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regularshowman Jan 3 2014, 5:07pm says:

I love this mod. It feels like one of the classic gems in the HL2 modding community, 8/10.

0 votes     mod: Half Life 2: Dawn
regularshowman Jan 3 2014, 5:03pm replied:

I would love it it people would actually start playing on servers so I could actually playh the damn thing like it should be!

+1 vote     mod: Action Halflife 2
regularshowman Dec 31 2013, 5:51pm says:

I can't move when I start!

+1 vote     mod: The Unknown Menace
regularshowman Dec 31 2013, 1:47pm says:

Where can I find the original mistake?

0 votes     mod: Mistake -1
regularshowman Dec 14 2013, 9:21am says:


+1 vote     media: Screenshots
regularshowman Dec 7 2013, 9:54am says:

I'm getting alot of missing textures and objects replaced with errors, how do I fix it?

+2 votes     mod: Grey
regularshowman Dec 4 2013, 10:10pm replied:

The problem with the game isn't that it isn't some stupid shooter. The problem is that the visuals are way too boring, even for something depressing, the game is way too short, and the plot is not expanded on enough to be interesting. The game traded entertainment for the bland art that's meant for art enthusiests.

+1 vote     mod: Dear Esther
regularshowman Dec 4 2013, 10:04pm replied:

In addition, to those who say that the mod is "beautiful" and isn't supposed to be full of action and the game is abstract, that's not m biggest problem. My problem is that it's missing entertainment and length, it could have been interesting if the story was expanded upon better and if the visuals were less boring and uninteresting. That's why I think "Dear Esther" is boring and overrated.

+2 votes     mod: Dear Esther
regularshowman Dec 4 2013, 9:53pm says:

My expectations for this game weren't too high, but I atleast expected something that wasn't so pertentious (if that's how you spell it) that it forgot to add entretainment. As for the so called "mystery to be uncovered" the game was way too short to actually get me interested into the story, it's just some weirdo rambling poetry to his dead wife on some bland island that does nothing to interest. This mod is what I call an "artistic fart". In other words, a game that's so artsy and pertentious that it just has this bland feel that trying to be so innovative that it forgets that video games are not templates for some weird form of art, but entrertainment and emmersion. And I feel neither emmersed nor entrertained by this mod. 2.5/10.0

+3 votes     mod: Dear Esther
regularshowman Nov 8 2013, 4:05pm says:

Anyone else think this mod is getting a little overrated?

-4 votes     mod: The Stanley Parable
regularshowman Jul 24 2013, 11:08am says:

Okay. I cannot get past the first part at the train for the life of me! Way too hard man!

+1 vote     mod: DAVTrain
regularshowman Jan 7 2013, 10:36pm says:

An incredible experience, haven't even beaten it yet!

+1 vote     mod: Portal: Prelude
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