My name is Robert Dahlenburg. I started doing creative things on the computer as a 3D designer many years ago, first in visualizing architecture and product design, but also leveldesign and lowpoly graphics for computergames. Around 8 years ago i changed the acitivity more to software developing. I did advertising games for the industry and lots of hobby projects in a wide variety of genres. Usually they have some sort of a technical or science aspect as well. Not all projects are games. Current project is 3d.Bridges. Making it better, working on updates, more levels and heading for version2. For living i do other things like driving the truck from 3d.Bridges in real live.

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.Robert Aug 31 2014, 4:39pm replied:

native Deutsch and second hand english.

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.Robert May 14 2014, 8:29pm replied:

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you !

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.Robert Sep 29 2013, 12:27pm replied:

yes, you drive the street to the gate at the backside and build a tiny bridge over a ditch to come through the gate.
And there is a third medium bridge to be build outside the picture.

+1 vote   media: Castle and Bridge
.Robert Sep 25 2013, 11:46pm replied:

Impressive, or not?

and i wrote you a message, long long time ago.

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.Robert Aug 16 2013, 7:56pm replied:


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.Robert Aug 13 2013, 8:20am replied:

Hi, thx for your interest!
translating is definitively an option.
And maybe we can raise your not that good skills in modeling and bring something nice into the game.

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.Robert Aug 7 2013, 6:27pm replied:

Sure its a parcours. Just to lift the yellow plate with hydraulics when the truck stands on it. Very easy to solve as its an introducing level. Seen from the Leveleditor.

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.Robert May 28 2013, 6:07pm replied:

thats an important issue!

But no, this game is not about destroying bridges.
maybe in a level you could throw a rope, with the help of a rocket, over a gorge to build a bridge.
-Or you could need a rocket to fly over the gorge like in the last video.
There are a few possibilities.
Of course it looks like weaponry, but its just an engine for engineering.
Bridge building is such a wide subject :-)

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.Robert May 16 2013, 3:01am says:

yes you can drive around with the crane. I have to balance the weights a bit, as the construction is to heavy now (see the rear wheel), but it moves.
I planed a level like you say with moving crates. Another one with building something out of modules with the mounted crane.

You could also build an extra trailer for the truck or extend the cargo area, ensure a special load, lift a dumpster or create a bull bar.

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.Robert Feb 2 2013, 7:48pm says:

there will be an alpha. actually thats what im working on. so hopefully soon.

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.Robert Dec 24 2012, 1:34pm replied:

Yes the old adress is gone, i have refreshed the links on this news text to the new adress now.
I made some changes on the campaign.

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.Robert Dec 24 2012, 1:32pm replied:

thx for your offer TKAzA! i send you a message

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.Robert Dec 20 2012, 1:27pm says:

its great to see that you can really imagine the game and what to do with it.
There is no user camera already to be placed anywhere.
Its always hard to decide what comes in and what not. There are so many good ideas. Apart from the worktime factor the game needs to stay slim for the first public version.
But probably this should find the way in. I also think its an important feature.

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.Robert Sep 24 2012, 5:22pm says:

amazing functionality. for me thats the most interessting project i found here until now.

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