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Renegatz Nov 11 2011, 9:39pm replied:

This is understandable. I suppose you have a large team but people 'rotate' in and out when they can, adding bits and pieces? Or if they have a holiday they can spend a few afernoons modding, or whatever. Either way, do you accept donations? I dislike being cynical in this way, but I think it would attract more people to work for this mod if you were to accept donations. I would happily contribute 10 bucks to this mod, particularly with the knowledge that it may help increase the speed of modding work.

Meh, even by the time I'm done writing this it doesn't sound realistic. I guess there isn't any easy way forward :/
Still, do you?

+3 votes   mod: Missing Information
Renegatz Nov 11 2011, 5:14pm replied:

Am I to understand that progress has been slow lately, that most of the team members have a job or are studying, that life HASN'T been fair and that maybe most, if not all members of the team want to devote at least some of their precious free time to doing things they personally enjoy, such as: Reading, sport, watching a movie, spending time with your girlfriend or friends+family, going on holiday etc.

Essentially, progress has been slow relative to the sheer mass of work ahead of you? One or some of your team members have taken a break or quit?

+4 votes   mod: Missing Information
Renegatz Nov 4 2011, 7:40pm says:

Absolutely wonderful.

+3 votes   media: Lost Alpha
Renegatz Nov 4 2011, 7:38pm says:

Nice! Very ominous. Question: Is that the same church used in the Clear Sky swamps?

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha
Renegatz Oct 13 2011, 9:13am replied:

May I ask why you are acting like this?

+4 votes   mod: Missing Information
Renegatz Oct 7 2011, 8:17pm says:

How did you guys sneak a camera into my top secret experimental rave? I had a buddy perform 'yabba my icing' remix on-stage and all...

+2 votes   media: [NOT INGAME]Zombie Party
Renegatz Oct 1 2011, 11:06am replied:

If you're impatient with Gabe Newell and Episode 3, how do you expect a small mod team already heavily invested in a massive undertaking to be able to - immediately after the release of TWO episodes - start work on another expansion which has little to do with what they were originally working on?

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
Renegatz Sep 3 2011, 2:44pm says:

Hello, hello!

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha Calendars - 2011 September
Renegatz Jul 5 2011, 7:06pm replied:

I tried to explain mods to some noob the other day and he thought I was trying to get him to cheat. He started getting all sweaty and paranoid too Oo eg. 'enough with all the hacking and stuff. I just wanna play the game'

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
Renegatz Jun 20 2011, 5:00pm says:

looks absolutely amazing, but then again, if so much attention is universally paid to detail, were probably gonna have to wait for like 3 years for episode 1 :(

+1 vote   media: MP7 Final Render
Renegatz May 19 2011, 12:32pm replied:

The game seemed too long, some of the enemies seemed boring to fight, the amount of weapons seemed superfluous seeing as they were often similar to one another and a few other reasons. For instance, If we would have had Hydras, most players would find them unconvincing and annoying to fight. Now that they're not here, however, we are all desperate to have them 'back' :). It's this irrational subconcious urge which makes us want all of this stuff 'back' and makes the beta world seem better than what we have now. Our imaginations make them better than they probably were or at least than they seemed to Valve.

Also, those of us who like this type of 'beta' mod are those who love immersion, lore and fantasy, and for example who don't mind having enemies which are only there to look great, and increase atmospheric intensity, rather than to be fought. Your average gamer has a low attention span, gets angry quickly and doesn't care about storyline and long dialogues as much as blasting everything in sight. That's why Valve focused more on gameplay and simplified the storyline, as well as making it less dark and moody. I don't blame them, but I'm still desperate to explore the world they left behind :)

+5 votes   mod: Missing Information
Renegatz May 19 2011, 12:23pm says:

Is that Aztec from Crysis? Lawl, what a useless character. Looks like he's smiling though :S

+2 votes   member: JonnyBoy0719
Renegatz May 7 2011, 6:44am says:

Loved it. Not super-innovative but everything was perfect. Even the VA, most SP mods' weakness, was excellent. I give it a 10!

+1 vote   mod: Precursor
Renegatz May 7 2011, 3:14am replied:

Hang on...So that means you have to restart? From scratch?

+1 vote   mod: Russian-Anon (HL2 Beta Mod)
Renegatz May 7 2011, 3:07am says:

Looks fantastic. Just a little question: Does this 'ordinary citizen' happen to have 100 Health Points and Armor Points? Not trying to nitpick, it would just kind of kill the immersion

+1 vote   mod: The Citizen
Renegatz May 7 2011, 3:03am replied:

They probably begin life as mobile beasties and then once they find a place to 'settle down' they become, well, barnacles.

+2 votes   mod: Half-Life 2: Forgotten Lands
Renegatz May 7 2011, 2:48am says:

Hmm, je vais suivre ce mod, mais je suis curieux: Est-ce que vous allez choisir l'univers du HL2 Beta, ou celui de la version finale? De plus, le joueur va-t'il incarner un rebelle lambda or sera t'il Freeman?

Désolé pour la grammaire je ne suis pas d'origine francophone, mais ce serait cool si vous pouviez élaborer un peu plus sur l'histoire de ce mod, qui a l'air fantastique :)

+2 votes   mod: City 17
Renegatz May 7 2011, 2:33am replied:

Absolutely. This is a good idea in theory but I don't think it will be able to be effectively caried out (I mean, what would you do without Alyx's voice for example?)

I'm more interested in the universe which existed before Gordon's arrival. He kind of 'shattered' the interesting status quo which existed in the maps he traverses. It would be nice to play as another hero as Otter suggests. I'm not aware of many other mods which do something like that, but maybe an idea along the lines of Spectator or Human Error but not necessarily from the POV of a CP officer.

+1 vote   mod: Half Life 2 : ResTime
Renegatz May 7 2011, 2:24am says:

Tracked. Love the idea. Hopefully you will find the help you need!

+1 vote   mod: Spectate
Renegatz May 5 2011, 3:30pm says:

10/10 Excellent mod. Very 'clean', didn't encounter many bugs. VA was pretty good, but you cant expect it to be Mass Effect quality. Gameplay was wonderful, loved all of the new features. Storyline was good but it didn't feature too heavily. Dialogue was funny and I liked the characters.

Minor criticisms: The gf looked exactly like an elf from Oblivion?
The 'switch X weapon for Y' reminder tabs really got annoying.

I didn't get stuck so the pacing was fine, the few puzzles weren't more of a hassle than with vanilla.

I wouldn't mind playing through more 'day to day' experiences as a CP, like raiding apartments, beating the hell out of civis, hunting down railroad refugees, attacking rebel camps/convoys etc...
What's more, is that you can use already existing maps and expand them for this idea.

+3 votes   mod: Human Error
Renegatz May 5 2011, 3:18pm replied:

that comment was disgusting

+1 vote   article: Human Error Released
Renegatz Apr 16 2011, 2:41pm says:

Just downloaded and played 1.6. As a 'beta within a beta' I find it very impressive. Thank you for working on resurrecting the different universe that was the old HL2. A couple questions: Do you plan on including the Combine Guard? Alot of people think it is too 'sci-fi' for HL, but I think it would fit in with this mod very well (and also, why wouldn't the Combine make Human synths?)

Also, will episode 1 be situated in the American (concept art, Rooftops + Skyscraper) setting or in the Eastern European one? (E3 2003 Strider battle and Terminal)? It seems as though you have chosen the former, but it would be great to know for sure.

Thank you all again.

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
Renegatz Apr 16 2011, 2:23pm says:

excellent stuff, only thing I could suggest would be black 'eyeholes' which would work better imo with the 'weeping' effect on his head and also look more sinister. Best of luck in all your future endeavours! :)

+1 vote   media: Cremator Final
Renegatz Feb 12 2011, 7:19pm says:

From now on I will no longer look at any pics, listen to any ost's (didn't listen to this one) or watch any vids. I'm also removing this page from my bookmarks. That way, the surprise will be beyond my wildest dreams :)

+5 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Renegatz Feb 5 2011, 11:02pm says:

It seems like the kind of thing they would either input from the first stalker or never include...It would probably be an awkward change, like suddenly having americans in the zone, but it could easily be done smoothly. I guess thats the whole '2' thing though, GSC is going to shake things up quite a bit.

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Renegatz Feb 4 2011, 5:57pm replied:

Yes, I second this. The AI can by default see you through walls, through bushes, and in the dark at extremely high ranges. They can also hear silenced gunfire. It would be immensely satisfying to be able to properly sneak into and out of bases properly.

+3 votes   media: Lost Alpha
Renegatz Feb 2 2011, 7:31am replied:

exactly. Theres nothing like the WTF moment when you first see an izlom...
The spookiness of 'what the hell was that? I don't even...' is awesome

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Renegatz Jan 27 2011, 1:17pm replied:

Hey, Yes. SoC was the best, in everything except graphics and gameplay, in which case CoP wins. I dont give a damn about graphics though as long as they are good enough to provide for the atmosphere, but the gameplay additions GSC have made over time are decent if you ask me. I know I will still buy Stalker 2 because there's still nothing quite like stalker, but I already know it wont be half as good as LA will be.

Its exactly the same situation for us Total War fans, except worse: The Creative Assembly keep on upping graphics and spewing out one game a year, without making any effort to make the game engine moddable (the TW series has a MASSIVE mod community, having won multiple best mod awards) which is just disgusting. As for CoD, I personally stopped at CoD 4, but its still a great game even if its not very sophisticated.

I completely agree with you in that the 'constant warfare' of CS killed off the atmosphere, the way there were people and music everywhere, most of the time just anonymous squads shooting each other. If only they could allow you to join factions but with a more calm version of faction warfare, just take some lads and do a raid or two...

Oh and btw, 'excellent mod(s)' is purposely linked to LA :) because it seems to be the closest thing to my perfect stalker universe.

+1 vote   member: Renegatz
Renegatz Jan 26 2011, 4:18pm replied:

I agree that SoC was the best Stalker, but I think GSC is improving: CS was their low point, whereas CoP takes some of the best parts of both (artifact hunting, NPC behaviour and interaction, armor/gun mods and repair, I could go on for quite a while) its main flaw being its insane brevity and lack of replay value...Yeah, SoC was definitely the one you could play again and again and still not be tired. I really hope that GSC wont go all CA on us and abandon the hard core of their fans so that more numerous and less interested people will buy their games...
For me, Stalker 2 will be GSC's big test, when they take a big step in either direction, profit or depth.
If the former occurs, at least we'll (fingers crossed) have LA :)

+4 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Renegatz Jan 22 2011, 10:22pm says:

Mercenary bartender, speaking from the shadows: "I said come in! Don't..."
Stalker: *Turns around and runs away screaming.*

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha
Renegatz Jun 22 2014, 5:34am says:

Very interesting read.

+3 votes   article: News Update #46: A Relic of Another Time
Renegatz May 4 2013, 1:18pm says:

This **** just keeps getting better and better.

+1 vote   media: Is that gun big enough?
Renegatz Apr 1 2013, 10:24am says:

That shotgun. I want that shotgun.

+6 votes   media: In-game
Renegatz Apr 1 2013, 10:18am says:

Would have freaked people out better if you did it with ponies :D

+10 votes   media: New Lost Story?
Renegatz Jun 2 2012, 8:32am says:

Alright! nothing that can make the player feel more involved than some nice views in-between firefights.

+1 vote   media: Panorama of the city[work in progress]
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