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Hi everyone!

As loyal readers may know, I'm extremely busy lately. School's taking up a lot of my time, but most of all, I'm recording, writing and producing with Jeroen Hilgers. We've decided the name for him as an artist:


Remember that name, because he's gonna be a star! Mark my words. I've already posted Friday, our first song. We're currently wrapping up the second. The title will be Breakdown. I'll be in the studio this Friday and hopefully next Wednesday as well. De demo is due February 11th, so stay tuned!

I've been listening to DmC's soundtrack. I haven't had the joy of playing the game yet, but I have played the demo on PSN Store. I loved it, and I'll definitely be checking it out sooner rather than later. But the OST is genius. Noisia, a fellow Dutchman, has done a remarkable job. I love how they chose him to do it. It shows that Ninja Theory has given it a lot of thought and are wiling to think out of the box. Noisia's by no means a composer. He's a producer of Dubstep/ DrumnBass music. To have him do an entire OST is a risk, but it payed off. The dynamics are great, but the overall sound is very fresh. It's something that hasn't really been heard in games. Not as an Original at least.

Once I have more material or interesting stuff to share, you'll be the first to know! Or second... or third...

But you'll know! That's what counts right....

Ronnie Scholtes

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