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Pripyat Reborn

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Once stuff like extra mutant spawns, variant outfits, helmet hud, SHoC and CS maps and some other tweaks are added this could end up being the best STALKER mod yet. :)



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Great ideas and very interesting concepts but flawed execution. This game goes from awing me with all the new items and the new repair system and actually making SEVA suits and armored suits completely distinct from one another to causing me to pull out my hair in frustration at the many bugs that should have been caught by the beta testers. Very simple stuff like weapons and armor causing CTDs when you upgrade and/or equip them. Were they using the same testers that Bethesda and Obsidian use? At the very least I hope that the author/s chews them out for missing such obvious stuff that I and others found out during the course of normal gameplay literally withing hours of launch.

That being said I cannot wait till the bugs are squashed as I see alot of potential in this mod but as of now its a somewhat lackluster release.

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