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Rohkmer @ Kenshi

So just a question, does kenshi on Desura get updated at the same time as if you had bought it off the website? because project zomboid is like a billion versions behind, and now i am always wary of this.

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Rohkmer @ Running with Rifles

Hi jack, thanks for the reply! :D

Ive just played on the US server, and im not sure what my ping is (dont know how to check) but it is definatly playable, will all guns except the sniper being very non laggy. only with the sniper do i notice bullet lag, resulting in having to lead targets a bit more.

I havnt tried the finland one, but thats EU, so it will be much greater lag i would suspect.

Also, just a question, if you have played on the US server, does it change map? the game i was in, we'd just won, but the server restared, no map change. It was the winter map

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Rohkmer @ Running with Rifles

Hey thanks guys, yeah ive been playing this non stop for like 8 hours now, and im having a lot of fun. I did check the server list, and there were, as you said Pasik, those two US and finland servers. I live in australia, so i doubt my ping would be ideal, so i havnt tried playing online yet. And when i did check, there was one player on each server, so i decided it wasnt worth the lag. In any case, the game is a heap of fun, and ill probably check out the multiplayer soon.

Also, on a sidenote, why a server based in finland? seems a bit random haha

anddddddd on a side side note, where can i find (if there is) planned features for the finished game. Forum, im most guessing?

(apologies for the wall of text :p)

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Rohkmer @ Running with Rifles

I just bought this game, its currently downloading, just wanted to know (ill still love the game anyway) whats the online community like in terms of numbers? im not even entirely sure how the multiplayer works (as i said, the game is currently downloading :p) and what is lag like? Would just be interested to know, im still going to play it :D

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