Hey, I'm an aspiring mod and film-maker. I draw a lot of my film inspiration from Stanley Kubrick, Hideo Kojima, Quentin Tarintino, and Sergio Leonne. I'm also an extremely avid gamer and an obsessive lorefiend for games like Fallout and Mass Effect.

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So with the "suprising" announcement of Call of Duty Black Ops II I've seen a lot of discussion about Treyarch's decision to move the game's setting into the future and how COD's story's suck and just hate mongering in general towards the series. What with it being almost 1 am and my judgement being impaired from lack of sleep I thought I'd rant for a little. I just don't really understand why so many people hate a game like COD for seemingly no other reason than it's popular. You can say all you like it's because the games are all the same or the story sucks or whatever but regardless of that fact they sell. The fact that they sell shows that they have to be doing something right, this "something right" is that they're fun in the right setting. If you can enjoy any form of fps then the likelihood is that you have fun playing Call of Duty. Regardless of story, graphics, or even originality what really makes anyone play a game is how much fun it is. It is the fun factor that makes COD sell same way it makes Minecraft and Skyrim sell. When you strip games down to this basic level of fun you begin to realize that there's really no point in whining about how you've played the same game four times when you had fun each time. If you don't have fun playing a game then you just return it and don't purchase the sequel just please keep your whining off of the internet don't try to convince us that you hate a game for something as superficial as story or engine just stop making noise and go find a game that you actually enjoy.

To my kind a dutiful followers you have just been educated.
Yours truly,


Redgirraffe Blog

Well when I was a young lad I discovered the internet and all of the amazing and horrifying things it contained. Upon discovering this newfangled invention I was astounded by mods and the idea that one could take a pre-existing game and all of resources and change or rearrange them into something completely different so I just had to try my hand at it. Long story short I sucked horribly at it but did discover a knack for writing stories, creating worlds, making characters, and coming up with ideas in general. So I can't physically make the mod but I damn well can make the stuff that doesn't go into the computer such as plot, quests, dialogue, missions, etc... Oh also I do a lot of film work so I do have experience with producing, planing, and making cinematography which can be translated into cut scenes as long as someone can animate! I'm also an amateur voice actor too!!

Ummmm... Yeah thats pretty much it .... I guess so yeah..... how 'bout the weather pretty crazy right?

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