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Black Mesa

Mod review - 2 agree

Wow just incredible, I never thought I would play black mesa and say it completely and utterly surpass how good I thought it would be.

It does almost everything the amazing the atmosphere, sound and surprising half life like game play. Pull this mod together to make the best mod I've seen in years.

With such a great success and all the talent put into this mod I'm sure they'll be working on their own game soon enough.


Half-Life : Residual Life

Mod review

I dont understand this rating it was kind of shorter then blue shift but the length should have nothing to do with your score. it has a couple of new enemies and retexture weapons with new sounds. also very good mapping .



Mod review

Well this is horrible how people can give this a 1 or even a 7 because this mod is by far the BEST half life 2 mod I have ever played. Graphics wise this is a big improvement for the source engine. Game play is also really fun but I found the hp of some enemys to be ridiculous like the houndeyes. Finally the story is all well written with some of the best voice acting ive seen in a mod. If you needed to turn down the difficulty you must really suck only about 2 parts are hard the helicopter and the cool looking vortiguants


Zombie Mode

Mod review - 1 agree

wow I have no clue why any person would like this at all. First of all it has bad low quality mapping with a hole in the first room that if you fall in you have to restart the game. Then your pistol is entirely white and the monsters are just normal doom zombies with yellow eyes. Do not waste your hard drive space with this mod

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