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I had recently stumbled upon Information Leading to Leaked footage on Battlefront Three. It amazes me. What amazes me is not the point. The point is, Lucas Arts has giving the job to Panamanian studios. Free Radical did an amazing job. Just because they went bankrupt doesn't mean that Lucas Arts can't open its pockets and help get this thing fineshed. This could possibly be the best game Ever made, AND put a large sum of money into Free Radical's pocket. Not to mention the large sum of money that would be given to Lucas Arts for making all of our dreams come true. Pandemic Studios is going to ruin this game. It will kill the trilogy and none of us will be that much surprised. Free Radical HAS to be funded so they can finish this project! Free Radical has also stated that the game they created will die with them, Including the ability to fly from land to space... I dont know what is Wrong with Lucas Arts... They have to help Free Radical.

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Sep 5, 2009 Aliens verses Predator Requiem 0 comments

This movie is by far the best AVP yet. Sure it had its ups and downs, but it was pretty good.

Star Wars Battlefront Three

Star Wars Battlefront Three

Sep 5, 2009 Star Wars Battlefront Three 20 comments

The Main news page on Battlefront 3 the first section is group news and the second is Battlefront 3 news, everyone will update this as soon as possible!

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