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:ANCALAGON: Jul 31 2013, 7:04am says:

would love to see them in colour!

+2 votes   media: Numenorean City Buildings
:ANCALAGON: Jul 31 2013, 7:04am says:

finally some danger in the sea instead of wooden ships!!

+2 votes   media: Sea Serpent Concept Model I
:ANCALAGON: Jun 15 2013, 7:38pm says:

the egyptians!!!!

+4 votes   article: 0 A.D. Development Report #12
:ANCALAGON: May 6 2013, 10:20pm replied:

or corrupt them behind their backs like discord and the battalions attack each other

+1 vote   article: The March of Steel and Flesh
:ANCALAGON: May 6 2013, 7:00pm replied:

it could be used to escape when he's hurt or control an enemy battalion of a good faction for some time!!!!!

+1 vote   article: The March of Steel and Flesh
:ANCALAGON: May 2 2013, 11:37am says:

wow! love the units from the pit
and how about if sauron the deciever also got the form of annatar and so the enemy wont be able to attack him because of that!

+1 vote   article: The March of Steel and Flesh
:ANCALAGON: Apr 21 2013, 5:59pm says:

what are things with the white tops?

+1 vote   media: Evilman building
:ANCALAGON: Apr 20 2013, 11:58pm says:

it could shoot beams of light at enemies! frying them!!!

+1 vote   article: Tower of Light
:ANCALAGON: Apr 20 2013, 11:56pm says:

currently, this mod is the most interesting to me, with the Edain mod.

+1 vote   article: Angband Coming together
:ANCALAGON: Apr 20 2013, 4:20pm says:

so detailed, !!!!

+3 votes   media: Quick Update on the Elves !
:ANCALAGON: Apr 14 2013, 9:59pm replied:

count me in! im tracking this mod

+2 votes   article: The Horse Lords - Video 1 - Some Gameplay Features
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 5:57pm says:

cant wait for armenelos!

+5 votes   article: Post-Hiatus Progression
:ANCALAGON: Apr 6 2013, 9:21pm replied:

its a patch , so u can install the game earlier

+2 votes   download: Edain Mod 3.8.1
:ANCALAGON: Apr 6 2013, 9:17pm says:

so will the free build be cancelled:(

0 votes   media: Isengard Camp
:ANCALAGON: Apr 6 2013, 12:05am replied:

I totally agree

+1 vote   media: Ancalagon
:ANCALAGON: Apr 5 2013, 11:41pm says:

Cool, i didnt want the radagast the hatless, and i really like the idea of summoning fili and kili permanently with Thorin. I really hope you guys release a map of Dale and Erebor, The only changes would be to add the two big statues of Erebor and give dale an architecture like in the movie like the red tiled roofs and the beige bricks and add civilians. I was recently playing a map where I could take control of a city by just catching the signal fire and in Dale we could have a signal in the middle and whoever gets it gets the city and its inns and outposts. I really like this mod, its the best mod Ive ever played!

+4 votes   article: Late easter dwarves
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 4:11pm says:

cant wait!

+4 votes   mod: Westernesse
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 4:08pm says:


+1 vote   media: Armenelos WIP
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 2:12pm replied:

so am I

0 votes   mod: Edain Mod
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 2:09pm replied:

it was eomer that killed the rider on the mumakil

+3 votes   mod: Edain Mod
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 2:07pm says:

this mod is one of the best!

+2 votes   article: Isengard Faction Update
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 2:03pm says:

so glad RJ is still alive

+6 votes   download: Bodies Stay mod for RJ 1.06
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 12:54am says:

im so hoping you guys read this:

I justt watched the movie again...
and here are my thoughts on what could be changed and made better

for the mighty dwarves of erebor!, oh and dale:
erebor's entrance, the front and the statues and if u notice there is bridge(small) that leads to the doors. also there is terrace from where thorin and thrain see the dragon and when thorin sounds the alarm, u can see there are civilians in erebor and there are lights(lots) and bilbo also describes erebor as a "fortress city". and there could be a walkway that leads to the throne of erebor with the arkenstone embedded in the throne that has a column of rock with gold on top of it.

NOW to Dale:
the city is on higher ground( a hill) and there is a scene where u could see that there is a domed building on top. Dale has walls and bridge that leads to its gate and also a river outside the walls. for the walls you could just recolor the minas tirith walls or the castle walls to the yellowish colour. the gate has tuscan architecture with red tiles and so does all of the city. plz add civilians too

thranduil should also ride his deer
Rivendell: it should be remade into an awesome map like it is in the movie with the waterfalls and the awesome buildings(plz make to as accurate as u can)

azog should be bigger than a regular orc and be able to ride his white warg.

for everything else, u guys just took the words out of my mouth and made it all real, especially gandalf and the dwarves! thanks for the best mod ever!!!

+8 votes   article: Late easter dwarves
:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013, 12:38am replied:

why cant people like you see that it was basically made for people in germany, austria etc because maybe they didnt know this mod was gonna get sooo famous like it is. And it did and it rocks so thats why they spent soooo much of their time which they couldve spent on other things like social life on a patch of english for people who speak english. SO BE GRATEFUL

+2 votes   mod: Edain Mod
:ANCALAGON: Apr 6 2013, 9:20pm replied:

aragorn is like the main character. If gandalf was taken out, that would be bad too because they are the main characters!

-1 votes   mod: Edain Mod
:ANCALAGON: Apr 6 2013, 12:27am says:

I have always thought a gate was necessary but because its you guys Il try this with enthusiasm

+1 vote   media: Imladris Changes
:ANCALAGON: Apr 6 2013, 12:25am says:

reminds me this fine piece of art should be able to ride his rabbits

+3 votes   media: Radagast
:ANCALAGON: Apr 6 2013, 12:08am says:

It should shoot beams at enemys and turn them to ashes

+2 votes   media: Tower of Light
:ANCALAGON: Apr 6 2013, 12:03am replied:

well i hope this CATAPULT IS THE GREATEST seige in the game if its 25 sp

+2 votes   mod: The War of the Valar
:ANCALAGON: Apr 5 2013, 11:44pm says:

Cant wait, always wanted to experience Morgoth and his dragons!

+3 votes   mod: The War of the Valar
:ANCALAGON: Mar 31 2013, 1:11am replied:

so in cities like minas or helms, you would already have slots?

+1 vote   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Camps and Imladris stuff
:ANCALAGON: Mar 27 2013, 10:51pm says:

hope ancalagon and glaurung are in the next version!

-3 votes   mod: Edain Mod
:ANCALAGON: Mar 25 2013, 11:42am replied:

well its ok if it was 5 levels but imo think the white palace at the top should be our fortress because it makes you feel more connected to the movie

+1 vote   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Camps and Imladris stuff
:ANCALAGON: Mar 24 2013, 5:18pm replied:

like the spots in the images above should be in minas tirith

+1 vote   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Camps and Imladris stuff
:ANCALAGON: Mar 24 2013, 5:14pm says:

there should also be another rivendell like the one in the hobbit, where the bridge is thin not thick and it should have better defense as it is hard for my archers to shoot on the waterfall bridges

+1 vote   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Camps and Imladris stuff
:ANCALAGON: Mar 24 2013, 5:12pm says:

You guys should make another Minas Tirith, like the original in the movie,
it should have a round gate like amon sul and have 7 levels all should be usable, the fortress should be the white palace on top and it should already have buildings on all levels and there should be spots, like square plots where u could build barracks and stables and stuff and the trebuchets of minas should be unique as they should throw the ruins like in the movie and there should be gates to access levels so the enemy would have to take 1 level by one. I suggest this because I hope it could be like the Dol Amroth map you guys made which is my favourite.

+2 votes   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Camps and Imladris stuff
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