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Roh Nov 22 2013, 10:09am says:

No contest. Pancakes all the way.

0 votes   article: Buildin' it up
Roh Apr 10 2013, 4:08pm says:

LoL I've been watching this game for a while. A long while. Since it first hit here at least. I think.. I think I saw it somewhere else first? Dunno. But really hate facebook. Id rather pre-order or something that go over there for a chance to get it free.

+1 vote   article: Pre-Alpha Key Contest!
Roh Mar 19 2013, 12:23am says:

You know I've been following this mod since... well Im pretty sure since before the first public release. But I've never really taken part in these polls I don't think. I've always been more than content to just see your teams vision of the mod when it comes. Have I maybe been letting the team down by not contributing?

+6 votes   media: A word about Fiction
Roh Nov 27 2012, 2:06pm replied:

I've sort of given up. Mentioned before I will never alpha or even beta fund another project from the indie stone. I'll wait till its a 1.02 or better. Released and patched with reviews for confirmation.

I have faith in their ability for ideas but not their ability to produce them anymore. And I honestly don't feel I'm being unjust either.

+5 votes   article: On how big we're going to be making the map
Roh Nov 1 2012, 2:12pm says:

:.(.... Why am I not playing 2.0 yet?

+5 votes   media: Structure material overhaul
Roh Oct 29 2012, 3:22pm replied:

Being free actually makes it easier for people to donate time or assets doesn't it?

+2 votes   article: At a Glance: First Game Concept
Roh Aug 25 2012, 9:44am replied:

I think he means in zombie form. Would personally put me off of things a bit. Sure bad things happen to everyone in real life.. But no need to push it that far in a game. Is why I eventually couldn't take the walking dead comic anymore.

0 votes   article: All the Zomboid ladies! (All the Zomboid ladies).
Roh Aug 16 2012, 1:52pm says:

I'm curious. How will this handle mods. Will any of the original mods be compatible or easily convertible?

If not you should hook up with the Tamriel Reborn team. They have generated a huge amount of content that I would imagine is compatible with your work. Great quality content.

+3 votes   game: OpenMW Example Suite
Roh Aug 11 2012, 4:42pm says:

Lookin good man.

+3 votes   media: Fall of the hunter
Roh Aug 8 2012, 4:52pm replied:

That would be a BAD time for your flashlight to fail.

+4 votes   media: Another rather dark shot...
Roh Jul 13 2012, 1:17am says:

0.0 Damn. Do you ever sleep? How the hell can you get all that done?!?

+1 vote   article: Features (Version 2.0) - What's new?
Roh Jul 4 2012, 6:16pm replied:

Eh it is a mod. It's only done when he decides. He could release with all the maps and still keep it going for in development for years if he has the time and enjoys it. No reason not to share ideas.

+1 vote   media: on the lookout
Roh Jul 4 2012, 5:16pm says:

Yep the areas are what its about for me. If only he could add some sort of persistent goal too. Like maintaining a camp or something... That would make this mod better then any sequel we could have hoped for.

+1 vote   media: on the lookout
Roh Jun 11 2012, 1:49am says:

I'd say use the one that is larger. You could add smaller details and coolness to improve either one if you wanted. But making them larger and covering ALL those details would probably take longer.

That said I dont have CS and dont recall the area from SOC.

+3 votes   media: the Agroprom Decision
Roh May 3 2012, 6:39pm says:


+1 vote   game: Sailors of The Sky
Roh May 3 2012, 3:30pm says:

Hmm. Was tempted to kickstart. But.. I just didnt like that a copy of the game doesn't come in till 25$ when the game is currently for sale at your site for 10. Just seems silly.

+1 vote   article: Crowdfunding started
Roh Apr 1 2012, 8:02pm says:

Looks awesome to me. Are we there yet?

+1 vote   media: Artifact Activation with proper visuals
Roh Apr 1 2012, 2:49pm says:

Lookin good.

+1 vote   media: Lootin'
Roh Apr 1 2012, 9:32am says:

Sad face. I was so disappointed in Skyrim that I refuse to buy it. Crying shame the Oblivion version had to stop.

+1 vote   article: MERP 0.2.65 Update
Roh Mar 1 2012, 10:32am says:

I actually find then real photos charming. If anything I might wish there was a little more variety for your personal character selection.

+2 votes   game: UnReal World
Roh Feb 28 2012, 10:36am says:

The "little" ones can take a fair amount of damage before dying. I'm scared to think how much ammo these will eat. I'm sure not going to try and take them down with a knife like I do the originals.

+4 votes   media: OGSE Monsters - full-grown boars
Roh Jan 22 2012, 2:34pm replied:

Im a sniper. Single shot didnt work for me. It kept standing up and sitting down... And was always facing a way from me. What I did was got in the little building without a roof right infront of the stage.

+1 vote   media: Ripped apart
Roh Jan 19 2012, 8:54am replied:

True, my comp is.. sad. And I haven't had any crash issues. Aside from the one fixed in 61. Your computer likely doesn't meet the high end requirement deally. My best guess is all of the people with crash issues don't have enough ram.

If that is the case the only way N can fix all of your crashes is to buy all of you ram. And that isnt exactly reasonable is it?

+1 vote   download: MISERY Ver.1.0 Patch 2
Roh Jan 9 2012, 12:05pm replied:

So fits your avatar.

+3 votes   article: Update News: Windows of Death, Carpentry and Content Lock
Roh Aug 11 2011, 11:30pm says:

This seems like a really interesting idea. Cross between H&H and fallout.

+1 vote   game: SteamGears
Roh May 2 2012, 1:20pm says:


+2 votes   article: On the reanimated dead...
Roh Apr 30 2012, 11:55pm says:

O.O Damn.

+2 votes   article: Excalibur: To the Planets and Beyond
Roh Apr 26 2012, 11:59pm says:

Now that is some smuggling goodness right there.

+2 votes   media: YT-1300 Specular and Normal Map
Roh Apr 26 2012, 12:41am says:

Congratz on the growing team.

+2 votes   article: Wall of Images! & Back into Action!
Roh Apr 22 2012, 6:15pm says:

I was thinking the same thing as leathery. Kind of like an arctic fox or something. Maybe if you stretched it a bit longer and taller. Or maybe its just the angle.

+5 votes   media: Wolf Wip
Roh Apr 20 2012, 3:34am says:

Seems interesting. Honestly prefer open world games but a good story is never a bad thing. Not sure why they are mutually exclusive but hey, maybe that's why I'm not a game designer.

+3 votes   mod: What Remains
Roh Apr 6 2012, 7:30pm says:

That would depend on the light source wouldnt it? If they are doing a day night cycle the sun could be straight over that way.

Looks really good to me.

+1 vote   media: Jungle Assets - W.I.P
Roh Apr 3 2012, 10:07pm says:

Just paid for the game! Sadly couldn't afford to go fanboy but I did buy it! And it honestly feels good to support an indie game. Keep up the good work!

+3 votes   game: Project Zomboid
Roh Apr 1 2012, 9:38am buried:


Not cool! I love the stalker engine.. And for a second I thought someone was really doing a total conversion for it... You guys suck..

Don't play pranks that are so heart breaking!!!

-6 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Roh Mar 31 2012, 2:15am says:

That is sexy as hell!!!

In these sorts of games I always expect the perfectly straight lines fanning out from your character that make it easy to miss anything a little distance away.

This system is SO much better. Makes you more directly involved in hitting the target. Awesome idea and the implementation looks just as good!

+3 votes   article: Something wicked this way comes...
Roh Mar 25 2012, 8:39pm says:

Remember playing freeworlds years ago. Was like a small scale mmo and lots and lots of fun. Look forward to giving it a try again!

+2 votes   mod: Freeworlds: Tides of War
Roh Mar 23 2012, 7:51pm says:

Hmm. Needs a sign. Place that big should have a sign. ;)

+1 vote   media: Hermit Demo
Roh Mar 22 2012, 1:17pm replied:

Eh, some of the animations need work but many of them are perfectly fine. And it is still in development. Only ones that actually bother me right now are the jump and duck animations.

Id be perfectly okay with all the rest so long as the game mechanics are solid and reliable. You know. Hit/block detection. How latency is handled.

I mean look at M&B. Many of us have had tons of fun with that game and the animation and character models are awful.

+3 votes   article: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare New Trailer and GDC Experience
Roh Mar 22 2012, 11:23am replied:

Wow, you are crazy. M&B has given me much fun but there are sooo many flaws, some of which Chiv has actually shown that it addresses. And this War of the Roses deal. It's not even out yet. How can you say they won't even compete?

As for horses.. Yes its cool and all. But it presents balance issues in a big way. I am not hating on Chiv for not tackling that beast of a problem.

Who knows I may end up getting WotR. And Ill likely enjoy M&B on occasion for years to come. But I can tell you Chiv will have its place in my collection. And if all goes as well as it seems to be going.. A big place in my gameplay time.

+4 votes   article: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare New Trailer and GDC Experience
Roh Mar 22 2012, 11:16am says:

Loving the video man. Lovin it. Some of the animations seem a little rough still but... Is it my imagination or has there been epic improvements and additions all around since the last dev blog deally?

+1 vote   article: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare New Trailer and GDC Experience
Roh Mar 20 2012, 1:28pm says:

Really really going to have to try this some time.

+1 vote   article: Silverdale Feature List
Roh Mar 18 2012, 4:56pm says:

Interesting. Brings me to a question. I dont even know if this game will have wild life or livestock. Livestock seeming to be the most obvious use for a rope fence. Well that and along cliff edges.

+1 vote   media: Domestic Fencing
Roh Mar 18 2012, 4:53pm says:

Did they really have curbs back then? Anyway, looks purdy.

+1 vote   media: Graphics Update [Road]
Roh Mar 12 2012, 8:07pm says:

LoL Dance of death!

+1 vote   media: Public Screenshots
Roh Mar 12 2012, 8:06pm says:

Lookin pretty damn good!

+1 vote   media: Public Screenshots
Roh Mar 12 2012, 7:18pm says:

I'm curious. The way you show the two different houses. Are these two options for timber houses? Or are these something that will be possible to build in some sort of modular system?

+1 vote   media: Timber House (pre-v1)
Roh Mar 12 2012, 7:16pm says:

Looks very cool!

+1 vote   media: Basic expandable house v2
Roh Mar 10 2012, 9:46am says:

Holy crap.

+1 vote   media: Hospital Dynamic Fog Test
Roh Mar 8 2012, 6:19pm says:

When i looked at it I don't really see a problem. I don't think that eastern peoples were the only ones to use that Stucco type stuff to cover their walls.

Though it does seem a little plain. Maybe try adding a brick like design at the top or bottom? Similar to this for example.

But as I said it seems fine to me.

+1 vote   media: Basic expandable house
Roh Mar 7 2012, 11:52pm says:

I honestly couldnt watch either.

+1 vote   media: Excalibur | User Interface Walkthrough
Roh Mar 7 2012, 11:50pm says:

Those are some sexy images you all dated. Awesome work.

+2 votes   game: Star Trek Excalibur
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