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ReiFan01 Mar 11 2014, 8:06am says:

This scenario is an nice idea, I like it! However, does this map support the TE 0.6 version regarding the new tech buildings like the tacitus archive?

+2 votes     download: 034 Ion Forest
ReiFan01 Feb 21 2014, 9:09am replied:

The zoom doesn´t work for me, onle the interface does ...

+2 votes     mod: C&C3 A New Experience
ReiFan01 Aug 12 2013, 1:19pm says:

ALL HAIL LELOUCH ... eeehm ... THA EMP´RAH!!!!

+2 votes     media: The Big E
ReiFan01 Jul 30 2013, 7:23am says:

Mikasa? :3

+3 votes     media: Valhallans
ReiFan01 Jul 25 2013, 3:41am says:

Hey guys,
I just donated a little something (financially it sucks to be a college student!) to give you visible respect and gratitude for your work!
You all put your private free time, creativity and life force (really?) into this great project all the DoW gamers enjoy very much.

Best regards and keep up the great work!

Marcus aka ReiFan01

+4 votes     article: Donations - List of Donators and Donate Button
ReiFan01 Jul 16 2013, 10:58am says:

Title please :3~

+2 votes     media: have some anime
ReiFan01 Jul 2 2013, 6:40am replied:

By the generous White Scars Chapter´s mobile brotherhood

+12 votes     media: have some 40k
ReiFan01 Jun 27 2013, 10:18am says:

Angry Chaos-Chan? >:3

-1 votes     media: have some pictures
ReiFan01 Jun 17 2013, 4:47am says:

We are the Champions my friend xD

+2 votes     media: Dance Steps for Space Hulk
ReiFan01 Feb 11 2013, 5:45am says:

Another suggestion:
Is it possible for you guys to scale the tanks/infantry/buildings according to TT-scales? The "Firestorm over Kaurava"-Mod team did this to all of their units and it would make your mod even more perfect ;)

+8 votes     media: Can you spot the new unit?
ReiFan01 Jan 28 2013, 4:45am says:

Looks great, any chance to get the Maulerfiend here, too? :)

+1 vote     media: Forgefiend.....
ReiFan01 Jan 28 2013, 4:44am says:

Looks fabulous, but tooo many guns on the side sponsons? oO

+1 vote     media: DOW UA Concept
ReiFan01 Jan 28 2013, 4:41am says:

Nice one, will you do the Baal variant, too? :3

+1 vote     media: DOW UA
ReiFan01 Jan 22 2013, 4:40am says:

Do I still see the Imperial Crux Terminatusses on their shoulder pads?
Would they really be approved by the Chaos Gods? ;)

+2 votes     media: FOK Chaos Terminator wip !
ReiFan01 Jan 22 2013, 4:38am says:

How about more spikes and/or other Chaotic signs on the rest of the armour? In my humble opinion they look too "untouched" by Chaos :)

+2 votes     media: FOK Chaos Terminator wip !
ReiFan01 Jan 21 2013, 10:46am says:

Any plans of modeling the melee-counterpart (Mauler Fiend), too? :3

+1 vote     media: ForgeFiend
ReiFan01 Jan 20 2013, 9:15am says:

Looks great so far, can you already tell if his counterpart, the Maulerfiend, will be added too?

+1 vote     media: Forge Fiend (By BoyChaos)
ReiFan01 Jan 14 2013, 9:39am says:

In the Apocalypse Campaign mission 2, I always get a critical error as soon as the Warp Storm´s arrival is announced.
Can anyone tell me if this is a big or did I just do something wrong?

+1 vote     article: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Updated 8/12/14
ReiFan01 Jan 6 2013, 6:24am says:

Can anyone tell me how or where to download this? ^^

+1 vote     media: AMV ▪ Spice and Wolf
ReiFan01 Dec 21 2012, 5:31am says:

You have to register a premium account to download this? HERESY! *initiating exterminatus*

+3 votes     article: Grand Release is Released!
ReiFan01 Dec 12 2012, 5:05pm says:

What mod is this? Looks delicious :3

+1 vote     media: The Brotherhood
ReiFan01 Sep 13 2012, 5:04am says:

What do I see here? oO

+1 vote     media: 40k random
ReiFan01 Jul 2 2012, 4:31am says:

Thy Emperor approves thou it shalt be ingame!

+2 votes     media: News from the Developer Tomb
ReiFan01 Jun 10 2012, 6:18am says:

The Lord of Change doesn´t seem to have the right model; I devoted my Chaos Boys to Tzeentch and summoned him with the Chaos Sorcerer, but a Bloodthirster appeared. The same happened when I tried this with a Tzeentch Icon Bearer and an Aspiring Champion.

Can anyone explain what could have gone wrong?

+1 vote     article: Second update for SS version of the Titanium Wars Mod
ReiFan01 May 31 2012, 6:09am says:

Fantastic news; keep up the great work!
I am bouncing in anticipation ^^

+5 votes     article: May News 2012
ReiFan01 May 25 2012, 3:05pm replied:

Okey, then it´s time to be patient and drink some tea ^^

+2 votes     mod: Kane's Wrath Reloaded
ReiFan01 May 25 2012, 10:29am says:

BMRT 1.3 can´t be downloaded from the gamefront-link, the file is not available.
Purple, can you reupload it please? :3

+4 votes     mod: Kane's Wrath Reloaded
ReiFan01 Mar 19 2012, 7:53am says:

What is the song playing in the installer? Love the implemented DoW-Sounds in it!

+2 votes     download: Black Templars Kaurava Crusade mod beta-4
ReiFan01 Mar 3 2012, 8:17am replied:

This made my day, thanks a lot mate :)

+1 vote     media: STOP! Hammertime!
ReiFan01 Mar 2 2012, 11:26am says:

Hammertime indeed, the Traitors and Xenos will run in fear!

by the way, seeing this sweety reminds me of another great tank...
Do you intend to impliment the Land Raider Terminus Ultra for the SMs?
Would be awesome :3

+4 votes     media: STOP! Hammertime!
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