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Greetings, stranger. Welcome to my page. I am Ori'verda AKA Milos and I currently live in the Netherlands. I like games, girls, books, movies and teamwork. Also I enjoy discussing about religion, politics, history and such affairs. And ignore the fact that a lot of my groups are Science-Fiction related, I love Sci-Fi for good reasons! ☢ ☢ ☢ P.S. The video with the redhead is not porn! I may be a crazy Serbian but I'm not that crazy. Besides that I'm a goof, in fact to show you I am going to fill up the my description with random banter, why? Yeah you guessed it, I'm not that strange or weird it is in fact to get a HTML code to work, if you don't know what that is good luck. Regardless I suppose I should continue filling out this description field according to that manual so I can get a cooler description, I don't know if that makes sense to you but according to the manual it works so it must work right? Well it should otherwise you would not be seeing this... Or would you? SRB FTW!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 27 2014, 11:55am replied:

See Sakura?

Wout agrees with me.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 27 2014, 11:53am replied:

I beg the differ.

Something tells me chips at your place is different from the ones in my area. Heck even chips in Serbia is plenty of odd in comparison to the stuff we have in Holland.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 27 2014, 9:45am replied:


Bugles are the superior snack to Snuggles.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 27 2014, 8:27am says:

I buy these all the time. Not bad but I prefer the more common brands for the superior flavour.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 27 2014, 3:34am says:

Acklay and Razor maintain position until word is given that they are cleared to leave by a superior officer.

The Artemis forces outside continue to decimate the separatist soldiers.

Back on the Myrmidon, Shogun is considers the potential fallout of the operation in regards to the civilian shootings. He wastes no time and contacts the others in order to discuss their next move.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 26 2014, 9:15am replied:

I still do but an occasional emoticon to reinforce or alter the meaning of a message helps avoid miscommunication.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 26 2014, 7:12am replied:

What's so absurd about me using a smiley?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 25 2014, 2:31pm replied:

I worry because I care :D

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 25 2014, 11:59am says:


I am... Abandoned.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 25 2014, 11:57am says:

Normally I refrain from joining. I am content with the plethora of games I own and would rather not be a burden on someone else's wallet. Hell I have a hard time buying games for myself as well.

But Civilization V? How can I resist? The answer is no I can't.

Sign me up for the random lot!

Good luck to everyone and may Lady Fortuna guide you.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 25 2014, 10:37am says:

Having already readied himself to shoot Acklay does not hesitate and takes out his adversary with a small, controlled burst of fire from his blaster rifle. He takes up position near the control panel and activates the system.

Razor closes the distance between himself and the infiltrator and eliminates him quickly and painlessly. Quickly afterwards he turns his attention to the panel that controls the system and engages it.

All defensive systems have been activated.

Outside the Artemis forces continue the push and approach the perimeter of the Citadel. The Phantoms are being passed by the hovertanks which proceed to use their primary weapons intent on decimating the separatist rear flank completely and wiping out their assault force.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 24 2014, 3:52pm says:

Whatever remains of the Phantoms who fought alongside the loyalists withdraw over to the crashed LAAT gunships that crashed on the Citadel's garden plateau. The gunships are completely out of commission so they will not be able to salvage them for weapons but they can at least use them to cover the retreat into the Citadel.

Reaper Company keeps up the attack despite taking several losses to both hovertanks and Phantoms. The infantry speed up their advance at the cost of unit cohesion in order to exploit the enemy's poorly guarded flanks. Hovertanks follow closely and once they arrive their full arsenal will be brought to bear upon the separatists.

With one infiltrator down Razor recalls his reconnaissance drone into the room and directs it to ram the enemy. Intent on taking out a defenceless opponent with no risk to himself.

Acklay finds himself ill-equipped for the situation. He debates briefly with notions such as negotiation and even the detonation of his sizeable arsenal of explosives. Instead he figures another gamble is the way to go and he throws over an inactivate thermal grenade to distract his enemy. With no way of knowing whether the infiltrator went for the ruse he rises out of cover and readies his weapon.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 24 2014, 12:13pm says:

Congratulations DJFingas.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 24 2014, 5:18am says:

Upon detonation the thermal grenade overloads the energy shield cast by the support Xiphos and drives it back. However given the nature of the small room the blast hits the infiltrator standing out of cover providing ample time for Acklay to return fire and take up position near on of the control panels.

Razor dives into cover first. From his position he should be able to take out one infiltrator with an angled shot or get his hand and weapon blown off. He takes the risk and listens for sounds to confirm the effect of his gamble.

Once the vanguards break through the loyalist main line the Artemis Phantoms concentrate their efforts on reinforcing the gap and reforming the line. However the Phantoms prove to be rather inept melee fighters and so they maintain their distance to the vanguards and opt to take them out at range.

The hovertanks cease their barrage and instead finally ensnare the opposing forces completely despite several counter-attacks. The AAC-2s receive a good beating from the separatist forces scaling buildings but on the ground the infantry manage to catch most missile teams.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 24 2014, 4:52am replied:

What beef does Z have with you?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 23 2014, 4:52pm says:

Pity. This looks rather promising.

The trailer is marvellous though. Any chance you will at least tease us with a few let's plays? I'd like to see you realistically playthrough a galactic conquest campaign.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 23 2014, 2:45pm says:

Using the support Xiphos' shield for mobile protection Acklay is able to spot the infiltrators quicker than he would have in non-transparent cover and additionally he has some room to manoeuvre. He targets the infiltrator diagonally across his entrance to the room and waits for him to reload.

Razor having received information regarding the positions of his enemies from the reconnaissance drone is able to surprise the enemy as it waits to ambush him with a flashbug. He then breaches into the room and aims for the nearest target.

Despite being armored the ferocity of the separatist forces outperforms the deadly defence of the LAAT/is and manage to damage two heavily enough to force a crash on the garden plateau leading into the Citadel. The remaining gunships disband to avoid further casualties. In combination with sniper fire, crashing and the evasive actions of the gunships only a handful of Phantoms manage to land. They take up positions behind the loyalists and reinforce them where gaps form.

Reaper company and the rest of the infantry tighten their squeeze around the enemy forces and begin skirmishing their forces from afar. Phantoms designate targets for the AAC-2's long range missile barrage, a limited amount of volleys is fired. Considerable collateral damage is caused in the process because of the danger close barrage in a heavily urban environment. Several civilians may have also gotten in the killzones.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 23 2014, 1:36pm says:

Slowly and steadily the hovertank of Reaper Company along with the Phantom infantry circle around the separatist forces without directly engaging the enemy. Phantoms having already applied their enhancing stimulants are on the look out for ambushes. The formation they assume dictates caution as the infantry squads move up as the hovertanks do and always near cover with some distance between each other and the hovertanks.

Should an enemy wish to pierce the formation the "grid" will be quick to respond.

Six LAAT/i gunships break off from the main group of transports and hold a defensive position over the Citadel. Two squads of Phantoms rappel down and join the loyalists. Afterwards the LAAT/is using missiles, anti-personnel lasers and composite beams to stall the separatists.

Already having breached the control stations the commandos Acklay and Razor lurk over the control panels and await orders to activate the defences.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 23 2014, 8:35am says:

Acklay reaches the automated defense systems control centre just as Razor arrives at the blast door and force field control centre. Before Acklay breaches into the room he makes the support Xiphos project its shield generator but for Razor he has to sent his recon drone ahead to see if the way is clear.

From the Artemis force in orbit several transports are launched carrying squads of Phantoms, Xiphos and AAC-2 hovertanks including Reaper Company. The transports are escorted by the Artemis starfighter wing.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 22 2014, 4:29pm replied:

I support the "Erotic Shop" culture when it comes to internet activity.

Get in, get your stuff (downloading mods or watching cat videos in my case) and GTFO with minimal eye contact.

Have practically never gotten into trouble following this mandate.

Anyhow thanks MasterJason. Your previous image makes a lot more sense now.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 22 2014, 2:45pm replied:

Obama didn't approve the petition. So much for democracy eh?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 22 2014, 2:45pm replied:

Except me because I don't understand a word of what it meant but something tells me it is related to that Zoe Quinn character.

What's happened this time?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 22 2014, 7:08am says:

With the defences of Iziz once again under control of the loyalists the patrolling starfighter wing redirects to the city and locks S foils in attack position. Their explicit orders are to avoid close air support and instead take out enemy transports and starfighters to cut off a retreat and clear the way for Artemis gunship transports to reinforce the loyalist ground forces.

The Artemis force in orbit provide support for the loyalist fleet and engage the separatist ships at range. Dreadnoughts led by the Myrmidon engage the CR90 whilst Artemis' own corvettes hang back around the heavy cruisers to protect against enemy starfighters.

Back on the ground the two commandos of Talon squad separate to reach their targets. Acklay and the support Xiphos make way for the control centre that commands the automated defences while Razor and the reconnaissance Xiphos diver tot the control centre of the blast doors and force fields.

Whereas Acklay keeps his Xiphos close in case he will require its shield, Razor sends his recon drone forward to scout out enemy positions at his objective.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 21 2014, 5:02pm says:

With the infiltrators gone Razor tends to an unconscious Titan while Stims covers the entrance. The reconnaissance Xiphos still has not picked anything up. Using another injection of Bacta taken from Stims, the squad's medic, Razor attempts to get Titan back to his senses.

Meanwhile Acklay enters the control centre and makes contact with Talon squad's overseer.

"Ban, Acklay here. Talon Lead is incapacitated and Stims is no longer fit for combat, requesting casevac. We've taken control of the AACC and I'm activating its turret defence systems. Me and Razor will make our way to the remaining objectives."

"Titan is..." Banshee cut herself off and instead began a new sentence. "Affirmative, Acklay. I'll bring the larty down near the AACC's entrance for casevac."

Acklay with Titan in tow and Razor shouldering Stims mounted the two Talons on the LAAT/s outside and turned their attention to reaching the Citadel. Down two members and two Xiphos Acklay and Razor may have taken a hit to their morale but they still had to fulfil their duty lest Shogun intervenes. Besides, two commandos were just as lethal.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 21 2014, 3:22pm says:

Tiberium! We hardly knew you but remember you fondly.

On behalf of the fans of Westwood I salute you!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 21 2014, 3:13pm says:

As soon as they expose themselves out of cover they are met with a controlled burst of highly accurate fire from Acklay who aims to kill as quickly as possible that Titan may survive the infiltrator attack.

Razor reaches Stims and finds him to be alive but wounded. Unable to continue fighting because of a fractured bone in his leg. Using the medical gear Stims has on him Razor injected Bacta, pain killers and a hyper adrenal combat stimulus into the medic. Barely conscious but recovering Stims begins to slowly angle himself towards the entrance to the bunker and leans against his cover for support.

The enemy infiltrators, outnumbering the two commandos, manage to hit Titan several times. Possibly with fatal results for the leader of Talon squad.

OOC: Would you care to decide Titan's fate?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 21 2014, 2:53pm says:

"Stims move!" Acklay shouts out, having a clearer picture of the situation from the safety of the energy shield. The medic attempts to jump over a layer of cover, back to his original position but the blast flings him across the room and he lands badly upon the ground.

"Razor, on Stims. Acklay take 'em out!" Titan cries out as he moves over Razor's cover hoping to turn himself into a target so that Razor can reach the fallen squad member and provide Acklay a clear line of fire on the infiltrators.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 21 2014, 1:21pm says:

The Talons spread out across the width of the room and focus on keeping up the suppression on the enemy in order for each member to advance onto the next layer of cover closer to the enemy.

The support Xiphos having had a bit of time to recharge returns to the battle with its shield engaged. It allows Acklay, now to the far right of the room, to flank the infiltrators. Stims to the far left tosses a thermal detonator towards the end of the room.

Outside the reconnaissance Xiphos maintains its watch.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 21 2014, 12:26pm says:

OOC: Does Garrius have a fancy callsign like Archangel and did he used to be a vigilante on a criminally infested space station known as Omega?

Despite the continuous attack the pressure can only be placed upon so many targets at a time. Titan and Acklay make it into the bunker proper and enter a piece of cover while Razor and Stims take out one of the stunned infiltrators and attempt suppress another.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 21 2014, 7:08am replied:

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing it.

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