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hello its me ricoh106 famous hacker and stuff and i am the owner of a server sided game called night vision crimes. The Ps2 game will come out in about october 2009. You will love it. What Its About. its about Night Vision Crimes is a conversion from rockstar games gta sa. But With different places names differernt missions and different characters. As you live on the edges of harlem city and o reily road. You fast dawnting tasks that can risk the life of Hunter (main character). You take control of the streets.

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Ricoh106 Blog 0 comments

Night Vision Crimes is a conversion from Rockstar Games San Andreas.

How We Got the idea:

Yes we know night vision crimes is a random name. Yeh we know that so anyway,

It Began All In Endorphin. I knew i could make scenes and environments so i didnt want it to go to waste. So I began. I was formerly a web designer andduring that time i studied the arts of ini, dll and css. So i made an engine. using those tools. An engine to tell the player to hang to walls to react when hit by a car. A stuff. the endorphin version is still on the net!!! Here is the link: obviously its not as good as todays projects but who cares?. So then i got the idea's to name the characters. And came up with names like Nikko Connor, Bella Daniels, Hunter, Creature01, Smithy, Smokey, Ryda and they all came into play. Now i needed skins. So i decided to upgrade my endorphin. And Install Autodesks 3d Max. Now with all the environments done. I Imported everything and just simply added colour. Shortly afterwards 2 games were released they were. The first NVC Zombie Survival. Link: and the second. NVC Nickles And Dimes. Link: or and its on my moddb profile. Now our game got sponsered. And the ps2 game will be released on the 3rd of october 2009. Because the pc game is already in shops. So Thats pretty much it!!!

Want more links!!

Controls And Cheats.
Parkour Endorphin
NVC Pictures (Recomended)
NVC Parkour Patch


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Night Vision Crimes Followers

Night Vision Crimes Followers

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so yes. This is the official fan group of nvc ok!! Nothing Much happenin. We just develop the nvc games so look out for em!! So yes it was once a conversion...


hate to say it ricoh,... wait no i dont... TOLD YA SO! NOOB. mess with moddb and its members, u get pwned.

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HAHA pwnt

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Henley Staff

Banned for duplicate accounts and stolen content.

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