I am Raygoza and keep contact with mod developers of mods I like, I like to help my offering suggestion and ideas. When it comes to modding I am not good at it, I am only able to change a few things in StarCraft and Homeworld 2.

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Raygoza Apr 1 2014, 5:21am says:

What will you do from now on?

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Raygoza Apr 1 2014, 5:17am says:

What do you think of the SC2 engine as a candidate?
If you haven't heard you can now load mods and maps from battle net.

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Raygoza Mar 31 2014, 8:30am says:

And if you decide to make the Protoss you could also split them in two factions, I suggest Khala and Void since this mod is about minor factions to be playable.
The Khala possibly Thal'darim do not accept the Dark Templars ways and thus are pure Khala.
The Dark templars do not say that wielding both energies is bad and thus could allow twilight units, they could also have their own High Templar with a bit different powers. Maybe add in Feedback, void would have Stalkers and maybe Oracle too.
Khala would have Dragoons and maybe the Replicant.

The choice is pretty much between going for brute force or tricks and abilities to beat the enemy.

I believe this would make your mod so much ritcher and quality is worth waiting for.

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Raygoza Mar 31 2014, 8:13am says:

I'm really sorry you have to go TheBest, but we can wait a lot longer for the Protoss if we need to, have you really decided to not make them?
If it's the lack of units to make a new race I know you guys are qualified to make it work by merging the races.

My idea is you start as common ground Terran, having research that decides which faction you will pick, once you choose the other buttons should be locked and according to the faction things will have that faction requirement (research) done.
This way the Terran factions can share buildings like Command Center, Barracks, Factory, Starport etc.

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Raygoza Mar 25 2014, 2:44am says:

I don't understand, you say the non demilitarized version is stronger and from the first war, later you say that it also has a CIWS too, so what does the demilitarized version have?

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Raygoza Mar 21 2014, 1:00pm says:

All I know is that Kadesh swarmers has less fuel compared to other race´s strike craft, could be solved by making the script check the fuel amount on swarmers more often in comparison with other strike craft.

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Raygoza Mar 21 2014, 12:52pm says:

That is a very good idea.
By the way when you get to the Karos Graveyard could you please allow people to salvage Derelict ships and make them work?

+1 vote   media: Testing debris for fighters
Raygoza Mar 14 2014, 9:52am says:

Do you mean the original background?

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Raygoza Mar 12 2014, 6:48pm says:

What does it mean?
Does it mean that what you are looking at will be seen clearer than objects and stuff around the currently watched object.

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Raygoza Mar 12 2014, 6:03pm says:

You are not TVE only pone fortunantly

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Raygoza Mar 12 2014, 1:41pm says:

I dont think he can get away with it legally.

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Raygoza Mar 10 2014, 1:44pm says:

What visual differences are there in desktop mode?

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Raygoza Mar 7 2014, 11:05am says:

In your case I guess you'll use the large portrait interface

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Raygoza Mar 1 2014, 3:00pm says:

No possession?

+3 votes   media: WAH Undead Units: Necromancer and Banshee
Raygoza Feb 27 2014, 11:16am says:

Looks very good.

+1 vote   media: Mission 01 Sneak Peaks
Raygoza Feb 25 2014, 11:02am says:

Can it be done to allow warpin en walkable ground toó?

+1 vote   media: Answer : YES
Raygoza Feb 24 2014, 3:36pm says:

A very good start hope it can be adapted to be working very much like in SC2.

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Raygoza Feb 19 2014, 11:31am says:

my computer screen res is 1600x900

+1 vote   download: Ground Control 1 resolution changer
Raygoza Feb 19 2014, 11:29am replied:

No what i get is that despite it suppose to run GC DC the game run the main ground control game only GC and no full screen :( that happen when I try to run DC with the shortcut...

+1 vote   download: Ground Control 1 resolution changer
Raygoza Feb 17 2014, 2:01pm replied:

ok, but let me know if you come up with something to fix this, the game deserve it ;)

I tried to fix this on my own but ended up to make ground control DC unable to run, I guess that I have to reinstall the DC epansion pack :(

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Raygoza Feb 15 2014, 4:21pm says:

Much coller now with dark blue with the dark purple.

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Raygoza Feb 11 2014, 10:36am says:

Finally somehing in a starcraft mod that doesn't feel like it's just built on the ground but in it, reminds me of ground control 1.
It is interesting as well to see where this is going.

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Raygoza Feb 9 2014, 6:28pm says:

Would be good if you were able to pick version for yourself.

+1 vote   media: Community Poll - Unique graphics or not ?
Raygoza Feb 4 2014, 11:04am says:

Could you upload an image to compare it with the old ones?
Do note that aphophis and Anubis have different ha'tak designs and could be a good idea to keep the round one even if you modify it to look more futuristic.

+1 vote   media: New Ha'tak model - WIP v2
Raygoza Feb 4 2014, 9:45am says:

I'm sure this will be fun because even on hard difficulty I get too many med kits vodka and rad meds.

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Raygoza Jan 31 2014, 8:01am replied:

And when it comes to the icons and hud screen like the maps and the units card, they stay small like in the picture.
Is it possible to make them bigger? It whould make the game alot more user friendly.

+1 vote   download: Ground Control 1 resolution changer
Raygoza Jan 29 2014, 1:11pm says:

Hey Voice, nice resolution fix, there is just one thing that bother me, I can´r run Ground control dark conspirety in full screen, but apart from that this does acctully work.

+1 vote   download: Ground Control 1 resolution changer
Raygoza Jan 29 2014, 9:12am says:

Maybe if you haven't compressed it you should and that might work.
You coulfd also host it on filefront or whatever these pages are called.

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Raygoza Jan 26 2014, 4:50pm says:

This rally reminds me of the resident evil 2 game and sino crisis.

+7 votes   media: This Game Contains
Raygoza Jan 26 2014, 11:38am says:

Eco demasiado retardado en mi opinion.
Supuestamente debes de oírlo fácilmente pero con este eco es difícil.

+1 vote   media: Protoss - Many effects (Español)
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