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Greetings, stranger. Welcome to my page. I am Ori'verda AKA Milos and I currently live in the Netherlands. I like games, girls, books, movies and teamwork. Also I enjoy discussing about religion, politics, history and such affairs. And ignore the fact that a lot of my groups are Science-Fiction related, I love Sci-Fi for good reasons! ☢ ☢ ☢ P.S. The video with the redhead is not porn! I may be a crazy Serbian but I'm not that crazy. Besides that I'm a goof, in fact to show you I am going to fill up the my description with random banter, why? Yeah you guessed it, I'm not that strange or weird it is in fact to get a HTML code to work, if you don't know what that is good luck. Regardless I suppose I should continue filling out this description field according to that manual so I can get a cooler description, I don't know if that makes sense to you but according to the manual it works so it must work right? Well it should otherwise you would not be seeing this... Or would you? SRB FTW!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jul 7 2014, 4:17pm says:

OOC: Which is what I would like to do AK. But story logic dictates one decision to rule them all. Story logic overrules RPG logic in this regard. Here's hoping the pathways connect back to a main room or that the third route will open up once me and Pain activate a "key" on the two other paths.

Not sure HH. I choose the centre one. Since you never indicated which one had the blood trail and which one was damaged as far as I'm concerned I could be following the damaged one as well as the blood trail.

So it is up to you.

Just to be clear though. There are only two pathways open right?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jun 30 2014, 9:46am replied:

I would recommend some classics alongside these new games. Preferably sci-fi or fantasy because we have an oversaturation of real world setting games.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 30 2013, 2:16pm says:

The Ruusan Strikecraft does exactly as the Mandalorians want given that few would dare to enter a screen of laser fire. Thus the Ruusan Strikecraft was ordered to cross the gaps and into swarms of Buzz Droids that did their work to disable the vessels.

Most of the Strikecraft force belonging to the Ruusans is disabled.

Al'verde Danila looked on with concern. She turned her gaze to meet Ori'verda's "N'eparavu takisit Mand'alor." With a sigh Ori'verda gave his reply "Ja'hailir."

The Mandalorian formation moved forward in order to fire more precisely. Avoiding the costly mistakes made before. The Buzz Droids swarm moved forward and only the Strikecraft were held closely back to avoid getting hit yet still be in the fight.

Pin-point defence systems are engaged to deter the Ruusans from using missiles and to protect the Assault Force.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jun 25 2013, 11:54am says:

OOC: Hey I never curse! Oke well, rarely.

What does one do in such a situation? His instinct was to kill but his weapons were probably long gone. Then he started to think, he was still alive and not dead, that was better then being dead.

The next wave of thoughts came in, why was he alive? Did the dragon want to toy with him a bit before finishing him off, in some twisted act of vengeance? The beast was big, far bigger then the others he faced and looked older, more experienced. Though his helmet showed a skittering image, the appearance of the drake was messed up and colors were distorted.

Ori'verda grabbed his buy'ce, his helmet, and took it off. The overwhelming rush of cold, smell, sound and wind assaulted his senses and in response. He only breathed in and out in a steadied pace, reassessing the situation, his surroundings, what remained of his arsenal and all other things.

Memories from what happened eluded him, Ori'verda remembered colliding with something, probably the serpent and then nothing. His bones and muscles ached, injuries were likely to be present in some form but with a dragon looming over him he could not complete a physical assessment fully.

Around him, the cave took form in almost complete diamond or clear ice, it seamlessly transitioned between each other in shade and color.

Finally, he mustered his breath, the cold air felt good. Ori'verda figured it best to be blunt and sharp, the odds were that this dragon was just like the others, unable to speak.

"Why hello there."

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=СРБ=Ori`verda May 28 2013, 2:11pm says:

I'm quite fine, what about you?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda May 25 2013, 4:56am says:

*Ori'verda grabs Corden by his arm, which still clenched Echo. He raises it in the air and his other arm, displaying the Krayt Dragon Pearl. The crowd goes ecstatic at the sight of these two great warriors.*

"Brothers share the glory eh Corden? I saw the burden was a bit too heavy so I thought I could help you lift it."

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=СРБ=Ori`verda May 12 2013, 4:36am says:

OOC: No problem Wout, I doubt the original plan would have worked on NG anyways. Time to improvise.

*From outside combat range, the Mandalorians launch missiles targeted at the city. However due to the extreme range they don't succeed in reaching the city and simply explode, providing the defenders with some nice fireworks.*

*Except the missiles were loaded with Buzz Droids, which descend upon the city like locusts. Engaging patrols in fights, using their numbers and ambushing them without killing, They disable weapons emplacements and vehicles in much of the city, though the focus lies in the north.*

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 7 2013, 12:00pm says:

*The bolt of lighting came as a surprise, Azrael was scorched badly and knocked quite a distance backwards. He rose back to his feet only to notice the shape of Talia coming down upon him.*

*Azrael jumped to meet her, charging himself with the Force and then, when the two were close enough to touch. He unleashed a powerful Force Repulse and this time it was Talia who fell to the ground and landed on her back.*

*He landed on his feet and readied his Lightsaber, his combat stance was that of an assassin, ready to receive an attack and counter.*

"Why are we fighting Talia? This. Is. Foolish."

*The beacon stopped its beeping, the bombardment was about to begin.*

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 24 2013, 1:15am replied:

OOC: That's why you always have a fleet nearby to save you incase the duel goes awry.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda May 6 2012, 3:45pm replied:

OOC: Slightly away from the gate, soldiers holding the line. You know "Ten Orcs per spear.`

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=СРБ=Ori`verda May 6 2012, 4:07am says:

OOC: Just a thing, there are pikes outside the gate, soldiers with shields and more spears behind that, and behind that archers. Your Orcs will have to lower their shields to remove the pikes and when they do they receive...

Archer: "Volley!"

*A foolish Orc tried to remove the pikes and was met with a barrage of arrows, the Orcs near him relied on his cover and when he lowered his shield they were hit in their sides. This killed off some of the first wave but not nearly enough.*

*The soldiers and archers on the walls retreated down, the wall was unsafe so now it was necessary to fight street to street.*

*A soldier ran up to me*

Soldier: "Sir, Julianus orders that all archers retreat back to the castle and that you hold off the Orcs for as long as you can."

*I grunt, Aterno shakes. This puts a dent in my defence plan.*

Alexander: "Very well, tell the archers to go. I'll drive them back to the netherworld myself if I have to, make haste soldier!"

*He rushed off and I turned my attention back to the Orcs that had breached the gate, the stupid beasts are going to get killed off easily if they fall for my trap now.*

Alexander: "Soldiers, blockade all paths except the main road leading to the castle, I want you all to form up on the main road away from the frontline and prepare for the Orcs to break through. The rest of you, come with me."

OOC: This is my favorite tactic hehehe.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 22 2012, 3:34am says:

OOC: You are sending Strikecraft to my ships? You do realize there are Crusaders, superior Strikecraft and Buzz Droids all around?

The Hutt Strikecraft proceed in their suicidal bombing only for the majority to be quickly decimated by the many anti-Strikecraft weapons the Mandalorians have.

The fleet continues to fire its heavy guns and the shield falls, missiles from Tsad-class Artillery ships fall on the Hutt forces and lay waste to the area, Vengeance Frigates open up with their Mass Drivers and add to the carnage.

Sleheyron has been cleansed of Hutt Military personal.

OOC: Yes, the image is nice.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Mar 17 2012, 3:27pm says:

Luckily Mandalore's Jetpack was still engaged and he installed special shock-dampeners on his armor to survive these situations.

OOC: Just because you live of of Pain does not mean that you are invincible, I have on last trick up my sleeve.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Feb 21 2012, 9:12am replied:

OOC: What I do to Jester kinda also applies to you since you are both on my right flank and you can't, well shouldn't post so quickly, wait for at least another player to reply. I myself wait for the replies from at leat two players before I make them pay hahaha! Also, you seem to be leaving your safe Woutegy formation in favor for attack, your fleet should not get damaged otherwise Bestine coukd get attacked so maybe you should consider a support role. Does nobody consider the long range fallout of battles?

P.S. still waiting for one more player and then...

+1 vote   media: (Done)Battle For The Hydian Way
=СРБ=Ori`verda Nov 20 2011, 3:53am replied:

Ten is working on a map, we should create a article with it and a list with the planets colored to the factions owner, I call the color yellow.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 18 2011, 1:04pm replied:

Da taj mod, nazalost ja nemam WAW pa nemam pojma.

+2 votes   member: -HawkEye-
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 18 2011, 11:01am replied:

Ako ikad zelis igrat posalji mi PM, ima mod za 4 koji su napravili Srbi i stvarno je super.

+2 votes   member: -HawkEye-
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 18 2011, 9:30am says:

Hey HawkEye igras li COD2 ili 4?

+2 votes   member: -HawkEye-
=СРБ=Ori`verda Feb 1 2011, 3:53am says:

There is a group for Mandalorians Moddb.com join now or become and outcast and lose your honor!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 27 2011, 10:38am says:

I'm already a member :P

+1 vote   member: =СРБ=Ori`verda
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 20 2011, 6:10am says:

Well if he is a legend than a large chapter of Serbian history AND Muslim history has a gap! he killed a Sultan, and that can't be a legend, it happend in Serbia not in Narnia, look at the many facts and tales and even songs, even the English kings had songs and tales.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 2 2011, 6:56am says:

No i din't know that your from the most prosperus country in the world, just saying it's kinda funny the WC thing, well keep up the good work i love to see what could be the possible evolution of modern day military, that's why i watch Future Weapons, but i wonder how can you work on soo many mods at the same time? must your

+2 votes   mod: CnC3: Red Zone Europe
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 20 2011, 6:07am says:


+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 20 2011, 6:05am says:

Not a dumb question you just din't see couse you where busy worsjipping Kane :P

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 1:26pm says:

Hi CaptainMazerolle, your avatar is it a ISD? mine is Milos Obilic :)

+2 votes   member: CaptainMazerolle
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 1:24pm says:

Atleast your a count, my guy is dead! *points to picture of Milos Obilic*

+1 vote   media: Good and evil...
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 1:22pm says:

See my groups and pics, i love GDI for their big guns, bug tanks, big eagle banner.

+1 vote   member: =СРБ=Ori`verda
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 1:20pm says:

To bad he's stuck on some ship in space.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 1:17pm says:

Stop asking.

0 votes   mod: Republic at War
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 11:46am says:

AWESOME! but its funny since you called it Vertingo! LOLOLOLOL...

+2 votes   media: vertingo
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 11:45am says:

A mod for COD4 *note* you must speak fluid Servo-Croatian if you wan't to communicate with some of the other players.

+2 votes   media: Heros
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 11:29am says:

Or the camera is on the other side?

+3 votes   media: Fighting in Stalingrad
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 11:21am says:

Steel Talons Rule!

+4 votes   media: Steel Talons
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 11:16am says:

Yep, its a sweet game with lots of realism (if you count out tib.) and i'm quite good, your fav. faction?

+1 vote   member: =СРБ=Ori`verda
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 9:52am says:

So any news? how are you? galacticwar sounds nice if only it had sp.

+2 votes   member: TheSarcasticSamurai
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 9:49am says:


+2 votes   member: KillerMaxx
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 9:48am says:

Happy early birthday! so what would you like as a present? Aayla Secura or RAW?

+3 votes   member: Sweeperzzz
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 9:41am says:

Hi CWFan! what up? if you where in command of GAR what would you do? i would invade Earth >:)

+1 vote   member: CloneWarsFan
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 9:37am says:

Very nice indeed, BTW CC72A24 your a pilot right? i need a ride to... nevermind i just want to ride your LAAT!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 9:35am says:

Nice pic. Dooku, what was it like to lead the CIS?

+1 vote   media: Good and evil...
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 9:21am says:

@Katy Ventress: the force is cool it can do anything... even make me lose waight!

@Obi-1-Kenobi: soon RAW will be released and i just can't wait, i'm gonna play one of the smaller GC's to learn my way around, what are you gonna do?

+1 vote   member: Obi-1-Kenobi
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 5:55am says:

I kidd. i love them all but they can't hope to survive in face of the Celestial's return! none can >:) and with their new allies! the Great Alliance shall crush all, Celestials, Forerunner and Ancients unite!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 5:50am says:

Nice, i hope you include the Hunter officers and add some beserker mode when one of them falls like in the real Halo.

+1 vote   media: Hunters
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 5:49am says:

Yup that's a tank of the future alright, nice job Helge :) but they'll get destroyed pretty fast due their armor being vertical and not angled.

+2 votes   media: GDI Predator Tank
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 5:45am says:

Indeed :)

+1 vote   media: lol
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 19 2011, 5:44am says:

Hot Dang! yeah that's my catchphrase it means something like OMG.

+1 vote   media: Master Chuck Sierra 117
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 18 2011, 4:11pm says:

Right... so i'm a traitor? yes well i respect your apinion but i must say, to betray someone or something you have to be involved with the said group or person.

+1 vote   member: =СРБ=Ori`verda
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 18 2011, 4:06pm says:

Screw all the: Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, Hutts, Vong and Rakatans for the Celestials will return to show those mortals how to really use the force!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 18 2011, 3:59pm says:

A hero, before his legendery demise he constructed a church using up all his money.

+1 vote   media: More Various
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 18 2011, 2:50pm says:

I like cheese... to sme extent but not enuff to change my pic.

0 votes   mod: Republic at War
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 18 2011, 2:29pm says:

Uh... no thanks i'll keep it the way it is, my proflie pic is of a hero namd: Milos Obilic, and my name is Milos Z.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 19 2014, 6:34pm says:

Having little to no time to react and only one option to defend himself; Azrael swings his Lightsaber in front of him and across the shield dispersing it having caused it to overload because of the transference of the Force Lightning that had been stored along with the superheated plasma.

The shield evaporates because of the discharge but Azrael's Lightsaber flickers off as well. He contemplates exchanging it for its counterpart but realizes that the target was unlikely to fall for the same ruse and instead begins to back away and draws his railbow once more.

Azrael notches two arrows diagonally and awaits for an opening. He aims only for the target but if Lok were to be hit in the process it wouldn't cause him any alarm. Azrael, the assassin, was superior to this marauder in every way.

+1 vote   media: A NeverEnding Visit To Uranus
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 10 2014, 11:58am replied:

OOC: Just checking. Got a heart attack and thought it was Karax' sister.

+1 vote   media: Shadow Raid
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 10 2014, 8:33am replied:

OOC: Who's Serena? Do you mean Serana from Dawnguard?

+1 vote   media: Shadow Raid
=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 21 2014, 12:26pm says:

OOC: Does Garrius have a fancy callsign like Archangel and did he used to be a vigilante on a criminally infested space station known as Omega?

Despite the continuous attack the pressure can only be placed upon so many targets at a time. Titan and Acklay make it into the bunker proper and enter a piece of cover while Razor and Stims take out one of the stunned infiltrators and attempt suppress another.

+1 vote   media: Some Outside Help
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jul 7 2014, 12:01pm says:

Whilst Lord Lok was conducting his research the Mandalorian turned his attention towards the murals on the tomb walls. His fascination getting the better of him. Ancient cultures and in particular the wars had always fascinated him for as the saying goes; he who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past.

Ori'verda returned his attention to the present and quickly checked his equipment to make sure everything was ready. He anticipated another attack to follow sooner or later.

Once everything was in order he joined Lok in his research and observed the equipment and ashes. His helmet feeding the analyzed information to him. What puzzled and worried Ori'verda most was the possibility that he would be bereft of his vengeance because of the beasts of Korriban although a more likely scenario would be that T'Rani and her army simply ignore or have tamed these creatures. Mandalorians, and Rangers in particular, are too formidable to be killed by beasts.

Unless of course you are the most fearsome Taung warrior whom just happens to be surrounded by all sorts of creatures on the jungle moon of Onderon.

+1 vote   media: Sha te Kyr
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jun 2 2014, 3:34pm says:

With hostile fire from all direction Ori'verda uses the path the Buzz droids took to escape into the unknown depths below. But not before having the Chariot perform another fly-by on the thugs who have made their presence more than obvious with their attack. A small volley of missiles is quickly dropped before the Chariot re-engages its cloak in order to avoid a counterattack.

+1 vote   media: Demon Hunt
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 12 2013, 1:01am says:

*Viper lead was in a massive amount of pain, he started to yell out his answers.*

"I know nothing! I may have seen him once or not, I don't even know what he is other then a human. He always wears a mask."

*Ladf paused to let the Viper catch his breath.*

"Our visors identify higher ranking officers sometimes, a colored aura will surround the officer when he is giving an order, I generally see reds which are officers like me and blues are the guys who oversee operations."

"I saw a gold twice, in the Coruscant spire. There are rumors of silvers and blacks, but nobody ever saw those. "

"That is all you need to know, go find another tower and try and infiltrate it somehow, which is nearly impossible. New, kill a traitor to Artemis or give me the tools to do so myself."

+1 vote   media: the hunt is on
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 13 2013, 12:32pm replied:

Lol, fine. Find me a corvette you want to use, as long as its not GA tech or something.

The signatures appear at the Febrini fleet.

+1 vote   media: Hapan Campaign
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 13 2013, 9:13am says:

OOC: What corvettes? Nova and Dragon is the only type of warship your navy has.

*More hyperspace signatures appear on the Hapan radar, deployed are two Wrath-class vessels on the opposite sides of the Hapan fleet present. Along with the Wrath ships five Reciprocators.*

+1 vote   media: Hapan Campaign
=СРБ=Ori`verda Sep 22 2012, 6:15am replied:

*Awkward silence.*

+2 votes   media: Jester's Capture
=СРБ=Ori`verda Sep 14 2012, 2:19pm replied:

Even better, NG I agreed to your deal over at the modern/future RP and now its your turn.
Many of your air stuff are gone due Skiratas and 41s's, some survived but crashed somewhere. Your choice where as long as its 3 transports with infantry and light vehicles only.

+1 vote   media: Fuck yeah! and a some random event...
=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 30 2012, 2:36pm replied:

Whatever you sent you need to ask us otherwise its within our right to shoot it down under "Threats to security".
Also I just gave you an example, whatever you sent can't be good knowing your past.

+1 vote   group: Modern Combat Roleplay
=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 30 2012, 1:15pm replied:

And if I don't like it then you won't like what I launched. All I'm saying its that you could have launched a sat with nukes on it which means you can make trouble for us a bit too easily.

+1 vote   group: Modern Combat Roleplay
=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 30 2012, 2:25am replied:

OOC: If you can launch stuff in the sky without asking us then so can we.

+1 vote   group: Modern Combat Roleplay
=СРБ=Ori`verda Aug 29 2012, 12:30pm says:

*Cosmodromes all over Russia simultaneously launch rockets into the night sky, what it heralds is the dawn of new age.*

OOC: I think I know what Jolee did and if I am correct then we are going to be shouting at each other real soon. Regardless, observe the dawning of a new age hehehehe...

+1 vote   group: Modern Combat Roleplay
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jun 27 2012, 3:43pm replied:

Reminds me of our XF battle.

+1 vote   media: Niterus V Jester/Cronus V Kairn >_<
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jun 19 2012, 12:54am replied:

It was never approved lol.

+1 vote   media: Battle For the Northern Sectors
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 2 2012, 4:33am replied:

Nothing wrong lol? You call slavery, assassination and everything else that should get you into prison not wrong?

+1 vote   media: Battle at nal hutta
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 22 2012, 12:10pm says:

OOC: Lol pain.

*I looked to my leg, just a bit brushed I thought to myself while looking at the arrow that must have also splintered my bone.*

Alexander: "Its just a flesh wound, I'll walk it off."

*I masked my pain with laughter but in reality there truly was no pain. The villager tended to my leg, she looked nice and was beautiful and... I must not think about such right now, I have to retrieve Zahkrii. But it I had to know her name.*

Alexander: "Fair maiden, may I know thy name?"

*She looked up, her emerald green eyes pierced me more then the arrow. My God was I stricken by love?*

Aurren: "My name is Aurren, Aurren Katarah."

*I smiled to her, she smiled back. I looked around and I saw my companions heavily indulged in conversation and I yelled out to Yale.*

Alexander: "When do we ride? We still have a blade to retrieve."

OOC: I think I should mention that the Aurren's from both the SW RP and the LOTR RP were planned to be my spouses so no killing of them.

+1 vote   media: Quest for Old Glory
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 16 2012, 1:27am says:

I just thought of something. Since nobody of us knows who this guy is I think we can safely ban him because the rules state you cannot start with a big empire and you need other members.

And I suspect its Xerstorung coming back with the original Darjetii Empire, if my father character would still be alive he would put that kid in his place.

+1 vote   media: meeting on tund
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 12 2012, 12:50am says:

"Excellent, now for my second and very vile command. The disbanding of the Detora Battlegroup and all its assets, and when I mean disbanding I mean that it ceases to exist and this includes all of its units."

+1 vote   media: Diplomatic Relations With The Mandos And GA
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 6 2012, 10:38am says:

We got Rakghouls on our hands... Lovely.

Adenn, since Revan is my ancestor can the Mandalorians have the Rakghoul cure?

+1 vote   media: What Happend?
=СРБ=Ori`verda Feb 21 2012, 4:42am replied:

Accepted, you are a great adversary.
One down more to go!

+1 vote   media: (Done)Battle For The Hydian Way
=СРБ=Ori`verda Feb 21 2012, 4:11am replied:

OOC: On my left I face Adenn and Orix's fleet, centre Jester which is having a lot of trouble and will be destroyed quite quickly soon and on my right Jolee's forces. And don't worry Jester I am not going to decimate you further as that would be a major tactical error, right Orix? Formations are back on lines now so its pretty much like in the start save for us losing now approximately 1/3rd of our force (or are going to lose) while your combined fleet has lost around 2/3rd more or less. Do we all agree to this?

+1 vote   media: (Done)Battle For The Hydian Way
=СРБ=Ori`verda Feb 21 2012, 4:11am says:

OOC: Wait wait miscalculation Jester 3.5/5th is what I meant but this is only with consideration of original strength for the Silentium forces, the fact remains you are still slightly outnumbered and your fleet has received most damage because you and I were the leaders fighting mostly, but I will not accept that all your soldiers are elite since that would mean none of them are elite and all are normal, not to mention that the boarding torpedoes hit randomly so they are also in areas were your soldiers can't go so no matter how much you try to defend against it there is bound to be some major losses. No Orix you did not harm my Capital ships in any way.

Capital ships: The combined fire starts taking out some of the major ships further destroying the enemies firepower, communications and breaking its spirit at the sight of crumbling behemoth ships that lasted for great lengths.

Frigates: Regroup to avoid further losses but stand firm not to allow the enemy ground, Jolee's forces inflict medium damage on the right force as it crawls back just as Adenn's force does with the left and soon the Silentium fleet becomes a line once more save for those Frigates that went out to fight broadside battles.

Corvettes: Line up to form an impenetrable barrier infront of the centre of the fleet with few elements left to guard the flanks and rear.

Strikecraft: Sustained considerably less losses during this bomb run, some now return to their carriers for maintenance whilst others concentrate on reeking as much havoc on the enemies centre which is already in major disarray.

+1 vote   media: (Done)Battle For The Hydian Way
=СРБ=Ori`verda Nov 5 2011, 4:37am replied:

Thanks to the extra ranks you gave me (thanks BTW) I will have a sneak peak :)

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Sep 13 2011, 1:56pm says:

To me it was the same until the updates came... Needless to say I kept going until I could not see images or every time I clicked a link I crashed so I dumped it for Opera which crashes less, is faster if ever so slightly and in my opinion better in plenty ways I just can't point out :S

+1 vote   member: Headhunter128
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 28 2011, 3:01pm says:

It could be anything, problem is Z did not say what we are looking for? a ship, a planet, a station, and what then? is it a ship from another era or show/movie?

+3 votes   media: Freighter Dock
=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 24 2011, 3:53pm replied:

Hooray for EndWar.

+4 votes   member: zachtou78
=СРБ=Ori`verda Feb 5 2011, 2:50pm says:

Thanks for adding me Helge, danke :)

+2 votes   member: Sarge_Rho
=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 26 2011, 11:57am says:

Oke lets make a new mod group: the GAME(Great Alliance Mod Ewok's).

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