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Engine review

Great engine, simple to use but costly to make a good game on. Graphics are not great but are alright and good games can be produced with dedication. Overall 10/10 for it's simplicity and large helpful community. It's also a shame that there is no Mac or Linux version of the engine.


Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet

Game review

Really fun shooter game! Great objective behind it and fun to play with some friends. However a Single Player mode vs bots should be added as the player population is very low. The idea of joining the IRC and asking for a match is genius!


Dead Meets Lead

Game review - 2 agree

Provides lot of zombie killing fun and has some nice features but sadly it feels repedative after some time of playing and my interest was no more. Overall I think the games a 7/10, It can be seen that lots of work was put into it's development and it's not all that bad. Multiplayer would be a great addon that would make the game much more successful.