I am Raygoza and keep contact with mod developers of mods I like, I like to help my offering suggestion and ideas. When it comes to modding I am not good at it, I am only able to change a few things in StarCraft and Homeworld 2.

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Raygoza Jun 2 2013, 1:34pm says:

Mix them up in bthe maps, they give some more variation and make it look more natural, how would you feel with trees looking the same?

+4 votes     media: Question: Old Emperor Parasols or the new ones?
Raygoza Jun 1 2013, 2:08am says:

This looks great, by the wya it looks kind of funny that the Vulture matches the Protoss colors.

+1 vote     media: Wirefram and Portrait Update.
Raygoza May 29 2013, 10:13am says:

About the Orbital Command and Planetary Fortress, if the turrets would be separated trough a 3d program wouldn't it be possible to make these buildings?
About the Orbital Command anyway there might be an other solution, if the whole building is dedicated to animate the moving roof of the Orbital Command then the SCV production lights could be added to it as an Overlay.

About the advanced laser attacks, are you guys sure that the engine is so limited that all those attacks are impossible to recreate?
The laser beams that is.

-1 votes     article: Important News and we need a programmer!
Raygoza May 29 2013, 3:50am says:

Seems like a great and hard feature to add.
I'm very confident that you'll succeed though

+2 votes     media: Smaller bounding boxes
Raygoza May 28 2013, 3:26pm replied:

That it will.

+1 vote     media: Model view
Raygoza May 28 2013, 9:25am says:

This is awesome, will this AI be restricted to this mod only by the way?

+1 vote     article: Operation Black Mesa DEV.BLOG: Advanced AI
Raygoza May 28 2013, 7:15am says:

Isn't this photo old?
In any case I'm glad that this is going to be fixed.

+1 vote     media: MUST
Raygoza May 27 2013, 3:38pm says:

Will there be an Enlish version at some point?
Even if without the audio in Enlish.

+1 vote     article: HunCraft Genocide installation
Raygoza May 27 2013, 3:37pm says:

Will there be an Enlisg version of this?

+2 votes     article: HunCraft Genocide new units
Raygoza May 27 2013, 1:47am says:

Yess the corrupted Prooss Guardians!!

+1 vote     media: probe and nexus
Raygoza May 26 2013, 6:58am says:

If turret is constructed, do you get 75% of it's cost back too.

+1 vote     media: Salvage
Raygoza May 24 2013, 4:53pm says:

I'm glad this works kind of like an own mod and not as a patch to the real complex downloads by the way.

+1 vote     download: Complex Enhanced 8.5.1
Raygoza May 24 2013, 1:00am says:

Amazing trailer

+1 vote     media: 12Th Massive Update trailer
Raygoza May 22 2013, 11:46am says:

Ah it's the infested bunker unit.

+1 vote     media: New unit: Infested Bunker
Raygoza May 22 2013, 8:13am says:


+1 vote     download: Shadow Of The Infestation released
Raygoza May 20 2013, 3:39pm says:

Looks good, circle shaped 1st suggestion with the grey background and a red circle for somone wanting red color, I think you've got the finished look of those icons.

+2 votes     media: Workbench, fixes and combos
Raygoza May 20 2013, 3:36pm says:

How many chapters are there actually in FarCry?

+1 vote     mod: FarCry 2010
Raygoza May 18 2013, 12:39pm says:

This weapon does look cool.

+1 vote     media: Orbital Weapon - Ion Cannon Strike
Raygoza May 17 2013, 3:48am replied:

You seem to be right considering that you can't see the shadow.

+1 vote     media: UI
Raygoza May 16 2013, 5:20pm says:

You seem to have been getting better, keep it up please.

+2 votes     article: Update After a Long Hiatus (Plus C23 Screens)
Raygoza May 15 2013, 8:11am says:

Is the Ghost really infesting the building in terms of SC?
Or does it only chnge the unit to an other unit like in the Revolution mod when switching addons between buildings?
In any case when capturing a Command Center, is it only one side that can do it?
Also the side capturing it will they get access to the SCV of the other faction and thus be able to build the other faction's stuff and do their research?

+1 vote     media: Dominion Ghost
Raygoza May 14 2013, 1:36am says:

I guess that big units in SC multiplayer should never be cloaked unless being in a cloaking field of some other unit.

+2 votes     media: Pirate Capital Ship testestest
Raygoza May 14 2013, 1:34am replied:

Nice to see that it has something like it's own yamato canon.

+2 votes     media: Pirate Capital Ship testestest
Raygoza May 13 2013, 3:40pm says:

Where does this ship come from?
Will teh Kel'Morians be the ones having it?

+2 votes     media: Pirate Capital Ship testestest
Raygoza May 13 2013, 1:36am says:

Looks very cool and this mod really seem like it's going to shine.

+1 vote     media: Gameplay Sneak Peek
Raygoza May 12 2013, 11:40am says:

Nice, 1.16.1 SC compatibility, reuse of previous version's icons is good for now, the mothership amount limit, please share that knowledge with the community.
If I may suggest some things I'd say start work on the races and not only the units and their balance, also it seems to be better having good looking well made units and buildings than just half good lucking and redo those later even if you'd have to use the old graphics as place holders for new graphics.

Also if some other mod has plugins or functions that you want/need ask to get them and credit the creator of such features.

By the way the Mothership is very pretty and well made, and it seems this will be a good mod in the end.

+1 vote     download: SC: MOD
Raygoza May 12 2013, 11:03am says:

I'm referring to the SC2 interfaces by the way.
Also the minimap could be change to display the contents in the way SC2 does it.
Also in the SC2 interfaces the buttons are tightly packed so nothing has to be pushed too far to the left, you could keep the menu button in the upper part of the portrait window and have the standard size of the portraits of SC1.

+1 vote     media: interface beta
Raygoza May 12 2013, 10:40am says:

Don't you think that it would be easier recreating the SC2 UI adapted for square shaped screens.
The nall you would need to do is rearrange the buttons, now without an actual zerg race you wouldn't need to worry about the zerg interface, both Terran and Protoss interfaces are pretty easy to modify to look good.

+1 vote     media: interface beta
Raygoza May 10 2013, 1:41am says:

This is amazingly beautiful.

+2 votes     media: Nice View...
Raygoza May 9 2013, 12:50pm says:

Those look great

+1 vote     media: Academy and Merc Compound Wirefram
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