My name is Richard, I go by Riccars online and some places off. I'm 22, in college going for a degree in political science.

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Riccars Jan 19 2013, 12:02pm says:

I now want a chitin dai-katana

+1 vote   article: [NEWS] Realistic Combat
Riccars Oct 18 2012, 12:30pm says:

I like it.
I would possibly add a dome structure somewhere on it.

+6 votes   media: UNSC Military Research
Riccars Sep 26 2012, 5:09pm says:

Freakin gorgeous

+3 votes   media: A Giant Approaches
Riccars Apr 25 2012, 1:39am says:

skeletons wearing clothes!?
I thought everyone stripped naked before they died and got drafted into guarding an ancestor tomb.

+1 vote   media: The Walking Dead
Riccars Feb 8 2012, 12:03pm says:

Kharjo is my favorite follower.

+1 vote   media: Orc Armour
Riccars Jan 16 2012, 7:51pm says:

Now that's a task-force.

+1 vote   media: New Years Resolution
Riccars Dec 30 2011, 6:56pm replied:

now I've also paid for it. I'd love to see a save & quit ability (not to save and reload when things go bad but to quit and return later)

+1 vote   article: How To Make Friends and Influence NPCS
Riccars Dec 22 2011, 11:06am says:

So I just played the demo three times.

The first time I crafted block sized barricades. and trapped myself in the upstairs bedroom and starved to death 2 days later.

The second time I crafted some of them and went to bed on my own skipping the proper missions and let myself starve to death 2 days later.

The third time I got the barricades right,set the house on fire while in the kitchen, burned my wife to death, then myself, then like 35 zombies by the front door, one day after start.

Best game ever.

+14 votes   article: How To Make Friends and Influence NPCS
Riccars Oct 25 2011, 10:40pm says:

could've been made a little cleaner

+1 vote   download: automatic piston cobble gen schematic
Riccars Oct 22 2011, 5:57am says:

If this works on mod items this is actually really really handy.
Especially if you want to ensure compatibility with certain mods

+1 vote   download: MineIds
Riccars Sep 19 2011, 8:17am says:

since its use was long distance travel it only makes sense to have some premade routes.

+2 votes   media: New nether screenshot (spoiler warning)
Riccars Jul 19 2011, 3:13am says:

so many wallpapers, DoV is gonna be my most common wallpaper

+1 vote   media: People's Army
Riccars May 23 2011, 9:02pm says:

fixing the mine-cart boosters?

sad :(

0 votes   article: The changelist for 1.6
Riccars May 9 2011, 7:20am says:

if you want a little light you can make a high ceiling and with some math on the light levels so you can make it as bright as possible while letting them spawn

+1 vote   download: Deathwatch31
Riccars Apr 28 2011, 4:50pm says:

16:1 Doesn't count when you're AWPing

0 votes   media: In-Game shot
Riccars Mar 23 2011, 2:11pm says:


+4 votes   media: Half-Life Minecraft Teaser
Riccars Feb 14 2011, 2:32am replied:

We can make a lot of wood looking surfaces without wood today so, I would bet on that.

+6 votes   media: Empire Gate
Riccars Jan 16 2011, 1:23pm says:

thats why cave grass is awesome

takes forever if you make it with dirt stairs though

+1 vote   media: The resault of growing grass in Minecraft
Riccars Nov 15 2010, 3:07pm says:

i think the joke is they caught fire and burned down the forest

+5 votes   media: *Sigh* i hate zombies......
Riccars Nov 8 2010, 10:17pm says:

i occasionally get those but never that size

+1 vote   media: The Flat Wall Land
Riccars Nov 7 2010, 5:57pm says:

dang he IS good

+2 votes   media: omg its Notch!!
Riccars Nov 2 2010, 5:14pm replied:

I'd like to see a make you own biome map thing

+1 vote   media: Its Wonderfull O_O
Riccars Oct 24 2010, 10:59pm says:

there is a fire outside the window

+2 votes   media: Wooden house with lava
Riccars Oct 17 2010, 9:40pm replied:

fence windows? clever

+2 votes   media: Bunker
Riccars Oct 7 2010, 3:37am says:

in soccer(football) he could hit a ball forward, from the side

+1 vote   media: The Bruiser
Riccars Sep 22 2010, 7:38pm says:

Excuse me I have to go change my pants that was so awesome.

+12 votes   media: Minecraft Fanmade Trailer
Riccars Sep 21 2010, 2:57pm says:

Makes me think Advance Wars meets Panzer General 2

+1 vote   media: Iron Grip: Marauders Beta Trailer
Riccars Sep 13 2010, 12:50pm replied:

also secret third 'employee'

+2 votes   article: Three man strong!
Riccars Sep 12 2010, 1:43am replied:

it never hurts to sketch out a basic plan in MS paint.

+1 vote   media: Compasses
Riccars Sep 3 2010, 10:31pm replied:

they probably were in the area and wanted to meet him.

+1 vote   article: A brief summary of Bellevue, more to come next week.
Riccars Aug 2 2010, 6:09pm says:

oooOOOOooo fancy!

+1 vote   download: 3ds Max Minecraft Human model rigged v0.5
Riccars Jul 9 2010, 9:48pm replied:

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe a special one too

+1 vote   media: Seecret update #4 contents
Riccars Jul 8 2010, 11:07am says:

whats the formula for making a saddle?

+1 vote   media: Minecraft Riding
Riccars Jul 8 2010, 11:07am says:

I find the spider eyes in the dark or the sound of an arrow firing more frightening.

+1 vote   media: Zombie
Riccars Jul 5 2010, 3:25pm says:

We need a daytime music theme and a night time theme.

Or a clock.

+2 votes   media: The Minecraft Song
Riccars Jul 5 2010, 3:22pm says:

building something in the gap in the mountain would be cool

+2 votes   media: Minecraft landscape.
Riccars Jul 2 2010, 9:37pm replied:

It's addicting, you can play a bit of it for free but for all the features its 10 Euro right now. Also its still in development.

+4 votes   article: IndieDB Video Spotlight - June 2010
Riccars Jun 28 2010, 9:52pm says:

why god why!?

+4 votes   media: Stack
Riccars Jun 27 2010, 7:22am replied:

yeah, I'm probably just an iron miser

+1 vote   media: MINECARTS!!
Riccars Jun 21 2010, 11:58am says:

I like the music, it takes the edge off when getting hit by baddies. No game causes my adrenaline to fly through the roof more than when I get surprised by one and this really takes the edge off.

+2 votes   media: New Minecraft songs
Riccars Jun 19 2010, 9:29pm says:

it is pretty sweet but the tracks are a little costly for my tastes, but that might have just been me at a bad spot for iron. I've played a second world with ladders to bore as far down as i can. I hit 3 caves each bigger than the other and I wound up with 3 stacks of iron bars

+1 vote   media: MINECARTS!!
Riccars Jun 17 2010, 6:27pm replied:

also he's playing in order to test his new coding and other developments.

he can't waste 2 hours strip mining the bottom of the map for some diamonds.

also more importantly he is holding water and lava

+1 vote   article: Caves, prettier water.
Riccars Apr 13 2011, 7:16pm replied:

He's inside the flower RUN!!!

+4 votes   media: Eyecandy cave
Riccars Apr 12 2011, 3:22am says:

It might have been a fluke but I was using their Raid Resources off the AnnaV and the game crashed immediately after attempting it on an asteroid.

+1 vote   article: Rogue Traders Demo
Riccars Apr 11 2011, 9:50pm says:

this might be a favorite race by the looks of it

+1 vote   article: Rogue Traders Demo
Riccars Apr 10 2011, 6:08pm says:

This is a wonderful map which portrays a galaxy sized war very well. It looks and feels like an actual galaxy with easily a dozen stars. Wormholes are more probable fast travel when considering traversing from one end to another. Also the unique names are a wonderful touch.


+2 votes   download: The Omicron Legend
Riccars Apr 9 2011, 10:54pm replied:

if you hop into that group they will tear you to ribbons

+5 votes   media: Slimes?
Riccars Apr 4 2011, 2:26am says:

this is very awesome, i love the urban fight and especially realistic maps. 10/10 in my book

+6 votes   download: Cullingworth, England (FIXED)
Riccars Apr 3 2011, 3:38am says:

An alien first contact where the humans win is pretty rare, especially for the covenant who whomped humans in space in halo.

It goes to show what this war has done to our military.

+1 vote   media: Breach of Covenant
Riccars Mar 31 2011, 4:06am says:

it is a Spawning pool.

0 votes   media: Zerg Party Tub
Riccars Mar 22 2011, 3:26pm replied:

those curves on the radiator must have taken forever.

+6 votes   media: Prizes
Riccars Feb 27 2011, 4:11am says:

I hate opportunity costs!
I love this update!

+2 votes   article: Ideological Indoctrination
Riccars Feb 27 2011, 4:09am says:

One of these things is not like the others...
One of these things is dead!

+1 vote   media: One of these is not like the others...
Riccars Feb 27 2011, 4:08am replied:

not directly on the lava, just so it runs over it. my buddy has replaced his lava with water before :P

+1 vote   download: Psycho's House of Obsidian!
Riccars Feb 17 2011, 1:01am says:

beat the first 3 without swearing, but i left arm was tensing up

beat steps fairly easily
failed basic obstacles at 2nd to last, couldn't do last either
ladders was a very good range from easy to hard. beat that one
gave up mid way through water
quit ice obstacles at 3rd one
same with soul sand
as with steps

i am rather appalled with the structure you had to build to support this

Overall, Amazing! a must try

+1 vote   download: Thinkr's Obstacle Course
Riccars Feb 1 2011, 11:57pm replied:

Kirov Airships!

+3 votes   article: Mods - A selection of the most popular mods!
Riccars Jan 31 2011, 12:26pm says:

I like to use em as a way to find ore

+3 votes   media: Missing Chunk
Riccars Jan 30 2011, 3:13am says:

I do love your description.

+2 votes   download: The Fortress
Riccars Jan 26 2011, 7:23pm replied:

notch was kinda dwarf fort inspired

+5 votes   media: Dwarf Fortress
Riccars Jan 24 2011, 12:44pm replied:

he's gonna upgrade that room to a patio.

+4 votes   download: ShortStuf7's Clean Design Pack
Riccars Jan 21 2011, 5:52pm replied:

i always like the old keyboards. the typing sounds cool

+5 votes   media: Mojang HQ in the making
Riccars Jan 17 2011, 5:26am says:

awwwww its young and has delusions about the world being a hopeful place.

+9 votes   media: maor Creepers
Riccars Jan 15 2011, 2:42pm says:

It's just taking a picture of a wasp with almost identical text and tailoring it to creepers

+3 votes   media: Creepers
Riccars Jan 13 2011, 10:04pm says:

anyone else notice the updated chunks cause a little lag when they load up?

+6 votes   article: Minecraft Beta 1.2
Riccars Jan 13 2011, 6:39pm says:

hmmm instead of water those were walls so it was like a big hallow plus you could make your own game, defend the cake, or king of the cake

+1 vote   media: Come and take it Creepers.
Riccars Jan 13 2011, 5:30pm replied:

reeds are now sugar cane, still makes books...tasty books

+10 votes   media: Cake-At last!
Riccars Jan 12 2011, 1:07pm replied:

a series of stealth based missions?

+3 votes   media: Their POV
Riccars Jan 1 2011, 6:03pm says:

they're smart about not lunging over the cliff

+1 vote   media: It just sat there...
Riccars Mar 5 2013, 2:46am says:

Red tide rising.

+2 votes   media: ...But Rises Again, Harder and Stronger
Riccars Feb 24 2012, 3:33pm replied:

The stone blocks are the new feature in a sense.

Before those spaces would have to be whole blocks, now they can be slabs too.

+1 vote   media: As mentioned yesterday
Riccars Jan 4 2012, 1:04am says:

The moddb download contains a .rar with just a .txt file telling you to go to the youtube video telling you to click a link where you can then download it.

I find this really inconvenient and kinda annoying.

it goes here:

on top of that it sends you through an and then one of those file share sites that wants you to subscribe to download immediately

+3 votes   download: Lava Escape adventure map [Single+Multiplayer]
Riccars Oct 3 2011, 11:42am says:

cue Morrowind mods for minecraft.

I want my travel stained pants back.

+2 votes   media: Enchanted Armour
Riccars Jun 15 2011, 9:19am says:

So where is the part you drive about at the end of the first Halo game?

+1 vote   media: "Halcyon Days" Wallpaper
Riccars May 25 2011, 1:29pm says:

I love your hatred for the people who request more media stuffs.

+1 vote   media: Gameplay After Action Report
Riccars May 11 2011, 1:28pm says:

first time playing your map and I find it rather amusing. Its inspiring me to make a hedge maze like map

+1 vote   download: Walkway Maze (beta 4)
Riccars Nov 22 2010, 3:45pm says:

Will he implement a LAN version of a SMP server or something similar in that regard?

+5 votes   media: Need suggestions!!
Riccars Oct 31 2010, 3:28am replied:

thats a watch, it was added in this update

+1 vote   media: Slipgate
Riccars Sep 3 2010, 10:36pm says:

there are also regular apples, records (two types), and I got some gunpowder in one (not a creeper dungeon)

+1 vote   media: The (not so and kinda old) Secret
Riccars Aug 21 2010, 8:03pm says:

I'm going to take a stab and say, blockier clouds?

+1 vote   media: seecret friday update image
Riccars Jul 5 2010, 3:21pm says:

did anyone get anything good from the boxes?

I just got buckets, wheat, and some other miscellaneous items.

+1 vote   media: Zombie Spawn in Minecraft!?
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