Not much to say really. I browse this site pretty regularly so I thought id go ahead and make myself an account to give my thoughts on some of the ambitious modding projects going on. I spent some time writing backstory for the Bentusi Rebirth mod for homeworld 2, but the creator hasn't showed much progress beyond the concept stage. I am a long-time fan of the homeworld series and have played all three games many times.

If you require someone with some writing talent and artistic creativity, feel free to PM me.

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I have decided to leave the Bentusi Rebirth team due to the original creator's inability and unwillingness to continue working on the mod. Here is an example of part of the storyline I wrote for Bentusi Rebirth, please let me know your thoughts or comments on the story that could have been a part of a fantastic mod:

The Great Exodus

The Bentusi fled the galaxy during the brief conflict between Kiith Somtaaw and the Beast virus, and the last ship they left in the galaxy, the Harbourship of Bentus, was destroyed. Without the Bentusi to guide them, the younger races of the galaxy have begun to isolate themselves from each other, and the Galactic Council has had little progress attempting to improve the situation. With Sajuuk and the eye of Aarran under Hiigaran control, the Hiigarans have quickly become one of the strongest superpowers in the galaxy and act as a major contributor to the Galactic Council's peacekeeping forces.

Though saddened by the dissapearance of the Bentusi, who helped to reclaim their homeworld, The Hiigarans believe that one day the great Bentusi will return to the galaxy and usher in a new era of prosperity.

The Return of the Pariah

Though unknown to the younger races, the Beast did not evolve naturally. It is a living weapon created to destroy the Bentusi by an ancient and mysterious enemy. After the final battle against Makaan's forces to save Hiigara, Hiigaran researchers began to examine the remains of the planet-killer ships utilized by the Vaygr invaders. The planet-killers were unlike any design ever seen by the Hiigarans but the technology resembled closely that of the Bentusi. Some leaders in the Hiigaran Daimid have even begun to wonder if the planet-killer weapons were granted to Makaan by another advanced race directing the Vaygr behind the scenes. Another disturbing revelation is the sighting of similar craft on a smaller scale attacking mining colonies on the edge of Taiidan Republic space, vanishing without a trace when Taiidan military forces arrive at the scene.

The Siege of Arth'an Tel

Arth'an Tel - Taiidan Republic Border World

"By Sajuuk! we have hundreds of hyperspace contacts arriving in orbit over the planet.. our attempts at communication have been met with radio silence.... Taiidan reinforcments are being blocked by some sort of gravity well.."

-Taiidan Pilot's last words.

"All heavy cruisers move in and attempt to draw enemy fire away from the planet's surface."
"Admiral, we are getting a response from the lead enemy ship"

"Insects... we are the Tiamat... known to the Bentusi as pariah... but now they are the outcasts..sent into exile.. and now no one shall stand in our way."

-The Arth'an Tel flagship makes first contact with the Pariah

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