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rofl106 Feb 18 2008, 5:16pm says:

lol i keep having to give your comments karma mike, kind of sad that you get voted down so often when you actually have something to add to the discussion.

+2 votes   member: mikejkelley
rofl106 Feb 16 2008, 11:19am says:

too much blood, any way to change that?

0 votes   article: Beta 2.0 Gameplay video
rofl106 Feb 6 2008, 10:31pm replied:

well that's my suggestion, because atm guitar synths are a bit lacking. Its a nice track other than that though, don't get me wrong!

+1 vote   download: Radville
rofl106 Feb 6 2008, 5:11pm replied:

Yeah, I think it gets most of its bad wrap because it attracts too many people who don't ever follow through and keep at it. Also, I'm curious, as you say Pro Tools is more powerful for what you can do with audio, in what way. Because FL Studio is only $400 and you can get a lot of stuff with the leftover from what Pro Tools actually costs, especially if you already have a suitable computer to work with. My argument is that FL Studio would surpass anything Pro Tools could do if one were to spend equal amounts of money, because of all the VST's you could buy with the leftover.

However, not having actually used pro tools before, I'd like to hear what you think about this.

+1 vote   article: Using FL Studio
rofl106 Feb 6 2008, 4:45pm replied:

Oh, and how I did it was got a weird clap sample and used FL's Delay bank with a cool preset and then trance gated it, and added a nice kick and a snare with the only the high end. I also used an ambient hit that I made :)

+1 vote   download: Wavelength
rofl106 Feb 6 2008, 4:42pm replied:

thanks, yeah I'm glad you like the production, because I don't have monitors :( so i have to use a visible EQ in order to figure everything out.

+1 vote   download: Wavelength
rofl106 Feb 6 2008, 8:35am replied:

ok, cool, well good work with this one, sounds pretty good on my speakers too.

+1 vote   download: Gothic
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 11:38pm replied:

please tell me that isn't slayer as the guitar. Because you really need to record an actually guitar if it is.

+1 vote   download: Radville
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 11:37pm says:

I Like the texture of the opening synth or whatever it is, very cool. Sounds a bit like the 28 weeks later soundtrack with the choir stuff. Nice piece.

+1 vote   download: Radville
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 10:28pm says:

I like the tension that builds up in this one, and then the sort of "bending metal" maybe some time of horn that comes in, very epic indeed. I'd love to see a game using this music.

+1 vote   download: The Battle for Crucifix Hill
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 10:26pm says:

Now this certainly sounds good to start out, though I can't imagine how it would be used in a map called killing floor heh, but who am i too say that. I very much like the feel of this song, you certainly know your way around an orchestra well. May i ask what samples you use?

+1 vote   download: Gothic
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 10:23pm says:

I love this, the opening drumloop is great. I can say that while it's not quite to the quality of the Tribes 2 soundtrack, it certainly sounds a lot like it, which is a major plus in my book. I like the meandering synth in the background, and then the rhodes or whatever that other thing is. This track starts so good, I think it just needs a bit more to carry it through, probably a phat beat would work. Nice job 8/10

+1 vote   download: Karnage
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 10:20pm says:

Yeah, the opening drum loop is either very good or canned. My main problem right away is that it has too much going on in it. The "This is SPARTA!!!" sample is AWESOME!!! it's just that this track has some obvious issues. What DAW did you use?

+1 vote   download: Trent Robertson - Amber Skies
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 10:16pm says:

yeah, production skillz need work, can't just record it and leave it, however the melody is very nice props on that, just how is it for halo though? Guess it has a bit of a sad tone to it. Nice work! 8/10

+2 votes   download: Fall Of Earth
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 10:12pm replied:

uploaded a song, wavelength, its got a trippy beat with some really neat ambience going on in the background. Is loopable as well

+1 vote   group: Undertone: Music and Sound Team
rofl106 Feb 5 2008, 6:33pm says:

heyyy, i just realized i was invited into this group, cool :)

+2 votes   group: Undertone: Music and Sound Team
rofl106 Feb 2 2008, 2:03pm says:

I hate to be so pessimistic about this, but why don't you guys just do all the bugfixes and then release it at once, with beta testers. It's nice to have it out so soon, but I'm not gonna replay all of HL2 just because you guys came out with some bugfixes :(

+1 vote   article: SMOD: Tactical Delta 5.5, released!
rofl106 Feb 1 2008, 10:59pm replied:

yep, agreed 100%, the voice was very awkward with the seriousness of the movie, it sounded more light like it could go with a beer commercial or something :P

+1 vote   article: Player's Choice Winners Showcase
rofl106 Feb 1 2008, 10:57pm replied:

right, i actually realized i misquoted. I play far too much NS XD

+1 vote   article: Player's Choice Winners Showcase
rofl106 Feb 1 2008, 8:18am says:


+1 vote   media: Drumkit WIP 3
rofl106 Feb 1 2008, 8:07am replied:

"Headcrab alien controlling a dead corpse is not a "Zombie Mod" that would be a 'Science Fiction Mod'"

Umm... sorry, but in essence it is a zombie mod, it fits the "zombie" stereotype in every single way except conception. The zombieness outways the unzombieness (i like making up words :P)

+2 votes   article: Player's Choice Winners Showcase
rofl106 Jan 31 2008, 10:34pm says:

From the Tremulous narative: the player can choose from 2 unique factions ALIENS OR MARINES!!! LOL

+5 votes   article: Player's Choice Winners Showcase
rofl106 Jan 29 2008, 8:14pm replied:

ok cool, always looking for new mods to play :)

+2 votes   article: Dedicated Server is Live!
rofl106 Jan 29 2008, 8:09pm replied:

yeah I wish I could, don't have the cash though :(

+2 votes   article: Dedicated Server is Live!
rofl106 Jan 29 2008, 5:13pm says:

don't own orange box :(

+3 votes   article: Dedicated Server is Live!
rofl106 Jan 6 2008, 4:22pm says:

sweet, I love zombie survival on Gmod, and probably wouldn't have gotten it if it weren't for ZS, too bad I didn't know about this.

+3 votes   download: Zombie Survival Version v0.90 [Outdated]
rofl106 Jan 5 2008, 6:31pm says:

tons of people still play this mod, it rocks, i play every day

+2 votes   mod: Natural Selection
rofl106 Jan 5 2008, 10:47am says:

Really I've been concentrating a lot more on my music so that when I come back I'll be good enough to work with a mod.

I don't know if you ever listened to any of my early stuff but I've come a long way from that, though not long enough.

[url=]newer stuff[/url]

Anyways thanks for caring, hopefully I'll be back soon.

+1 vote   member: Gin
rofl106 Jan 2 2008, 9:42pm says:

I believe "promoting" a mod has only to do with getting help to a certain extent. If you have a good product word will spread from within the community

+1 vote   poll: Mod making over the years has...
rofl106 Jan 1 2008, 12:14pm says:

weapon accuracy isn't any better?

0 votes   article: Patch v.1.1 is released!
rofl106 Oct 19 2008, 12:05am says:

well uhhh beautiful looking weapon you got there :) i just bought UT3 and its because of mods like this. keep up the good work!

+1 vote   media: G36C
rofl106 Oct 18 2008, 11:56pm says:

just curious is this for the MSU contest? because that means it'll be released sooner :D

+1 vote   mod: Eden
rofl106 Oct 17 2007, 10:52pm says:

this is *very* good news if it plays out to be true. I have no doubt that this mod can reach a high level of greatness, but in the first release, the bugs really hindered everything. If it runs twice as well... I'm definitely in

+1 vote   article: Empires Beta 2 - Coming Soon
rofl106 Apr 15 2007, 10:58pm says:

here's my two cents

don't release it if it looks so unrealistic that it's completely unbelievable.

Now that may sound harsh, but you guys really really need a lot more animations for this. I would really rather have had two characters to play whose animations were fully working, so if you kick twice, you don't move forward seemingly floating on the air. The amount of content for 6 months is really good, I just wish you guys had focused on getting one character done at a time, so that people would keep comming back when you added new content, instead of not having much to look forward too except for new animations. I really don't mean to offend anyone on this team. It's just that being a gamer, games that really don't work too well (take iron grip's first release, i haven't played it since it crashed on me on the first release) people don't come back for seconds. If they have less content but work great, then i'll go back for fifths and sixths. So next release, if you cut back on characters and prioritized animations and gameplay mechanics, i'm definitely downloading it.

again, im not trying to insult you, just giving you a hardcore gamer's opinion.

+1 vote   article: DBSource v0.1 Released
rofl106 Feb 10 2007, 8:32pm says:

a little too glitchy for meh, its too hard to setup for the average gamer, it also takes so long to load...

+1 vote   article: Single Player HL2 mod CSS SCI FI released
rofl106 Dec 3 2006, 4:55pm says:

It's an actual game now Raider... Ten dollars on steam, not just a mod anymore ;)

+1 vote   game: Garry’s Mod 10
rofl106 Nov 28 2006, 9:58pm says:

looks good, i didn't even relize that bullsquids had eyes lolz

+1 vote   media: Bullsquid
rofl106 Nov 22 2006, 10:38pm says:

whos concept is this?

+1 vote   media: Burster Concept
rofl106 Oct 21 2006, 11:38am says:

lol all mod updates are repetitive in that sense, just maps models and such shown off, just because they are numbered? lol chaos, they are fine and they showcase what MJ has been working on. Thats what a mod update is isn't it? They showcase what people have been working on.

+2 votes   article: Dream Casters' Duel Week 8 - MJK's renders and video!
rofl106 Oct 17 2006, 7:21pm says:

first watch XD i just noticed it from the forums and though i didn't really have a reason to watch it yet, you seem dedicated enough creating a thread for it and stuff like that :D

+1 vote   mod: NOLF: A spy on a misson
rofl106 Oct 15 2006, 10:17pm says:

watchin =D

+1 vote   mod: Frost Blank
rofl106 Oct 14 2006, 12:09pm says:

very nice

+1 vote   article: Get A Life : Gameplay demonstration & alpha 6.2
rofl106 Oct 8 2006, 2:13pm says:

actually it won't downaload =(

+1 vote  
rofl106 Oct 5 2006, 7:33pm says:

this mod is such a tight one, this is great news!

+2 votes   article: Science & Industry 1.1 in development
rofl106 Sep 16 2006, 10:30pm says:

that website is amazingly cool

+1 vote   mod: Sacrator
rofl106 Sep 11 2006, 8:16pm says:

wow was that quick or is it just me?

+1 vote   article: Dream Casters' Duel week 1 supplemental - PR schedule!
rofl106 Jul 29 2006, 11:39am says:

yall did a very good job with the names IMO, except for the gods name, i don't no, zyrum sounds sort like a medication to me... I would look up greek and latin words and base your god's name of of that, so that people would think that it was a cool name because they are familiar, but they still wouldn't know why. Look at oblivion for example, most of their names come from different languages

+1 vote   mod: Elements
rofl106 Jul 15 2006, 1:28am says:

this is probably the first mod of its caliber to only have 12 watching it =P well i guaruntee once people start seeing this media its gonna skyrocket, either that or ppl are just crazy

+2 votes   game: E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
rofl106 May 15 2006, 6:42pm says:

eclipse was a fun mod, and i hope that this will be just the same, always nice to have random mods unexpectedly released =)

+1 vote   article: Absence Released!
rofl106 Mar 15 2006, 2:27pm says:

that is really good, really sounds like the music they used in hl2 that made it such a good game

+1 vote   article: Original Soundtrack
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