Who am I, this mysterious creature called "Zak?" Who made me? Where did I come from? No doubt these questions have plagued you for quite a while! Or else you just got bored with all the other stuff on the internet and are just killing time now! No matter! I have an astounding display of my History, information and other things that I couldn't fit anywhere else, right here, just for you! Start reading! Ahem. Zak F Noir is the self-appointed leader of everyone, despite being about as mentally stable as a Turtle with a lot of caffeine and drugs in its system. Zak has gone through a number of evolutions over the years, the mass of which are too dumb to mention, although it should give you an idea of the scope of the changes when I tell you that, at the beginning, Zak was cute enough to give pikachu a run for his money. Like most humans, Zak is vaguely on the side of good. While it has put world into grim jeopardy a few times, it's always subsequently saved it, albeit begrudgingly.

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Razura @ The Mortewood Plaza - Hunting Rifle

Wow, lovin the scope reflection!

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Razura @ 1187 news update june

D: too dark! i can't see anything! maybe flashlights are in order?

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Razura @ Gibs

Hmm, is it possible to create npc's that lose body parts and survuve, i mean say you have a zombie abmling towards you, can you make it so if you slice its arm off with a katana or something, it will lose the arm but survuve?

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Razura @ Podcast Upate #3

Whilst its another good podcast, the only shame is the poor quality, all i can hear from dec is cutting sounds untill a bit into the podcast. :/.
However, Gibs, nice one!

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Razura @ The Mortewood Plaza - Remote Control Planes!!

..Xbox? you should make it so you press the button, and a red ring of death comes on and you throw it and it explodes discs taht stick in walls :P nah nevermind thats a silly idea hehe, but loving the weapons and general concepts, you are actually my mod-god now! keep up the good work, and dont stop, or i will knock you out, open you up, and put the end of your digestive tract in your throat so that you can't help but talk a load of crap. :D

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Razura @ The Development Project

Haha. When my phone went off in the podcast when i was listening to this i grabbed my real life phone and said 'Hello?' ¬_¬ i'm such a fool.

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