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Ripley May 27 2015, 3:46am replied:

You're right! It is a big bunch of work for one person and therefore, it looks fantastic. Hope, he get's more support from the community to carry on.

+5 votes   mod: FarCry Operation Clearing
Ripley Dec 13 2014, 6:38am says:

It looks fantastic! Keep this quality.
Best rgds

+3 votes   mod: Operation: Black Mesa
Ripley Aug 18 2013, 12:56pm says:

7 Month without any update = dead (makes me sad, because looks very promising...)

+1 vote   game: Ivan's Secrets
Ripley Jan 30 2013, 9:35am says:

Looks real good so far! Tracking it! Would it make a difference, when using DOOM 3 BFG Edition or the older DOOM 3 Standard Edition?

+2 votes   news: S.T.A.R. 1088 - Q/A about this mod
Ripley Jan 11 2013, 1:46pm says:

Real great work!
Did the Installation like described, but I have no crosshairs (wether pistol nor the smg). Also changed steamID to 215 (sdk 2006)in the gameinfo.
Did I missed something? Thanks in advance for help.

+1 vote   mod: G String
Ripley Oct 27 2012, 6:36pm says:

...Looks great! Tracking! :)

+1 vote   mod: Operation: Breaking Point
Ripley Oct 27 2012, 6:18pm says:

Looks very, very interesting!! Sorry, if it was already mentioned - does it need the complete Crysis game or is Crysis Wars enough? Anyway, keep up the good work!! :)

+1 vote   media: Ask me ...
Ripley Sep 9 2010, 7:38am says:

Hello plasmid,

sorry for disturbing you with a little question of how to implement the walk feature to UT 3. Looking in the config, there are some bindings about walking, but ingame, I cant walk. In the ...UTGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini, there is nothing to find with "walk", in the ...Engine\config\BaseInput.ini, there I find following:

Bindings=(Name="Walking",Command="Button bRun")

using left shift ingame, I still cant walk. It is also not choosable from the key-assignemt. Could you give me (a absolute newbee to UT-editing) a hint, how to implement? Thanks for reading and keep up this nice looking project.


+1 vote   member: plasmid
Ripley Sep 8 2010, 11:06am says:

Very nice project!
Did you managed to let the player sneak / Walk slowly? As fas as I noticed, in UT 3 itself there is no key for switching from "run" to "walk". Especially in this Mod you should be able to sneak around, because always running like a hunted chicken does not fit in this kind of gameplay. It's already bothering, that is not available by default.
Nonetheless, it looks great so far!

+1 vote   mod: Resident evil 3.5 alternate
Ripley Aug 1 2010, 3:53am says:

Great news!! But download is not working.

+2 votes   download: FCAM (FarCry Addon Mod) Patch 1.83
Ripley Jul 31 2010, 7:30am says:

The first delta sector was fascinating. Can't wait to get the second version. Looks great as usual! Please, someone make a campaign for it (not only five singelplayer mission...).

+1 vote   mod: The Delta Sector 2
Ripley Jul 22 2010, 10:56am says:

Interesting stuff, but filefront can't find the download "". Any mirror available?

+1 vote   download: instagib campaign Quake 4 singleplayer
Ripley Jul 22 2010, 10:45am says:

Fantastic! I never played the original Outcast-game, because it was already 4 years old since I purchased it - and the graphics with it's blocky resolution was already out to date at that time. I really, really hope you have enough energy to complete this mod! It would be very sad to see such good work cancelled or stopped. So keep on going with this fine project.

+1 vote   mod: open Outcast
Ripley Jul 22 2010, 10:37am says:

One of the very rare reasons to install half life 1 again. Keep going with this great peace of work!

0 votes   mod: ARRANGEMENT
Ripley Mar 7 2010, 1:49pm says:

Fantastic work! Seems to be one of the very rare reasons to reinstall the whole steam-terror on my hd again, once it is released. Keep on good work.

+2 votes   game: Ivan's Secrets
Ripley Feb 16 2010, 2:08pm says:

Great thing! Anyone should do a high quality remake of the original Unreal story with more poly and stunning textures. It was one of the best games ever and would be one of the best mods ever! Just think about this great story in an visual updated environment and the characters in higher poly-count - would be fascinating.

+1 vote   mod: UT Community SDK
Ripley Dec 3 2009, 7:55am says:

Hope to see a sequel to this fantastic mod or a new one, made by your staff (please ^^)

+1 vote   news: Two year anniversary!
Ripley Sep 19 2009, 10:09am says:

Very sorry to read this!

Because of its potential, this mod would have been one of the very best HL 2 conversions ever! Anyway, my best wishes and thanks go to CaptainSource and team for his/their great efforts. Hope, that some "exceptionally gifted" person(s) will continue with the already existing great stuff.


+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Enterprise - M.A.C.O.
Ripley Jun 24 2009, 3:38pm says:

Looking great like the first part! Keep up good work!

+1 vote   media: TDS_Coast
Ripley Apr 21 2009, 10:49am says:

Great! Some news of progress? This mod could be the reason for me to buy UT 3.

+1 vote   mod: Talon 1-5
Ripley Jun 13 2007, 3:02am says:

Cant getting started with Sandscrawler-mod. No new Shortcut, no new exe-file to find, files are all at their place. Do I have to create a shortcut with targetline "...launcher.exe" -Sandscrawler_Mod_v1" ?
Any Help would be appreciated.


+1 vote   mod: Sandcrawler Mod
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