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0 comments by rwsbgames on Nov 26th, 2011

Most of you know that I am currently developing a game called, Digmaan: The Aftermath, this game is a sequel of the game Digmaan which gained a little fame not because of it's graphics quality and performance, but because of it's effective game play.

The last game Digmaan, have lots of bugs and problems, despite the fact of those errors, the game still managed to made it to the top of the line for several weeks, not bad for an Indie game and first game release right?

Now, RWSB games, promised the gamers that on the sequel of the game, there will be a lot of improvements, and it really did have a lot of improvements.

I learned a lot from other developers and as well as other players feedback about the game, now I am here to proudly present you the latest gameplay of the game, Digmaan: The Aftermath, that surely improved a lot, not just a lot but super duper a lot!

Digmaan: The Aftermath is now on it's final weeks of development and are close to be release.

Keep watching and I hope to have your support as I release the game, here looking forward for the success of the game, not just for weeks but as long as it can give happiness to all gamers out there. Visit our IndieDB links for more updates.... Indiedb.com and visit our website to see how much RWSB Games improved for only a couple of weeks, and you can also download some games to our website for freeeee... www.rwsbgames.com.

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0 comments by rwsbgames on Aug 18th, 2011

I am Rey Wilson S. Bartolo
RWSB Games Founder


Hi there, it seems game developing isn't really that hard, Actually I am not a programing graduate, I am not a computer science graduate and most of all I do not held any dedgree in computer.

The only thing that I have here is my body with my brains. I love computers, I love games and I love everything and anything about computers. As the love for the field. One day I ask myself, can I develop a game? But it's hard, but can I really try? Then after that, without even having a second thought I move in front of my computer, I sit down and open it.

I click the browser and I searched about programming on google. I was overwhelmed, I really did not know that it was that confusing and full of things to study. But, I did not give up, anyway giving up is not on my vocabulary. I Have tried visual basic, c++ and anything. I failed, and I succeed. The first hello world that I have created because of many tutorials made me really happy!

Then I have stumbled upon some game creating engines. So many, that it overwhelmed me again! Haha, Know what I did? I downloaded them all, from free, to trial, to torrent (when I was a newbie), and then even resulting to buying some software!

Then I read every tutorials, every coding that they do, even modeling, texture remmaping, inventory system, then step by step, one by one, I did not noticed I already created a game. Well the first game wasn't really that nice, in fact it's crap! The game title was Dark Phenomenon, very few tried it, I can even count it on my fingers xD. Then the views in youtube? Wow blockbuster! 60+ viewers with some negative comments xD T_T. LOL! But at that time for me it was the greatest and the best that I did since I have no actual education about programming and game developing.

But now, I think I am already learning a bit and am already producing good textures and maps, I think so... I hope so... Just look at the pictures at my profile. Yeah, I am the one who created that, those pictures are part of the levels in my game. Still am not conviced and I will still study. Maybe someday, I can make a game that people will be proud of, whether it's free or not, I will surely make my dreams come true. I want my friends, my family, my kids to be proud of me and of course my country. So that I will be remembered when the right time comes.

I have lots of motto in life that makes me survive, struggle and dream big. One makes me keep going and other people too. Actually it's really effective. I can even tell it in front of any country leader or any genius in this world. I can do what you can do! You and me are the same.... We are both a human being.... We both have brains, we both have hands, we both have eyes, actually even blind people or a person with a disability can do great things, so why can't I? Everthing that your body makes you a human being is the same to me. You can study and read books, I can also do that. So... With the right attitude towards work and goals, with the right motivation, everything can be learned. I am hunger for knowledge, I want to create, I want to make people happy, I want to serve the world, I want to return the favor to all the people that became part and will become part of my life. I can do what everything can do. ^_- So what about you?

Anyway these are only my point of views and motivation in life, we may be different in thinking and attitude, but were both humans. We are the same. That's all!

To show you a game I developed... You can visit our website www.rwsbgames.com

The game title is Digmaan, and I am currently working on it's sequel currently, here is a short gameplay..

Digmaan: The Aftermath Currently a work in progress, but very close to be done...



visit our website for more info www.rwsbgames.com

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