In real life, I use AutoCad to design granite & marble furniture products. In the summer of 2005 I stumbled into taking over my favorite Q3 mod (Western Quake 3) when development by the original team ceased & the website was about to expire. This game is a team effort built on a foundation created by Iron Claw Interactive. Several coders, level designers & a website developer from all over the world joined my efforts. (The team members hail from Germany, Norway, France, USA, & are all great guys!) I managed to learn level design so that I could be useful beyond the scope of a public relations person & I picked up a few other game related skills along the way. After several years of making improvements to WQ3, we released a Stand Alone version known as "Smokin' Guns" on January 1st 2009. Development continues & a very meaty version 1.1 should be available soon.

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ReD_NeCKersoN Jul 28 2008 replied:

Howdy RunKidRun! If you click on the "videos" button near the top of this page, there's a short description next to the vid. ;)

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ReD_NeCKersoN Jul 23 2008 replied:

Yes, bots are included but they aren't very bright. They aren't much more than target practice in most of the levels. Setting them to maximum skill makes their aim deadly though. But they could use some better AI for sure.

WQ3 doesn't have a big player base at the moment, but we hope to change that with the release of the SA. Even now, the chances of meeting live players on the servers isn't too bad. A lot of the veteran players watch server activity closely & join when they see people on.

You only see the legs of your player when you are looking down. However, you don't have to look down as far when you are crouched to see them. Sort of true to real life. Some people like this feature of the game & some don't.

Thank you very much for your feedback! :)

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ReD_NeCKersoN Jul 21 2008 replied:

Thanks for the nice comment Snarboo. We don't get very many. You brightened my day for sure. :)

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ReD_NeCKersoN Jun 10 2008 replied:

This game does sort of have a "cartoonish" look to it. But that's one of the things I've always liked about it. :)

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ReD_NeCKersoN Mar 11 2008 says:

Hola amigo! :)

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ReD_NeCKersoN Mar 11 2008 replied:

Good to see you here Pardner! :D

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ReD_NeCKersoN Feb 24 2008 says:

Sorry for the trouble guys. Website is back up now. Thanks for visiting here. :)

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ReD_NeCKersoN Feb 17 2008 says:

If you try WQ3 you NEED this map pack. All of the current servers host these maps.

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ReD_NeCKersoN Jan 16 2008 says:

Hi Kai-Li, I can't really say when the standalone will be ready. :( We have a few important items left to finish before I can give a good guess. But I can say that once these things are completed, progress should move very quickly. However, I am hopeful we can have a test version in a month or so.

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ReD_NeCKersoN Jan 15 2008 replied:

Nice to see someone is taking the time to comment. :)
I've neglected moddb in the past. I'll try to be more active here now.

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ReD_NeCKersoN Dec 10 2006 says:

Many bug fixes, improved code & new maps. Works with IoQ3. Yes, this mod is alive & active. The next release will include a Stand-Alone executable. Visit for details & download links. A list of current servers can be seen at

Click links for screenshots of new maps.
SantaFe Express
Coyote Bluff
Hange'm High
Greenhill Lake

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