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Wilson Chronicles

Mod review

I stopped playing this mod in chapter IV deciding to continue the game when it's completely finished.

This game tries hard to be like a classic HL-mod. I've to admit to be used to modern games which usually have the habit to tell the player what to do, so I needed some time to set back on the classic HL styled mod scheme: The player - Major badass D. Wilson - is thrown with no to little backstory in the midst of the Resonance Cascade chaos of Black Mesa as another point of view with no instructions what to do. This works with the classic HL-mods, where the player has to figure out what to to, usually supported by the simple level geometry.

The leveldesign is ok, with a lot of attention to details (fire prevention!), somewhat Black Mesa styled mixed up with own ideas and resources.

The audio: Considered this is a beta, missing voice actors seems to be an issues. Overall the characters seems to be quiet, absent and interaction isn't noticeable at all (like the quicksave). I lost my security guard somewhere in the elevator.

I've had some issues with the weapons: Valve isn't known to replicate exact weaponbehavior int their games, but why doesn't the 9mm Glock and the 9mm MP5 (which sounds like an AK) share the same ammo-pool? The weapons trying hard to sound pretty beefy, but the feedback feels kinds stale. The out of sync sounds and animations are quite annoying as well the slow switch to the ironsights/crosshairs.

Enemies and AI are mediocre balanced, some (like the marines in BM) feel pretty overpowered compared to HL, some just got stuck or faced to the opposite direction without noticing the player at all - which is unfamiliar in source-engine games.

The game has an - understandable - unfinished feeling and I'm not sure where to put the inconsistent art style, which is kinda mixed up, so I'll try it again when it's polished.



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Brutal Half-Life

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This just is a pure package of love:
When Gordon kicks his way through Black Mesa again; sewered limbs, perforated bodies, half-dead soldiers and aliens whimpering in pools of their own blood are marking his way...
All those small details like smoking barrels, shells, automatic gun fire in the distance, blood and limbs everywhere - even still beating hearts - this mod turns the journey of the protagonist into a bloody macabre crusade; a bit like the early S-Mod. Everything kept in the old, low-def style to blend into the original game perfectly.


Spherical Nightmares

Mod review


Mod review

From a mappers perspective, this mod has such an incredible level of detail and tons of scripted events, which the author even managed to accomplish without any additional coding or use of the 'Spirit'-mod.

Fresh and new design blends well into the classic HL style, with additional - quite cheesy - custom dialogue!

The only thing that bugged me was the elevator, connecting the surface, service and the AM-spectrometer-lab, moving provokingly slow and trapping the player with the classic HL-bug on arrival.

Anyway, the author deserves a medal for this one-man-project, especially for the outro!


Black Mesa

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Mission Improbable

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