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Mission Improbable

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Just finished playing through and enjoyed every minute of it! Like others have said this feels like it could have been an official expansion. It hits all the notes for a hl2 feel. Epic scenery, lots of scripted stuff going off in the backgrounds, detailed levels, good pacing, change of areas, good puzzles.

It took a few goes for me to get it up and running but that was because I didn't read the instructions properly. Even though this was released a long time ago you still need to follow it and install the beta version of the sdk as it says clearly in the instructions. I thought the beta would have been done by now so skipped that bit but it is required in 2017.



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** spoilers / feedback review **

I enjoyed playing this mod. It's not the best but it is a good attempt.

Some of the areas could do with a bit more work such as the scale of the levels (walkways too fiddly, other areas too wide) and some more detail in sections.

Made a decent attempt at using various set pieces and some interesting scripting events with the destructible walls, slow-mo sniper kills, ambushes, etc. The half zombies coming out of the feet-level air vents was a good touch.

I think it overused it on the black the screen out a bit, just the amount of time before something happened wasn't right.

Couple of bugs I noticed was some of the junk on the floor in the pre-teleporter room is floating. Post-teleporter the base of it doesn't clip, not sure if this is the mod or hl. Out on the sniper street I spent some time trying to get to that crate which has been patched out now.

I don't know if I missed something but I almost stopped playing the mod within the first 5 minutes because I couldn't get the jump right over the first switch based moving panel puzzle. I kept just missing it and eventually cheated with a no-clip because it was winding me up. I also ended up cheating with the pre-teleporter room battle because I just ran back out and up the stairs and then blasted them from behind as they spawned.

Overall I enjoyed myself and came back for more, playing it over three sessions.


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