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Rikersbeard Dec 11 2014 says:

Great mod. Visually atmospheric.
That building to your left as you exit on the handrail car stunning! Loved the robot helper and his witty little assistant.
Building the railcar was fiddly but fun and the puzzles not too challenging except for the pipes. I seemed to solve that by some weird logic!
It's disappointingly short, which means it was enjoyable!
The only issue for me was the twin railcar puzzle where you had to collect batteries for a big, seriously big key! I could not get across more than once! Had to 'noclip' after too much swearing!

+1 vote   mod: Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles
Rikersbeard Jul 3 2014 says:

I discovered this map by accident. Visually stunning and quite creepy in the depths. But zombines when weapon less! That is so cruel! Constantly spawning enemies is a bother but it does add a hint of pant-wetting pace to keep you moving.
Mars outside texture was really good and overall this is a little gem.
I got my *** to Mars and phoned home!

+1 vote   download: Mining Complex
Rikersbeard Jun 29 2014 says:

This played brilliantly with no issues and the improvements to The Citizen 2 where greatly appreciated. Thanks to all involved. The wait was worth it!

+1 vote   mod: The Citizen Returns
Rikersbeard May 2 2013 says:

The ruined building sequences in the long video are the best I've ever seen and the use of fire is brilliant. Looking forward to this mod.

+1 vote   game: Lost Squad
Rikersbeard Mar 9 2013 says:

This mod just gets better and better. Amazing images!

+2 votes   mod: Fast Detect
Rikersbeard Mar 4 2013 says:

Good start for a pre-release and the colours are very nice.
Are there more models? Robots with headcrabs is a little weird!

+4 votes   mod: P.R.E
Rikersbeard Mar 3 2013 says:

Epic scene! More fire in mods please!

+1 vote   media: Everything is burned to the ground!
Rikersbeard Feb 27 2013 says:

Looking forward to trying the pre-release.

+3 votes   mod: P.R.E
Rikersbeard Feb 1 2013 replied:

Looks like things didn't get any better for those not living on the colonies!

+1 vote   mod: G String
Rikersbeard Jan 29 2013 says:


+1 vote   mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
Rikersbeard Jan 23 2013 says:

Nice idea and level design look. The retro future is a nice touch and looks very inviting to play. Too many dark mods of late so this will be a treat!

+2 votes   mod: Vectronic
Rikersbeard Jan 22 2013 says:

Thanks for adding the new enemy quantity option, should help those slow, lumbering players from the single-button joystick era reach the end!:)
Although I did derive so much pleasure from the combine slaughter-fest that was Strider Mountain, but boy was that a tough slog!
Some of us also like to admire the scenery while we fight to survive, maybe even take a few snapshots for the family album!

+1 vote   mod: The Closure
Rikersbeard Jan 16 2013 says:

I do like the Cypress 9mm. Nice simple elegant design at its best.
For the pistol; how about something akin to the “Sandman” gun used in “Logan’s Run”. I like the simple look and an extra large muzzle flash might look good in game.
Just a thought.

+1 vote   mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
Rikersbeard Jan 7 2013 says:

Nice little movie, mods looking really good but the combine soldier at the end seemed a bit deaf! Looking forward to the finish of this one.
Nice to see the Return of that little air vehicle.

+1 vote   mod: The Closure
Rikersbeard Jan 7 2013 says:

I seem to be forever getting thrown off that boat!

+1 vote   mod: Estranged
Rikersbeard Jan 2 2013 says:

I read on your Facepunch thread that you’re making the poison headcrab a major danger to the player’s health. I already despise those little monsters and now I will have to fear them! That is cruel, but clever. :)

+4 votes   mod: Nox Aeterna
Rikersbeard Jan 2 2013 says:

I love to see a winter styled mod, especially with snow and looking as good as this!
If the ambient sound is as good as these visuals, it will be a real winner.
Keep up the good work!

+2 votes   media: January Media Release
Rikersbeard Jan 1 2013 says:

Damn mod is too realistic atmospherically speaking, gave me a real bad cold!

+3 votes   mod: BLACK SNOW
Rikersbeard Dec 30 2012 says:

This mod is truly horrible in the real sense. Unending horror in a very bleak world of darkness and fear. I disliked horror mods, until Nightmare House 2 changed that view. But Cry of Fear is real horror and as much as I want to stop playing it, its sheer quality draws me back in. The backtracking puzzles do not bother me half as much as the amount of ammo I have to use to stay alive: on easy!
This is a masterpiece in the art of survival horror.
I just fear I may not make it to the end!

+3 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Rikersbeard Dec 30 2012 says:

Glad to hear the good news. Looking foward to hearing more. Good news that is! :)

+2 votes   mod: Zeitgeist
Rikersbeard Dec 29 2012 says:

Keep up the fine work. I've still got to upgrade from WinXP!

+2 votes   mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
Rikersbeard Dec 17 2012 says:

I remember the problems I had with version one. Having played too many mods where you are funnelled along paths, or there was only one path to choose had made me a lazy player. Here was a mod where you were forced to actually think about your path and I found it so much more rewarding when I got through each section.
And there was a “you tube” walkthrough to help if needed!
With only a missing crosshair, a major slow down on an office level map, one other map missed and a map reload for the finish over 54 maps, I considered this a near perfect mod.
And now the director’s cut with version two!

+2 votes   mod: G String
Rikersbeard Dec 17 2012 replied:

All three!

+1 vote   mod: Mission Improbable
Rikersbeard Dec 17 2012 says:

Simply modding brilliance! Lot's of polish and the new level has the best Combine architecture around!
And a wheely good new character!:)

+3 votes   mod: Mission Improbable
Rikersbeard Dec 13 2012 says:

Looking forward to seeing this finished for a long time now. Good luck in 2013!

+1 vote   mod: Acomnadation
Rikersbeard Dec 2 2012 says:

Version two is looking even better and I am glad you have user control over all the shaders and things. Hopefully you can please everybody that way.
I hope you will keep version one available for download as well as version two, as I really loved it. Even enough to forgive the odd game eccentricity!

Are you going to let us know what is new in ‘V.2’, without any spoilers of course, ie, extra levels, etc?

+2 votes   mod: G String
Rikersbeard Nov 10 2012 says:

That little video made me spill my tea!

+4 votes   mod: Inquietude
Rikersbeard Nov 7 2012 says:

The images from this mod are the best I've seen so far! Amazing use of lighting and fog!
A masterpiece in the making.

+5 votes   mod: Fast Detect
Rikersbeard Nov 7 2012 says:

That is a seriously big drop!

+2 votes   media: FD
Rikersbeard Nov 3 2012 says:

I have to say I’m starting to like horror mods due to the amazing graphic and lighting work they encourage. Your many images exemplify this and your music examples set a great atmosphere. Looking forward to this mod.

Just a quick question.
Do we get a torch? And is so, is it modified like the torch in say, “G-String”? And can it be permanent once switched one?

Or maybe a flare like light source?

Oh hell, I just want a light! (Insert smiley here)

PS. Really good music!

+2 votes   mod: Crypt
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