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reybag Nov 19 2010, 10:55am replied:

lbz has multiplayer,the problem is that not a lot of people play lbz online and the ones who does play it ,dont understand the deep gameplay and so they think they are good because they can spam a big power and then when they fight a pro player ,they get their *** kick and leave lbz for ever because of the humillation of releasing the game is more complicate than spamming a button
its sad but not a lot of people really know to play lbz :(

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reybag Nov 18 2010, 10:46am says:

cool video,what software you use to make it?

+2 votes   media: New characters Coming Soon...
reybag Oct 6 2010, 10:05am says:

jajajaja well in a not very good english of course :D,unless he know spanish :D

reybag Oct 6 2010, 12:35am replied:

english is not my main languaje sorry,if you dont understand something,ask me :D

reybag Sep 11 2010, 2:21pm replied:

yes it work in windows xp, all the videos that you see at video section were made by me and i use windonws xp

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reybag Sep 5 2010, 11:59am replied:

for playing lbz you need

• The latests video card drivers for your video-card •
• 1.2 Ghz multi-core processor Or a 2.8 Ghz single-core •
• 1 GB of system memory •
• A high-end opengl 2.0 video-card from NVIDIA or ATI (with 128MB) •

+1 vote   media: they finally are here
reybag Sep 4 2010, 11:12pm says:

they are allready ingame,so test them :D

+1 vote   media: they finally are here
reybag Aug 29 2010, 4:38pm says:

background is a draw,the characters are not,those are the models for those characters :D

+1 vote   media: NEW CHARACTERS APROACHING!!!!!!
reybag Aug 22 2010, 10:29pm replied:

i dont understand what you mean

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reybag Aug 22 2010, 5:27pm replied:

en si no ay,lo que se puede hacer es utilizar algun programa de modelaje 3d para crear o editar personajes ya existentes

aca ay una guia que hicieron los de lbz

fijate en el foro de lbz ay mas guias sobre esto

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reybag Aug 12 2010, 8:17pm replied:

you need alpha version,the one you can see the link in this page,download the last one. (jan 2010)
this version has an autoupdate,so it will automatically update when you start the game

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reybag Aug 5 2010, 12:11pm says:

cool kenpachi :D

+1 vote   media: Zaraki Kenpachi
reybag Jul 24 2010, 11:21am says:

everybodys favorite helper

+1 vote   media: darktakayanagi model
reybag Jul 24 2010, 11:20am says:

the ice master itselfh,really nice :D

+1 vote   media: HazeL character by pikachu10 :D
reybag Jul 9 2010, 8:57pm says:

wow really cool ,only need pony tail and well a face .D

+1 vote   media: zarbon
reybag Jul 1 2010, 9:43pm replied:

there 33 characters in lbz,everyone has 3 powers and 1 special that is 33*4=128 power,of course some chars have one similar power to other chat , but the number of different powers are around 90

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reybag Jun 26 2010, 6:45pm replied:

its only 23,87 mg the game,so you can download fast and see if works fine for you :D

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reybag Jun 7 2010, 11:33am replied:

maeby a flyer cat :D (el gato volador :D )

+1 vote   media: The Infected dog
reybag Jun 7 2010, 11:32am says:

pongan zombis hinchas :D ,imaginen entras a un cuarto y hay zombis con camisetas de boca y river, y te sentas a ver como se cagan a bollos .D
(y bue a los zombis les queda el instinto nomas,ummm ahora que pienso no seria muy diferente de los verdaderos hinchas :D )

0 votes   mod: L4D-Mod
reybag Jun 2 2010, 11:02am says:

of course you do,other way it will be just colored water :D

+1 vote   media: NEW FEACTURE :LAVA
reybag May 25 2010, 7:08pm replied:

indeed,its in the game section ,not in mod section but people dont like to read :D

+2 votes   game: Lemmingball Z
reybag May 25 2010, 1:37pm replied:

i sugest koffing to be in :D ,not only because its my favorite pokemon but also because he is different from the ones on the list of planed pokemon for firts beta ,he is from poison tipe and his attacks are different from the one the other in the list have ,he also is very popular ,just google him (im not saying it for the tv serie but because his uniq design )

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reybag May 22 2010, 9:30pm replied:

sobre el effecto blurry que te marea la verdad no se ,porque nunca nadie se quejo sobre eso es extraño,el efecto ese pasa cuando se alenta el tiempo ya sea por teleportarte cerca del enemigo o por usar kaioken

lo que no te entendi fue eso de "aguas con los efectos visuales" si es por el video,bueno es que las fisicas del agua es lo mas nuevo en lbz por eso lo inclui bastante en el video,pero te aseguro que lbz es mucho mas que lindos graficos :D ,el combate es mucho mas profundo de lo que se ve ,si podes trata de jugar online , es algo totalmente distinto que jugar con bots :D

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reybag May 20 2010, 10:13pm replied:

i read characters are based on argentinian characters ,im argentinian and dont know on who they are based .D,im from cordoba
add someone from cordoba as character he could say "reeeeeeeeeeloading cuuuuliado " jajajja im cordobes so im allow to make jokes about our accents .D

+1 vote   mod: L4D-Mod
reybag May 17 2010, 12:39pm replied:

I guess you are from bs as,im from cordoba we dont even have rock computers :D

+5 votes   media: The Infected dog
reybag May 14 2010, 1:33pm replied:

thanks for asnwering,lbz need more online players and this group look like the kind of group who like play cool games.

a sugestion if you are gonna play lbz ,do it online and set power level (pl) min 500 max 1000 thats the config good players use,lots of people play 2000 4000 buts that for noobs,500 1000 is where you notice the balance that the game have and it really need to have skills there :D

if you find me in chat ,i will teach you all you need to know to be the best,you will be amaze at the deep that lbz gameplay can be

and of course play lbz alpha version :D,you will find it a moddb page ,its last lbz version

+2 votes   group: Social Modding Club
reybag May 12 2010, 11:08pm says:

hi im reybag,im part of lemming ball z comunity and i will like to know which were your opinions of the game ,i know you make it part of event Feburary 3rd, 6th and 7th but there werent any comentary in that event about lbz ,so i will like to hear coments ,complains ,etc :D

pd:sorry for my bad english

+2 votes   group: Social Modding Club
reybag May 2 2010, 12:06pm replied:

i think its ydra job :D

+1 vote   game: Lemmingball Z
reybag May 1 2010, 5:17pm says:

when he nuke you,he will not longer look funny to you :D

+2 votes   media: new character :D
reybag Apr 26 2010, 10:58am says:

yes the new water engine is one of big improves in lbz ,as is too the ligths but theres also too a lot of changes at gameplay

+1 vote   media: Lemming ball z version 8591
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