I like the men of war series and i like to see peoples creations of the game and really like RTS games. I haven't learned on how to mod games but it seems really awesome to program it all. i wont really play any mods that are not really historically accurate and have poor physics and things you cant blow up!:) I think am pretty good at playing RTS games on the hardest levels you can put on men of war and company of heroes but i prefer men of war. I respect people who put their time and effort into a creation and post it on the internet to let other people play it!

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rpg7boom Jun 13 2014 says:

I still believe in the World in War Team and just to say you guys have made one hell of a damn good looking mod. Its only been 6 months and that's not even the longest wait on a update, the longest wait was about a year. The people who are saying its dead and saying bunch of stupid ******** can go **** themselves. World in War team you guys are the best for working on this since 2011. Give the guys some credit they just may be taking a break, they are not robots and they do this on their free time not everybody has free time every day.

Thank you World in War team for putting in so much time and effort on this great Mod.

+7 votes   mod: World in War: Vietnam
rpg7boom Feb 9 2014 replied:

Thanks for the response, cant wait to try it.

0 votes   mod: WW2 Chronicles - A Total Modification
rpg7boom Feb 8 2014 says:

When i finished downloading the [1.1] Mamayev Kurgan 1943 and unpacked it, i didn't understand the description how do you install the separate graphics part of the download. I understand putting the mod in the mods folder but never done a graphics file before.

Help would be greatly appreciated, I loved 1.0 and hope to play the rest of the Chronicles of WWII. Thank you and good luck to the team.

+1 vote   mod: WW2 Chronicles - A Total Modification
rpg7boom Nov 1 2013 says:

Is the little cylinder object on the floor (next to the M60 gunner) a flare, like a throw-able one?

+1 vote   media: Fear of the Dark
rpg7boom May 25 2013 says:

Damn fine work on texturing and the modeling! Cant wait to try the new puma type vehicles, also great work on the first release mission loved it!

+2 votes   news: Work on the Eastern Front
rpg7boom Mar 23 2013 says:

What version of AS does this run on i tried it but it didn't work. i put the part 1 into the mods folder but when i started AS it didn't load up the main screen it just gave a error message. Looks like damn good mod 10/10.

+1 vote   mod: Shattered Lands
rpg7boom Mar 22 2013 says:

I like the concept of the story line, the first mission was fun but the second one did not work as well as the fourth but i played 3 and 5 in the editor still fun. My question is how come is there so many incomplete missions i browsed through some of them and they were cool but not really complete and most of them didn't load. also i don't know if you cant do this but the helicopter controls are not easy could you make the controls for helicopters like men of war Vietnam. It is a great idea for a mod i hope that it will be completed over time. I like that you added Rick grimes from the walking dead good idea.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Assault
rpg7boom Mar 18 2013 says:

When i watched the hill 201 video in the subtitles at 1:16 it says "Here in these boxes you can find medical supplies to heal your men and allies. you can find a flaregun, flares, a m67 recoilless rifle and shotguns for close combat." my question is, if there is a shotgun could we please see what the shotgun looks like in the next update please, since we didnt see any action or use of it in the hill 201 video.

Thank World in War Team for putting huge amounts of time and energy towards the creation of this mod!

+8 votes   mod: World in War: Vietnam
rpg7boom Feb 1 2013 says:

awesome mission its really makes it a challenge when you play this level on hard difficulty and might i suggest in the ammo parachute drops add bazooka ammo had to scavenge more anti tank ammo than rifle rounds

+1 vote   download: [Soviet Union] Volga Assault
rpg7boom Jan 19 2013 says:

Will their be a ammo difference, like different weapon calibers for each gun? for example m-16 only shooting 5.56x54mm NATO rounds and an AK-47 shooting 7.62x39mm basically not having all "SMG" ammo like the original MOW. ALSO awesome work you've done looks great!

+1 vote   mod: Enduring Freedom - War on Terror
rpg7boom Jan 12 2013 says:

Really awesome Work you guys. will the ch-47 Chinook be in the game?

+7 votes   mod: World in War: Vietnam
rpg7boom Jan 12 2013 says:

When i downloaded the Barbarossa ad-don and extracted the file and put the file into the mods folder (basically the same way of adding any mod to the men of war games), when i went to the mods section under options for Condemned heroes the mod didn't show up. is it supposed to be in a different folder?

it looks like a very awesome map and all, it would be really fun to play.

i would appreciate it if someone knows any instructions on how to apply the ad-don to the game.

0 votes   group: Men of War missions from xGUNISHMENTx
rpg7boom Nov 18 2012 says:

can you fly the helicopters during missons

+4 votes   mod: World in War: Vietnam
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