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Greetings, stranger. Welcome to my page. I am Ori'verda AKA Milos and I currently live in the Netherlands. I like games, girls, books, movies and teamwork. Also I enjoy discussing about religion, politics, history and such affairs. And ignore the fact that a lot of my groups are Science-Fiction related, I love Sci-Fi for good reasons! ☢ ☢ ☢ P.S. The video with the redhead is not porn! I may be a crazy Serbian but I'm not that crazy. Besides that I'm a goof, in fact to show you I am going to fill up the my description with random banter, why? Yeah you guessed it, I'm not that strange or weird it is in fact to get a HTML code to work, if you don't know what that is good luck. Regardless I suppose I should continue filling out this description field according to that manual so I can get a cooler description, I don't know if that makes sense to you but according to the manual it works so it must work right? Well it should otherwise you would not be seeing this... Or would you? SRB FTW!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 24 2014, 10:09am replied:

And a merry Christmas to you.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda May 25 2013, 1:29pm replied:

Good luck lad.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 6:05pm replied:


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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 2:34pm says:


Azrael nodded in kind.

Uncrossing his arms and taking a more receptive stance he walked to Lok's side. For a moment he wondered if he should draw his attention by placing a hand on his shoulder but voted against it. Lok would probably slice off the offending arm which in turn would save Azrael the trouble of disinfecting it.

"May I interest you in an expedition to reclaim a bit of our lost glory?"

Stepping up his pace Azrael turned and stood directly in front of Lok, barring his progress.

"You, a full-blood Sith. I, a student of the dark arts. Let's delve into the tombs of our forebears and uncover their secrets... Or should I say your secrets?"

Although Lok could not see it the radical shift in Azrael's words and stance made it all too clear he was smirking beneath his iron mask.

"I know of your fragmented memories... And kindly offer you my services in a partnership of mutual interest."

Azrael ended his speech and mockery with a deep bow, extending both his arms to his left and crossing his right leg to the left as well to deepen the bow. Normally a sign of deep respect in this case a sign of clear contempt and insult.

Not that Azrael's opinion of Lok did not change much after seeing him and his droid in action. Lok was to be respected and perhaps feared... But he was beneath Azrael at the present.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 1:58pm says:

Why are you picking on the Nebulon B all the time?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 12:29pm says:

Having taken things slow and being further away from the conflict the Force Shockwave does not effect Azrael as much as it did Lok or the buildings it vaporized.

He watches his last chance vanish as the target drops backwards. Azrael chuckles at the failed attempt at originality and packs up his bow and arrow. Casually he makes his way over to a piece of rubble still standing upright and leans against it, arms crossed and watching curiously what Lok will do in this situation.

Hopefully he would reach the same conclusion and come over to Azrael to grant him a little audience and discuss the next course of action.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 11:38am replied:

It escalated quickly.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 10:34am replied:

****** shotgun*

Get off mah property.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 7:30am says: +2 votes   media: The Lotus Protects All
=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 21 2014, 7:26am says:

May the Fourth guide me!

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 20 2014, 5:59pm says:

OOC: You carry around an actual shield? You've gone medieval on us.

Noticing the stance of his target Azrael realizes it is over and knows well enough that continuing any actions would be doomed to fail against this person. Whomever it was was vastly superior to him... At least for the moment.

Yet it was always worth a shot to try, a literal shot of course. He notches one special arrow and awaits patiently to see the target vanish, intent on realizing an arrow with a tracking beacon. The odds are against him; the arrow could miss or just as easily be found and removed later. But he'd take the shot.

And Lok... Lok proved himself not to be completely incompetent. Azrael figures he could reap this failure and harvest a success from it yet. Provided Lok is in a receptive mood.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 19 2014, 6:34pm says:

Having little to no time to react and only one option to defend himself; Azrael swings his Lightsaber in front of him and across the shield dispersing it having caused it to overload because of the transference of the Force Lightning that had been stored along with the superheated plasma.

The shield evaporates because of the discharge but Azrael's Lightsaber flickers off as well. He contemplates exchanging it for its counterpart but realizes that the target was unlikely to fall for the same ruse and instead begins to back away and draws his railbow once more.

Azrael notches two arrows diagonally and awaits for an opening. He aims only for the target but if Lok were to be hit in the process it wouldn't cause him any alarm. Azrael, the assassin, was superior to this marauder in every way.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 19 2014, 9:44am says:

Azrael charges ahead, aiming his Lightsaber at the target's chest.

OOC: Sorry, drawing a creative blank here.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 18 2014, 7:21pm replied:

O hai PC. Long time no see.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 18 2014, 2:16pm says:

Bruised but not ready to give in, Azrael admits to himself that a lack of offensive combat skill will not aid him here but he is certain that with cleverness and his mobility he will beat Lok.

Clambering back up Azrael prepares for another attempt of the same, if only his counterpart would stop acting so foolish. He awaits and watches with curiosity as the target moves to disarm the war droid. Azrael probably could intervene and save the hulking scrap heap but finds no reason to do so.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 17 2014, 3:46pm says:

Now that Lok and his droid are here Azrael hastens himself to seize the kill before his counterpart does. Remembering an older trick used by ancient Sith Lords Azrael amplifies his Lightsaber with Force Lightning and begins to charge towards his target all the while maintaining his guard.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 17 2014, 9:05am says:

As the end of the rooftops enters sight Azrael notches five more arrows and aims carefully at his target. The barrier he noted earlier should not have much power remaining and being on the run, changing directions had to take its toll on her as much as it had on him.

Azrael spots Lok and his pet droid. Eager to prove himself the superior he accelerates with the Force off the rooftop and looses the arrows on the target and upon landing switches his railbow for one of his Lightsabers. It is ignited in a fiery crimson stream of superheated plasma.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 16 2014, 5:18pm says:

Azrael continues to leap from building to building and mimics the behaviour of his target by using the Force to move faster. The disadvantage of his terrain was that it ends, changes direction or elevation drastically at a moments notice but the benefit was that there was no one in the way allowing Azrael to even get ahead of his target, provided she did not change direction.

As Azrael ran he awaited for an opening, once ahead he took a regular arrow and charged it with lightning for a blast effect. He aimed ahead of his target and loosed the arrow, the rails accelerated the electrified arrow fast enough to pierce the speed of sound.

OOC: So running from roof to roof, gets a few steps ahead of Serena, launches a superfast arrow ahead of Serena which should explode like a ECD from Republic Commando.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 16 2014, 3:18am says:

Of course. Though the more ethical question would be if I'd go through civilians, children and/or a hospital to get the kill. The answer is yes. But I am not a psychopath so naturally I would seek means to avoid collateral damage.

But if you get in my way... You won't be there for long.

Depends on the environment; for open and wide areas a silenced sniper is perfect but for closed buildings a handgun and dagger would be my way to go. The dagger is there for sentimental value as the weapon of the old assassins.

I also would not shy away from more creative means of murder that leave my hands "clean" and make me untraceable like bribery, coercion and my personal favorite: Poison. Gas or liquefied the beautiful viral toxins that cause the slow and painful demise of my target are the perfect weapon. While my mark succumbs to the hellish internal agony I can make my way home casually.

I'd go with the alias Knight for nostalgia's sake.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 14 2014, 5:41pm says:

Although he knows little to nothing about the target. Azrael easily sees through the deception that is created for even veterans value the advantages of the cloak and dagger.

Taking precaution not to give himself away Azrael cloaks his presence but takes care to remain ahead of Lok.

Nearing his target, Azrael readies his weapon of choice and notches five arrows tipped in poison crafted by Sith alchemists. He is fully aware the odds of him hitting the target are slim, despite the supposed element of surprise. Force users are not to be taken lightly. So Azrael chooses not to waste his time with a long-range assassination for now.

He releases his shots. The overcharged arrows resonate with the static of the rail coils and fly off without sound. In an instant they find their marks, instantly killing any whom are hit by it and releasing a deadly viral gas in the area to deal with whomever remained and clearing the way for the confrontation.

Unless of course, the dark side alchemical compound takes her.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 14 2014, 1:22pm says:

In the skies above Nar Shaddaa the Sith Infiltrator deploys its rampart and Azrael jumps out, beginning his descent to the planet surface in free fall fashion. Moments before making planetfall he uses the Force to literally break his fall and shatter the landing area. Unscathed he begins to reach out and searches for a source of powerful Force energies.

Quickly he catches the "scent" of his prey and speeds to capture it from rooftop to rooftop, scanning the streets below, following the trail like a tuk'ata on the prowl. Azrael will be the one to slay his target, not Lok. He is the superior Sith Lord and he will prove it to all to see.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 14 2014, 5:55am says:

The assignment was simple: Find and exterminate the rogue. Unwilling to disappoint his master and pass up an opportunity to test his strength Lord Azrael departed in search of the elusive Sith Lord.

Imperial agents inside the Hutt Cartel mentioned sighting Azrael's target on Nar Shaddaa.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 10 2014, 11:58am replied:

OOC: Just checking. Got a heart attack and thought it was Karax' sister.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 10 2014, 8:33am replied:

OOC: Who's Serena? Do you mean Serana from Dawnguard?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 10 2014, 5:39am replied:

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 9 2014, 6:49am replied:

Thank you!

Nice um... Hair.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 8 2014, 1:38pm says:

YouTube version: Youtube.com
Lyrics: Forums.warframe.com

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 8 2014, 11:51am says:

I'm going to go ahead and cross Ori off my list and say it is Asgard considering that most ships around it are Asgard and there is a Hatak there. I doubt the Ori would be involved in any threeway.

My guess for the ship? After digging around I think I know the exact name and look of the ship.

Do I write it down here or do I PM it? Also; do I win anything if it's correct? :D.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 8 2014, 8:26am replied:

It's the short version of "su cuy'gar".

Kih'parjai, no problem.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Dec 8 2014, 3:36am replied:


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=СРБ=Ori`verda Feb 8 2012, 10:09am replied:

Oke oke, I just assumed... Nevermind.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Feb 7 2012, 11:32am replied:

Good thing the entire Silentium fleet can do that :P

The Silentium Forces retreat, they have fulfilled their mission.

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