Well i am getting kinda old for this stuff.. But i love games and when i have time i like to try new games . I try to be friendly and have fun ,But people cheating and hacking have made that very hard over the last couple years so iv dropped out for a long time , But i miss it something , And will give it a try one more time , I Am a CDL A driver, and live alone but i do have lots of friends and one woman that will not leave me alone lol, got to be a man some times lol ok ill be putting up pics and some video soon . Have fun and talk to me .. later all Updated as of 2-12-2012 Hi yes i am still alive:) love you all very much hope ome one drops me a line from the old trueCombat days Q3 was lots of fun.. back in the days I was a big shot...lol later .... your old friend joezop...love joezop AKA Redrum

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