated it, and decided to change it lol.

Great work!

+1 vote   media: Aeon Pride - Reworked
Rtys8 Sep 6 2013, 7:01am replied:

That was partly my bad,but anyway,now that i can provide everyone with the weapons they need,i can now rest assured.

Cybran is actually also gimped a bit,i would work the avalanche as soon i am done with my current task.

+1 vote   download: UnitPot 0.2.5pre
Rtys8 Sep 5 2013, 11:33pm replied:

Umm we taking the next patch to balance out the recent influx of Aeon stuff with new UEF and Cybran units to port....
It's really hard work.For some reason, Aeon stuff needs to be ported in early, because it would turn out to be ether gimped functionally,or underpowered.
I really don't know why,but it's like that.
UEF and Cybran just seem so much easier to fix.

So please understand most of the Aeon units need much more fine tuning then the rest.
(It is anti bias or something? I don't wanna have to keep trying to fix their stuff until it works,there's lots to do.)

+1 vote   download: UnitPot 0.2.5pre
Rtys8 Aug 28 2013, 9:30am replied:

AL's not gonna like hearing that lol.

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Rtys8 Aug 28 2013, 6:24am replied:

As i all still had lots to do,even though our projects are different,but the scales are the similar....

There's just way too much to do.

But uh......what does that date mean exactly?
(It would be convenient if you guys came out faster than us,though,there are some models i want.)

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Rtys8 Aug 26 2013, 3:37am says:

Uh,im posting this here,since i cant bump up the thread........

Sorry to Cybran Fans !
I have just examined the turtling situation in land defences,and its absolutely lacking in some aspects compared to the UEF.
As an apology, i am Buffing up the Hacker to be as functionally efficient as the UEF Aegis.

As for Aeon, i have reexamined the situation,i am going to give them the Fraxinus XP tower.Simply forced into relying on Warpers isnt right!
It will be doing the same thing as the UEF Perses role wise,but it will function differently.

+1 vote   news: NEWS FEED
Rtys8 Aug 24 2013, 2:27am replied:

And the Dragon never previously existed before.
Of course,the Wyvren is the bigger version of that......

+1 vote   mod: Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE)
Rtys8 Aug 24 2013, 2:11am replied:

Nah, Epic XPs are usually something completely new that has not already been done.....

But with the lackluster response on that or the entire faction as a whole..........

+1 vote   mod: Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE)
Rtys8 Aug 24 2013, 1:35am replied:

Nope, not good enough a concept.
This is under Unitport standards,but RVE'S Epic units are eligible to be under T6s.

They should try taking from some sci fi references.I had several ideas,but here is one i favor mostly that i wanted to create into Unitport. (But can't make myself)

Herald,Idol of Decay.
Basically, a T6 Harbinger,which invokes the classic feel and fear of towering alien constructs.It's like the Tripods of War of the Worlds.

Special features.
1.Anti Army Unstable Quantum Nanite Cloud.
2.Gravitic Tractor Recycler Tentacle Beams.

But with the silence,i suspect the RVE Team simply does not have anything.....

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Rtys8 Aug 19 2013, 2:06am replied:

What do you mean by a custom Bot?

+1 vote   download: UnitPort
Rtys8 Aug 16 2013, 12:53am says:

Ah,don't count on my charts for this!I have not updated them with this yet as of this date. Only hint: It's replacing the Lupen.

+1 vote   media: Mystery Unit No. 1
Rtys8 Aug 13 2013, 9:58am replied:

Except you would have to spawn those killable research boxes for that as a model....

+1 vote   media: UEF resource share building
Rtys8 Aug 12 2013, 9:59pm says:

Well people are mainly fans of UEF and Cybran.......Aeon and seraphim the least liked.

Used to be a UEF and Cybran fan back in the days,but the staleness of their design themes and faction strengths really bored me over the years.

By far,only Cybran still feels inspired to me out of the two.

+1 vote   media: Supreme commander 2 RV
Rtys8 Aug 12 2013, 9:49am says:

Frankly....i feel these types of buildings should have an antenna to signify it's a sending building.

+1 vote   media: UEF resource share building
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