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reeke Feb 5 2015, 11:45am replied:

It's not dead. On the right hand side click the link to their "official page", it's a forum.

From what I've gathered they're pretty much done on the art side of things, it's the boring scripting work that needs finished but of course there's not much they can show in terms of that.

Hold tight, it will come. (and hopefully an AoE2:HD compatible version, hint hint devs ;) )

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reeke Feb 2 2014, 12:51pm replied:

They said there would be an HD version when I asked a few months back, but there was no mention of how long it would take to port it over.

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reeke Jul 26 2013, 8:02am says:

Couple of questions: -

-Was there a specific reason behind not having dwarves as a playable faction? (their small unit size making the art difficult to display well maybe?)
-The AI, is it like the standard AOE2 AI that "cheats" and gets extra resources given to them, or does it provide a challenge while not cheating like some custom AI's?

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reeke Jul 18 2013, 9:22am replied:

Great! do you think it will be able to work via the steam workshop, due to how much it changes the game?

I'm fine with it being a manual download if it needs to be, but I'm sure it would get you guys a much bigger player base if it was available on the workshop.

Cheers for the reply :]

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reeke Jul 15 2013, 11:38am replied:

This is the first time in years that I've signed into moddb - just to ask this very question.

I've just got the HD version, after not playing the original in about 12 years... wondered if there was a LOTR mod and this was the first thing that showed up on google :]

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reeke Feb 8 2007, 2:45pm says:

need more of these ^_^

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reeke Feb 8 2007, 8:49am says:

cool stuff. get more of these going!

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reeke Feb 2 2007, 4:03pm says:

Not going to say to much for now, but the medic will be a very useful class. It will be able to heal both health and armour on the player, will have an anti-air unit attack, as well as a couple of other nify abilities. just wait and see. :)

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reeke Jan 13 2007, 8:36am says:

patch released, check the sit

+1 vote   news: Insects Infestation 1.0 Full Setup!
reeke Jan 11 2007, 9:40am says:

and its an alpha release, not beta ^_^

+1 vote   news: Insects Infestation Server 1.0 for Linux and Windows are now available!
reeke Jan 10 2007, 7:02am says:

"Really nice video,i like the deadcow map the most .I noticed that there weren't any wasps,does that mean that you guys won't be adding them?Or is it that you couldn't get the wasps in for beta1?"

This first release is an alpha. the Wasp team is no longer in the mod, and will be replaced by an "alliance" team (insects from different species joined together to take on the ants and termites).

This is purely for ballance reasons. a full team of wasps would simply be to powerfull. Although, a wasp will still fill the role of the flying unit within the alliance :)

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reeke Oct 14 2006, 10:07am says:

forgot to say that tutorial was on how to get the weapons in-game - not how to model/skin them. thats the easy bit ^_^

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reeke Oct 14 2006, 10:05am says:

due to starting uni it's hard to find time to do my normal mod work for insects-infestation, nevermind write tutorials :(

They really do need one though, the only one i found (on the oblivion wiki) was out of date at the time i used it, had to figure a good bit of it out myself.

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reeke Oct 9 2006, 9:41pm says:

haha, editors choice award! xD

Thanks guys!

I'm going to upload my first oblivion weapon aswell, but sadly i cant give out my latest two :(
I'm very proud of them, and i've contributed them to the creator of the OOO mod so they should make an appear in a version of that some day :). You can see some in-game and render shots of them on my site, though.

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reeke Oct 2 2006, 1:10pm says:

great skin on the green thing

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reeke Sep 25 2006, 3:54am says:

orange juice for me

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reeke Aug 31 2006, 9:31pm says:

this shot was takin during an animation sequence for the bite. normally they are at the side of the screen.

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reeke Aug 14 2006, 6:09am says:

read the update on the front page of our website to find out.

+1 vote   media: ant worker sensor ability
reeke Aug 10 2006, 8:28pm says:

great video!

my only gripe is with the animations, they seemed a bit clunky, not very natural.

+1 vote   news: Iron Grip: The Oppression official Trailer released!
reeke Aug 12 2006, 7:17am says:

Actually, are team is tiny, 3 man team!

ignore the team page on our website(and pretty much every other page), it hasnt been updated in yonks!

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reeke Aug 3 2006, 3:24pm says:

an update is on its way soon.

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reeke Jul 2 2006, 11:07am says:

dispgen ftw

+1 vote   news: Empires V1.06 Released
reeke Jun 13 2006, 12:02pm says:

What weedwacker said is partially true.

modelling isnt slow, its just that all of the player models are already made ;). Its only a few view models needing to be done for first release.

As for maps i am the only mapper, but im also working on all of the prop modells, creating every texture in the game, working on the last remaining player-made structure models and skinning them, as well as all the other un-skinned models, so im sort of all over the place atm :)

+1 vote   mod: Insects Infestation
reeke Jun 3 2006, 9:40am says:

i just seen the movie yesterday and thought it would be perfect for a mod to be based on!

On all honesty this type of mod shouldnt be hard to make. good luck, hope to see some media soon :)

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reeke Apr 30 2006, 6:27pm says:

Dont worry, II WILL be released, and with many an update after that ;)

We just have a small dedicated core team, so it can take a while to build up a nice media release :)

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reeke Apr 29 2006, 5:59am says:

wasps will not be in the first release.

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reeke Apr 27 2006, 6:41pm says:

Site + forum back up.

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reeke Apr 24 2006, 3:40pm says:

while the site it down, you can view all 20 of the new pics in our image gallery

+1 vote   news: Media Update!
reeke Apr 24 2006, 3:39pm says:

while our site is down, you can view all of the 20 new screenshots in our image gallery

+1 vote   mod: Insects Infestation
reeke Apr 24 2006, 2:44pm says:

Sorry the new shots are down - filefront servers went down for maintenance just a few hours after we posted the news. if you havent seen the 20 new shots, check our site again in one or two days - hopfully it will be back up soon.

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