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Revan_127 Mar 26 2015, 12:16pm replied:

Have you actually wore a stormtrooper helmet? And I don't mean the toys you buy on eBay, but actual 501st Legion approved, custom-made stormtrooper helmet? Because I did, and as long as you don't need to look on your own feet, it's fine (not great, but fine). And besides that, I can already tell you that this helmet doesn't have any better visibility so that's just a cosmetic change. Besides that the old stormtrooper helmet became a symbol of Star Wars, you see it and you already know what is it. As for this "new project", when I first saw it, I thought it's just some fancy motorcycle helmet...

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Revan_127 Mar 23 2015, 11:48am says:

Great news, looking forward to it. As for the titans for the Sith Empire, you could simply make a Harrower-class Dreadnought a normal top-of-the-line capital ship, and make the one with the "super-canon" as a titan (with an ability "Use the Main Canon" to destroy any capital ships with a single shot- we've seen in SWTOR that those super-lasers were capable of destroying literary entire fleets with a single shot). More than that, except the Harrower I, you could implement the Harrower II class ships as well, which had a much larger range than it's predecessor, but less anti-fighter armament, and MUCH less fighters (the one with no "hole" at the front- I believe that guys from ORAW have made it into their mod, with a GRATE model, so possibly you could ask them to use it, if you'd like).

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Revan_127 Mar 6 2015, 11:48am says:

I'm begging you, add it as a separate ship please, because the're both (Thranta & Zenith) AWESOME and INCREDIBLE!!! Please!

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Revan_127 Feb 24 2015, 12:24pm replied:

Great idea.

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Revan_127 Feb 24 2015, 12:21pm says:

Anyone knows where can I get the mod that causes dead bodies to stay forever on the battleground? And one that works with other mods (like Tharwn's Revenge;The Reckoning;Knights of The Old Empire; Etc.)? Or instructions on how to do it myself (easily I hope)? Cause I've downloaded like 15 of "Bodies_Stay_v1.00" but it always crashes on startup.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Revan_127 Feb 19 2015, 8:13am says:

Great improvement.

F***... I can't wait to start playing this!

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Revan_127 Feb 12 2015, 7:17am replied:

Agree completely!

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Revan_127 Jan 22 2015, 6:16am says:

Is the Hammerhead supposed to be powerful enough to destroy an Interdictor class cruiser, and 2 other cruisers, without taking any damage (not even dropping entire shields)? Because I'm quite certain that it shouldn't even stand a chance...

It's like an Acclamator class cruiser would be capable of destroying an Imperator Class Star Destroyer...

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Revan_127 Jan 14 2015, 5:47pm replied:

The GC seems to be working fine, although the SI is still very passive.

Help anyone?

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Revan_127 Jan 13 2015, 1:06am says:

Hello there, could anyone help me, because I've got a problem?

When in skirmish, the enemy AI is practically gone they do literary NOTHING, and all it takes for me to win is to destroy 1 unit (for example when I destroy 1 enemy starfighter I am victorious). I'll let you know how is it in GC as soon, as I'll get back home (have to go to school now).

Anyone can help?

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Revan_127 Jan 8 2015, 9:21am says:


Auxiliary High Command Maybe?

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Revan_127 Jan 1 2015, 2:07pm replied:

Oh, thx... XD

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Revan_127 Jan 1 2015, 1:15pm replied:

For over a year! But indeed I'm staring at my PC for like a few hours now, refreshing this page every 2 minutes, so that I can have it as soon as possible. :-D

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Revan_127 Jan 1 2015, 1:10pm says:

Oh, so when I'll destroy enemy ship, and there is another heavily damaged ship near it, that, I'm about to destroy, suddenly it will regain hp and be able to fight with bonuses...

That's seriously not cool, especially if you want to play as The Empire and be good (not evil)... You need to make sure it's balanced VERY well, I'm afraid.

On the other hand... destroying escape pods, filled with my enemies? [Demoniacal Laugh]

Will there be any reward for destroying enemy escape pods?

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Revan_127 Jan 1 2015, 1:00pm replied:


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Revan_127 Jan 1 2015, 10:25am replied:


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Revan_127 Dec 31 2014, 6:12pm says:

Happy New Year from Poland (Waiting for the release...XD)!

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Revan_127 Dec 22 2014, 6:00pm replied:

Your point I see, yes, hmm...

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Revan_127 Dec 21 2014, 6:17am replied:

Exactly, and I think it should be The Empire who has the most powerful armaments...

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Revan_127 Dec 19 2014, 11:17am replied:

Not exactly a puppet state. We were dependent on The French, when it comes to supplies, etc. but we had our very own independent government and armed forces. But because Napoleon (who is considered a hero, here in Poland) was the one that created the Duchy Of Warsaw in recognition of the service of our armed forces within French army (The Polish Legions), and gave us our freedom and independence back (at least for some time) we sworn ourselves to his service, and were the ones who stayed with him to the end, both through Russian campaign, the great retreat (during which the Polish Legions provided the rear guard, sacrificing many lives to save Napoleon, including one of our great military leaders).

As for what the Wikipedia has to say about that time:
The definitive end of the Polish Legions came with the conclusion of Napoleon's career and the abolition of the Duchy of Warsaw. The Duchy was occupied by Prussian and Russian troops following Napoleon's retreat from Russia. The Polish troops remained loyal to him until the bitter end, with Polish units holding their ground at his last battles at Leipzig (15–19 October 1813) and Hanau (30–31 October 1813), where they sustained major losses. The Legion was recreated at Sedan in early 1814, and fought at Soissons, Reims, Arcis-sur-Aube and St-Dizier.[6] After Napoleon's defeat in the War of the Sixth Coalition, when Napoleon was forced into exile on Elba, the only unit he was allowed to KEEP as guards were the Polish Lancers. While many Poles returned to the Polish territories, a unit of about 325 men under Colonel Golaszewski fought in Napoleon's final 1815 campaign, the "Hundred Days", participating in the Battle of Waterloo. After Napoleon's second and final defeat, some are said to have accompanied him to his exile on Saint Helena."

And of course if you'd like to study it even further, you can Google up the "Polish Legions" (Napoleonic Era).

Edit: Also I'm sorry for taking so much space. XD

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Revan_127 Dec 19 2014, 7:40am says:

A complete success. The most awesome mod for M&B and any other game. And for all of that, we have to thank the creators of this unbelievable accomplishment. It surely required countless hours of hard work. To all you L"Aigle team members: "We, who are going to play this mod forever, salute you!" and thank you for all your work, love and dedication to this incredible modification, or rather, a completely new game.

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Revan_127 Oct 30 2014, 4:15am replied:

That would be best possible solution. When it fires is severely slows down, shoots less, and maybe looses it's shields.

It would also give a tactical difficulty, because you'd have to think. You can use the super laser to destroy a capital ship, but if you do, your own will be at very risk for a shot amount of time, and all it takes is one proton torpedo in the shield generator, or super laser, and it becomes pretty useless, so I believe that if it'd be able to destoy 1 capital ship, every... 40-60 seconds for example it would be a powerful vessel, yes, but considering all the drawbacks after firing, and how easy it would be to destroy it after shooting, it wouldn't be overpowered at all in my opinion. Shame it looks so short though... Maybe make it little wider, so you can extend it to the front?

+2 votes   media: Anyone likes superlasers?
Revan_127 Oct 21 2014, 7:49pm replied:

Ok, maybe I did let the emotions get over me... a little...

But such people who say such things, make want to... well, they're ******* me off! Thinking that they know everything better than anyone else, and making comments like they think other people, and the world owes them for something! Well it doesn't!


+4 votes   media: Assuaging the Fears
Revan_127 Oct 21 2014, 7:48pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Assuaging the Fears
Revan_127 Oct 21 2014, 7:44pm replied:

Completely support that, and even if the're not trolls, then I say: You don't like it? Fuc* Off and do your own mod, see how long that lasts... Everyone are so smart "You're doing that wrong, and that, and that, and you're to slow, and something else, and even a child would make a better mod" Well then as I said... FUC* YOU and make you're own mod if you're so smart you ******* ***** *********** ******* damned stupid smartass ****** ******* ******* *****!!!

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Revan_127 Oct 15 2014, 10:30am says:


If someone would tell me it's the Episode 7 trailer, I would have believed it... REALLY!!! Great job! Especially the narrator!

+1 vote   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
Revan_127 Oct 13 2014, 3:31pm replied:

It looks like the Hover tanks from SWTOR...

Just smaller

+3 votes   media: Avalanche Tank
Revan_127 Sep 28 2014, 5:58am says:

I'd say Kuat, you know, because the most awesome and big ships of the Empire were built there. And because of the planet's loyalty to the Empire.

And the ships looks great, can't wait for the finished version, and other ships like it.

+1 vote   media: Predator class star destroyer
Revan_127 Sep 8 2014, 1:30pm replied:

I would personally suggest keeping the Victory then, this ship is too much Imperator-Class looking.

BTW, would there be a chance for an Enforcer-class picket cruiser or Vindicator-class heavy cruiser in the game? There are really not much of them in any mods, and it could very well fill the place of a cruiser that's both mobile, and has good/well armaments, AND do that with style (with that awesome, beautiful, and lovely flat bridge, that I admit to being in love in it). So, any chance? Please?

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Revan_127 Sep 3 2014, 9:31am replied:

no you don't I've bought a deluxe package and already completed Inquisitor, Warrior, Imperial Agent, Jedi Knight, and Republic Soldier, and I have a Bounty hunter in middle chapter 3, Jedi consular and smuggler at beginning of chapter 2.

And although true that I've bought also many other things in-game (like "permits" to unify color on gear, customize companions, have more equipment slots, etc.) but I've done that late into the game because I wanted the full-experience, but I could have (if I wanted) to stay without all that.

To play swotor enjoyably it takes less than 5$. And if you spend as much money like I did (about 80-100$) then you have a full-game, and you don't have only a couple (less than 3-6) things that you can't get without subscription.

As for the destroyer name, I would vote on the above "Kavar".

+1 vote   media: Unnamed Heavy Star Destroyer - WIP
Revan_127 Jul 29 2014, 6:55am says:

I don't want to be the one to ruin your day guys, but when I saw this the first time, and now read the description there was only 1 word in my mind: "Overpowered".

Imo, it will unbalance the game.

+1 vote   media: Light Mega Ion Pulse
Revan_127 Jun 25 2014, 2:37pm replied:

How damned stupid of them, how can anyone not put up his shields when passing through a massive field of asteroids?!

In my opinion, the Imperials in the films were shown as bunch of kids, who aren't capable of doing grocery shopping in the mornings, let alone fight a war, and it really ****** my off. But I'm getting of topic, this new system, will revolutionize the way FoC is played completely. Nice work, very nice.

+1 vote   media: Asteroids Teaser
Revan_127 May 10 2014, 4:51pm says:

It's good, but I think it'd better without the wings, it would look more "modern". If it's not a problem, could you make it without them, and give us the comparison? The two big guns could be on the bottom then.

+1 vote   media: MC-25 Starfighter
Revan_127 Mar 22 2014, 6:15am says:


+3 votes   media: Animated Collector Cruiser
Revan_127 Jan 25 2014, 3:28am replied:

Well I still don't like the idea that ships that have been build by one of the most powerful objects in the galactic history "are not the most powerful" ships... If the forge constructed them, then they should be better than anything else... And i'm not saying that they should be indestructable, but that it should thake at least 2 Imperator classes to take one of them down...

+1 vote   media: Harrower-III-class Star Destroyer Prototypes
Revan_127 Jan 25 2014, 2:19am says:

Besides you could make one ship more damage dealer (with heavy turbolasers, and fewer fighters 3-6 squadrons for example), and other one more carrier role (with medium, or light turbos, but with more fighters, 14-22 for example). It would make much more sense, and would improve the gameplay, because the players would be able to decide where they'll need more fighters, and where they'll need more serious firepower. That, and it's much better to have two diffrent "hero" ships, than two that are the same exept of the name.

I hope you'll take this under consideration, because it's really a good idea, I think.

+1 vote   media: Harrower-III-class Star Destroyer Prototypes
Revan_127 Jan 13 2014, 1:33pm says:

That's another GREAT idea Geronimo! I was always thinking, that the fact that all the weapons fire ideally in one spot is not wery realistic. On the other side I was thinksing, that if you would turn hardpoints off you won't be able to target things like Shields, engines, etc. but we know that it is possible (from the movies, and books for example).

So great work inventing this "Hybrid" (as Plejadenwolf named it).\

What is the hardpoint "above" hangar? Is it the tractor beam? If yes then I'd reccomend removing it (as targetable) because ships this size had far more than one of them, so destroying one shouldn't disable them all.

P.S. As always, sorry for any mistakes I might have made.

+3 votes   article: (un) targetable hardpoints
Revan_127 Jan 4 2014, 6:44am says:

That description is so... Cerberus. I like it. The picture too of course.

+2 votes   media: Fighting for your glory.
Revan_127 May 19 2013, 7:41am replied:

Oh really? Then look here:

Geronimo has a Thranta and I must say the best I've ever seen.

0 votes   media: Thranta/Wanderer
Revan_127 May 11 2013, 9:08pm says:

Besides look at the "head" of the ship! Thranta has a narrow head while the praetorian (with I think we see here) has a round head (like this one).

So i can say I'm shure it's the Praetorian frigate- it would match the size we see, and it is the only explenation of the round head of this ship.

This is NOT the Thranta cruiser, this is Praetorian frigate for shure. I suggest change the name LordVindican.

0 votes   media: Thranta/Wanderer
Revan_127 Feb 23 2013, 6:17am says:

is it just me, or this is Captain Rex?

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
Revan_127 Dec 20 2012, 5:24pm replied:

no, it was the same size, but i think it should be much bigger (I really love how that ship looks- especialy the Brige) so PLEASE make it as a 1000 meter ship at least...

I hope they'll do it quick, because tommorow is 21.XII.2012, so we don't have much time... XD

+1 vote   media: New Models
Revan_127 Jul 31 2012, 8:37am replied:

You may be right I'll tell you...

It would be cool...

+1 vote   media: More Expansion Units
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