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Rayman51 Mar 2 2012, 1:27pm says:

lo, i knew this mod would come out some day XD now, let's just give those zombies their new diet, especialy made of lead :3

+1 vote   mod: Rainbow Six: Zombies
Rayman51 Mar 2 2012, 1:20pm says:

in only one minute of pre-alpha gameplay, you got me XD i'm really looking forward to see how this game will go :3

+1 vote   game: Vector Thrust
Rayman51 Feb 14 2012, 7:05am says:

I know most of you think it may looks like team fortress 2 ; but for me, it look more like a tribute to XIII: the game XD you may want to know what am i talking about ^_^

+2 votes   media: Cel-shading style skins in Raven Shield
Rayman51 Feb 14 2012, 7:02am says:

nice ; but does the heartbeat sensor works ? if so, it could bring quite interesting way of playing (also , it free a slot for another gadget XD )

+1 vote   media: Mk14 EBR rifle ported into Rvs
Rayman51 Feb 11 2012, 1:57pm says:

this,THIS.... is the greatest thing i have ever seen in my life..... right after the release of postal 2....

+2 votes   media: And you asked for release?
Rayman51 Feb 9 2012, 12:39pm says:

sound quite interesting in fact... i's like to see where it will go ^_^

+2 votes   media: Beta 0.56, 2 player coop
Rayman51 Feb 5 2012, 10:21pm says:

little ones are always the cuter :3

+1 vote   media: Reduced zombies models
Rayman51 Jan 25 2012, 6:32am says:

mac on window..... MADNESS!!!!!!!!!! MADNESSS!!!!! QUICK!!!! TAKE THE BOW!!! it's time to aim some knee ....

+2 votes   media: Mac osx in windows 7, why?
Rayman51 Jan 25 2012, 6:29am says:

dear god!!!! this rabbit broke his knee!!!! also, i'd like to say that in this alpha, you did more for the ragdoll effect than almost .... all the game with ragdoll effect in the last 10 years (and i know what i'm talking about...)

+1 vote   media: Overgrowth a114 changes video
Rayman51 Jan 21 2012, 3:34am replied:

but, on the other hand, watching this screem make me want to play raven shield again X3

+1 vote   media: Zombie mode in Nuketown map
Rayman51 Jan 19 2012, 12:39am says:

how ironic i guess :3 zombies mod , on a black ops map remake XD

+1 vote   media: Zombie mode in Nuketown map
Rayman51 Jan 7 2012, 9:38am says:

ironically , i somehow remembered that the main bad guy in this episode was a nazi.... it's somehow sad and funny at the same time , don't you think ?

+4 votes   mod: Rainbow Six: Zombies
Rayman51 Jan 7 2012, 9:37am says:

i knew it was a good idea to follow this mod :3 raimbow six ain't dead X3

+1 vote   article: January 5 2012 update
Rayman51 Dec 19 2011, 4:28am says:

it's only a matter of time before they find me... or should i say ... let them find me :3

+1 vote   media: They are coming, for you
Rayman51 Dec 5 2011, 9:57am says:

win.... this is pure WIN!

+1 vote   game: Nazi Zombies Portable
Rayman51 Nov 28 2011, 11:44am says:

not even have to listen ; i already know it will be awesome
exemple ? freedom fighter, hitman... what else?

+2 votes   media: Heroes & Generals Jesper Kyd Soundtrack Teaser
Rayman51 Nov 27 2011, 3:18am says:

so.... if i have a retail version of doom 3 , i can use some of the stuff there to train myself ?

ps: anyone know some good website to have a good start in this engine?

the preview image is awesome :3

+1 vote   download: id Tech 4 Source Code
Rayman51 Nov 23 2011, 1:10pm says:

i give credit to this kind of work ^_^ good luck finishing it :3

+1 vote   game: Multicraft
Rayman51 Nov 23 2011, 1:07pm says:

simple message to every impatient people : we still got some downloadable version for both pc and psp ... and you still can use their mapping starter kit if you want more map.... now : SHUT UP AND GET BACK TO WORK SLAVE!!!!!!

+5 votes   game: Nazi Zombies Portable
Rayman51 Nov 19 2011, 3:23pm replied:

this is why call of duty is made . to keep silent people like you who don't understand that game

+4 votes   game: Aliens vs. Predator 2
Rayman51 Nov 12 2011, 1:01pm says:

gotta try it, it's always good to try new games sometimes ^_^

+1 vote   article: Hitman veterans redefine the shooter genre again
Rayman51 Oct 23 2011, 5:53am says:

funny morrowind fact : i spent 20 hours before i saw that there was shortcut key for stuffs XD

+3 votes   game: Morrowind
Rayman51 Oct 21 2011, 12:52pm says:

duh, if it's come for halloween, this is going to be a nice joke XD

+1 vote   game: Nazi Zombies Portable
Rayman51 Oct 11 2011, 10:10am replied:

go on, make my day : grab an UDK, and go make a game ; i'd like to see how long you will take ^_^

+1 vote   game: Nazi Zombies Portable
Rayman51 Oct 11 2011, 10:01am says:

i'm quite impressed ^_^ even with the paid version on steam, you still offer support on the original mod ... i just can say one thing : thank you ^_^

+2 votes   mod: Killing Floor
Rayman51 Oct 11 2011, 4:33am says:

My portal is augmented .

ps: i couldn't resist XD

+3 votes   download: Deus Ex PortalGun
Rayman51 Sep 15 2011, 11:03am says:

I wonder how the "achievement" system will work.... :3

+1 vote   game: Nazi Zombies Portable
Rayman51 Sep 6 2011, 7:00am says:

a shame that you died just in front of the quick revive XD

+1 vote   media: updated endingscreen
Rayman51 Sep 6 2011, 6:52am says:


0 votes   media: Small detail
Rayman51 Sep 2 2011, 1:38pm says:

look awesome... :3

+5 votes   media: Improved NDU!
Rayman51 May 19 2013, 8:45pm says:

a toy quad...... you just got yourself a new customer.

+2 votes   media: Launch Screens
Rayman51 Apr 25 2013, 7:50am says:

ok, someone really need to tell me how wrc ended up here XD at the very least, i won't have to install it on steam, so that's a win !!!

+4 votes   game: WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship
Rayman51 Oct 24 2012, 7:30am says:

great!!! now we'll get to swim!!!! can't wait to beat the hell out of nessy :3

+1 vote   media: Underwater shaders!
Rayman51 Sep 10 2012, 8:32am says:

whalecome!!!! what are ya buyin'? what are ya sellin ? NOT ENOUGH CASH , stranger. hehehe , thank ya....
curse you, you evil shopkeeper!!! you just got me to remember a bad thing i wanted to forgot about Resident evil 4!!!!!
and now the sound designer... looks like your project is more watched than you expected :3 you just gave me another reason to throw my money at the screen (ain't gonna do that thought, i'm on my mom's comp....)

+2 votes   article: Shopkeepers!
Rayman51 Jul 9 2012, 12:31pm says:

it's dangerous to go outside ; here, take this assault rifle!!! (sound good to me :3 )

+1 vote   media: Hey I just met you
Rayman51 Jul 9 2012, 12:24pm says:

a Raven shield pic, in the Raven shield shield section.... SHIELDCEPTION
(this is so 2011..)

+1 vote   media: New Title For Rainbow Six 3
Rayman51 Jun 20 2012, 3:09am replied:

ho my, sorry for the late reply ^_^ you do not have to thank me; in fact I should be the one doing it :3 since you were doing a great job in your game , It was quite normal :3

+1 vote   member: Rayman51
Rayman51 Apr 25 2012, 12:18pm says:

interesting... I'd like to see where it will go ^^

+2 votes   game: Starchild
Rayman51 Apr 10 2012, 1:03pm says:

BUT i want my dual M249 !!!!

+1 vote   media: MOAR FIREPOWER!
Rayman51 Apr 9 2012, 2:28am replied:

well , i do hope there still will have a good difference with both of those tools of death :3 (like : crossbow got more critical, and the bow is faster ^_^)

+1 vote   article: Countryside sounds good, too!
Rayman51 Apr 8 2012, 5:26am says:

appart from melee weapons, what do you have in mind for the ranged ones (which also is important) ? killing undead with bow and crossbow looks fun, but will add more.... futuristic weapons? (like a musket)

+1 vote   article: Countryside sounds good, too!
Rayman51 Apr 5 2012, 8:22am says:

My eyes.... thye can't handle.. this.... too... much.... awesomess.... "gaaah"...

+2 votes   media: FOTONICA (pay what you want trailer)
Rayman51 Apr 1 2012, 11:34am says:

interesting indeed ... i'd like to see where it will go ;3

+4 votes   game: Green Adventures in Rio
Rayman51 Mar 13 2012, 8:08am replied:

oh... i didn't took that in mind... thank for replying anyway ^_^

+1 vote   article: Report 013: Cluster Bombs
Rayman51 Mar 10 2012, 7:33am says:

wait a sec... i thought cluster ammunition were prohibited after the 2010 cluster convention in dublin.... guess you got something in your mind in order to put them back in the game...

+2 votes   article: Report 013: Cluster Bombs
Rayman51 Aug 27 2011, 8:23am replied:


+3 votes   download: (outdated) Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.1
Rayman51 Jul 19 2011, 5:21am says:

all do we need now, is ZOMBIE !

+9 votes   media: Verruckt
Rayman51 Jun 27 2011, 10:01am says:

awesome :3

+1 vote   download: Deus Ex Machina - A Steampunkyish Mod
Rayman51 Oct 30 2010, 7:39am replied:

you must be very stupid XD steam wasn't even in gabe newell' brain when half-life was released XD (1998) i have the old half-life, so i know what i'm talking about :)

+11 votes   download: PARANOIA v 1.2
Rayman51 Sep 11 2010, 6:27am says:

does the third person view have an aim sight ?

+1 vote   download: JEEL SpecOps 3.1
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