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I like to play/test different mods: mainly half-life mods and mods that you have to think to beat a level. (puzzle) some of my favorite half-life mods: Life's End, Hazardous Course, Half-Life Prison, and The Trap.

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{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 23 2012, 5:58pm says:

I agree with kingcole436, you are a fantastic modder but you said you were retired from modding which is sad D: but you can always post random fun maps on you website :D

+2 votes   member: Richman
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 23 2012, 5:56pm says:

is that you crying over how scary doom is to you? besides you got the wrong picture, my cyberdemon is from doom 3.

-2 votes   media: untitled, which is a title.
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 23 2012, 5:54pm says:

You obviously have anger issues, and you are a simple minded right handed person who writes like a 1st grader. Also you might have a slight case of autism.

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{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 22 2012, 11:19pm says:

I can be a beta tester :D

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{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 22 2012, 5:49pm replied:

That was already there, and not all people know how to open UHA files so I can leak it on ModDB.

-2 votes   mod: Insolence
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 22 2012, 5:37pm replied:

Yeah right after I sent the comment I read the description, sorry.

+1 vote   member: {-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-}
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 22 2012, 5:36pm replied:

I can tell by how many of you keep talking about me leaking this mod that it effects you. If you say that it doesn't effect you like you all say than why to you keep messaging about it?
I was going to leak it just to make you mad because I can already tell its working and I haven't even leaked it yet.

-2 votes   mod: Insolence
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 22 2012, 5:31pm says:

Now I see why Shana hates you so much, you are all an ignorant bunch of ********. You deserve this mod to be leaked just so you can cry about it.

-2 votes   mod: Insolence
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 22 2012, 5:29pm replied:

I never leaked the mod yet, that is just a rumor.

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{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 19 2012, 6:43pm replied:

yeah i figured it out was pi, but i tried doing 314, and nothing happened, then today i decided to try 3141592 and it worked :D

+2 votes   mod: Hazardous-Course 2
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 17 2012, 1:53am says:

I don't need to leak a fail mod. Who will download it?

-3 votes   mod: Insolence
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 16 2012, 9:09pm says:


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{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 16 2012, 9:08pm buried:


You didn't create Prison?! Reaktor (thetrap) did! why did you post his picture?

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{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 16 2012, 8:43pm replied:

Im pretty sure after you beat the part with the train and it smashes through a window, if you go behind that waterfall in a small hole, leads to that secret area that you are talking about.

+2 votes   mod: Hazardous-Course 2
{-`ÇÿßÉRÐÈMÕÑ`-} Jul 16 2012, 5:47pm says:

Right when I get to level hc2c14, my game freezes and it crashes. how do I fix? and also on the secret level with the rocket launcher "holy grail" how do you beat the puzzle with the roman numerals and what looks like a clock? Over all besides this, it is my favorite mod and and hc2c14 used to work and now it doesn't, and you did a fantastic job on the mod. :D

+2 votes   mod: Hazardous-Course 2
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