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Robok Feb 2 2010, 9:30am says:

That was epic, combat looks like tons of fun, definitely gonna mark the date on my calendar :)

+2 votes   article: Kingdoms Collide BETA Announcement
Robok Feb 23 2009, 5:22am says:

Shame that Overdose didn't make it. However personally I'd go for Infinity.

+2 votes   article: Editors' Choice: Best Upcoming Indie
Robok Feb 21 2009, 5:13am replied:

Dystopia for sure, my favourite mod too nonetheless! :D

+1 vote   article: Editors' Choice: Best Original Art Direction in a TC
Robok Feb 20 2009, 6:18am says:

Smashball's gameplay was tons of fun in the last build I tried, has lots of potential as far as I can see. However as I read about Europe in Ruins I'm thinking this has to be the best idea someone has come up as a mod, guess we'll just have to wait and see who wins :)

+1 vote   article: Editors' Choice: Most Innovative Multiplayer
Robok Feb 20 2009, 4:15am replied:

Same here for me. I just find myself coming back to the same set of games again and again.

+1 vote   poll: How many mods/games are you actively playing?
Robok Feb 16 2009, 11:43am says:

You shouldn't worry about the tweak anymore, Skleni, our wonderful coder, has implemented the entire tweaking process within the starter itself, so as soon as you launch the starter the tweak will automatically be applied :)

ps. Map updated to v1.1, changelog:
-Added overall detail to almost everything in the map.
-Removed the annoying police cars that kept flashing the buildings nearby them.
-Removed a bug with the boat in the docks.
-Added an easter-egg to the airport parks (>.>)

+1 vote   download: Hill Highway
Robok Feb 15 2009, 8:47am says:

No problem :)

The size of the map often makes a difference in which the AI will scan and run its scripts in, other factors include the number of objects in maps (I tried to keep them to a minimum, the trees are often the most intensive objects since they have alpha maps). One other thing to consider is the pathfinding, ZH is notorious for its resource-hogging pathfinding for units (this is especially prominent when you order a large group of units to go to a location that can't be reached in a straight line).

I hope that you can find a resolution to the performance problem you're having, my guess that it's the AI since the map already doesn't have that many objects,

+1 vote   download: Hill Highway
Robok Feb 15 2009, 6:17am replied:

First of all I'd recommend that you set the game speed at 30, that's the speed that Zero Hour is intended to be played in, and if it's still lagging for you then try playing the game in Network mode, I don't know why but for some reason it performs much better even for me there regardless of how well it did in skrimish.

Otherwise you could just try playing against other players, the AI is CPU-intensive and since the map is pretty large they're more likely to cause lag. I can't advice you with anything other than an upgrade :)

michael_fabella: Well I apologize for the lack of detail, this was my first map, started as an experiment but ended up releasing it afterall, as for the water there isn't much detail one can add to it except maybe islands and such, but I already stopped working on this map :P

+1 vote   download: Hill Highway
Robok Feb 14 2009, 1:13am replied:

That was my first reaction (and opinion on HL2 as well) after watching the video, reminded me a bit of that Omaha Beach Assault short-film that was also made by few guys which also looked pretty amazing.

Really hoping to see what they have in mind next :)

+4 votes   article: Live Action Half-Life
Robok Jan 24 2009, 5:07pm says:

I second that, if you want to create something interesting, then go try Cold War Crisis' Advanced Skirmish maps, I think they represent what you wanted to achieve.

0 votes   article: Map Showcase: Dangerous Cargo
Robok Jan 24 2009, 4:58pm says:

I have some gripes with it:
- The jacket looks too bland.
- Shirt looks like... weird.
- Jeans also look bland.

Overall, a good start, keep practising and always keep in mind that the skin needs to 'feel right' if you know what I mean.

+1 vote   download: Normal Scientist.
Robok Jan 24 2009, 7:22am says:

HOLY ****, I thought this was a real photo for a second there D:

+1 vote   media: Sunset
Robok Jan 21 2009, 10:27am says:

Sheogorath would be proud :D

+1 vote   article: Zeno Clash Interview - Part 1
Robok Jan 21 2009, 10:24am says:

I can has see j00

ps. you never told me you were so active in the mod scene D:

+1 vote   member: ShadowStalker
Robok Jan 21 2009, 10:22am replied:

You should chillax, they meant releasing new content (new classes new unlocks etc), which would make much more sense in this context.

+2 votes   article: Pirates are customers too.
Robok Jan 21 2009, 3:07am replied:

You linked us to your C:\ drive :P

+1 vote   article: Haunted House v1.5 is released!
Robok Jan 19 2009, 4:43am says:

Do you accept people that are far away (Middle-East) and have a terrible internet connection (256k)? :P

+3 votes   article: Off Limits media release / playtesters!
Robok Jan 16 2009, 6:11am replied:

You love them so much that you work for one? :P

Anyway, this definitely got my attention, I was disappointed at first to know that there was a zombie mod for MP1 only, and then you came :D

+1 vote   article: Absent Grave trailer released!
Robok Jan 13 2009, 2:20am says:

Awesome, I saw the updates on my profile and was wondering if there was a media update, and there was!

Good work guys :D

+1 vote   article: Rise of the Reds: Hardware Update, Media Update #24
Robok Jan 3 2009, 8:34pm replied:

I heard it's still not practically possible to make custom sounds for the PS3 version of mods, but who knows.

Anyhow, this got my attention, tracking/voted.

+1 vote   article: Happy New Years!
Robok Jan 2 2009, 10:23pm says:

Awesome, you got my vote on the Moddb 2008 awards :D

+9 votes   article: NeoTokyo: Source - Starting the New Year Media Release
Robok Jan 2 2009, 4:11pm says:

I voted for you in the mod awards, I hope it doesn't go in vain ;)

+2 votes   mod: Advanced Warfare
Robok Dec 29 2008, 5:27pm replied:

This guide more or less applies to RotR.

Great job guys :D

0 votes   download: ROTR Patch 1.1 PC
Robok Dec 28 2008, 1:51pm replied:

No try again what CommanderJRB mentioned, specifically deleting all traces of Zero Hour from your computer (Located in the C:\Program Files\EA Games\ by default). It's too much of an amazing mod to miss because of this :D

+1 vote   article: Rise of the Reds released!
Robok Dec 27 2008, 8:17pm replied:

Fair enough :)

Great work either ways, I think I may not be the only one here who thinks that this is how RA3 should have been :P

0 votes   article: Rise of the Reds released!
Robok Dec 27 2008, 2:49pm says:

Oh my god, this is amazing, I never thought ZH could be this fun with a few changes to its core gameplay elements :O

One question though: You've used voices from RA2/RA3, would that cause you people copyright problems or did you get permission to do so? Because I'd really hate for your project to be shut down by EA or something.

-1 votes   article: Rise of the Reds released!
Robok Dec 17 2008, 11:23am says:

It's very awesome gameplay-wise, and the players on the server I played it were coordinating and such which really added to the experience. Overall I think you have a lot of potential as your main focus is fun and you definitely achieved that :)

ps. you should work on completing the mod graphics-wise, that's what it's currently lacking IMO.

+1 vote   article: Smashball Beta Released!
Robok Dec 16 2008, 11:52pm says:

My first impression was "Smash-WHAT?". I'll definitely check it out, looks pretty good.

+1 vote   article: Smashball Beta Released!
Robok Dec 15 2008, 12:23pm replied:

Unless he meant God of War.


+47 votes   poll: Would you mod console games if the platform was open like the PC?
Robok Dec 13 2008, 7:24pm says:

Awesome stuff guys!

But I have to say, the weapons sound a bit too weak for stuff that behead people :P

+3 votes   article: NeoTokyo: Source - Official Trailer & December Media
Robok Dec 13 2008, 7:39am says:

SCHWEET! I was wondering when you guys were going to release next!

+1 vote   article: Empires 2.2 Released
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