I am Raygoza and keep contact with mod developers of mods I like, I like to help my offering suggestion and ideas. When it comes to modding I am not good at it, I am only able to change a few things in StarCraft and Homeworld 2.

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Raygoza Jul 29 2014 says:

Would you mind sharing plugins with the modders of SC?
Helping other mods become better and you'd get credited for their use.

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Raygoza Jul 29 2014 says:

You could have both, you sill need to download a rar or zip to get the mod, inside you could have two versions of your mod, one with normal and one downgraded.

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Raygoza Jul 29 2014 replied:

When do you think the best time to play this game will be?
I mean after which update?

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Raygoza Jul 29 2014 says:

Looks interresting.

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Raygoza Jul 29 2014 says:

I don't know if it's viable but maybe some could be recruited to the resistance?

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Raygoza Jul 28 2014 says:

I think it's a good idea that the turret should be able to turn around and I also think that it's attack should take a moment before hitting the target but not track it, making it good vs buildings, slow units and still units like tanks in siege mode or Reavers.
The power of the turret should allow it to work as artillery meaning having much greater range than it can see, but it's not a Tempest but would do huge AoE explosive damage and coudl possibly have more range than a Tempest because it's a ground unit.

Maybe it could have smaller turrets serving as a normal weapon against practically anything but maybe not have much range, the big turret could be triggered by a spell much like Yamato Canon and not like Thor's special attack, this one is a one shot big explosion.
Maybe the UED should not be getting nukes for having this thing.

Kind of reminds me of the Hyperion in the campaign of SC2, the mission where Raynor gets saved the first time, the small turrets named batteries shot down most things, just liek teh Battlecruiser the special weapon is very powerful.

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Raygoza Jul 27 2014 says:

It looks good but I think it looks too stiff, gun recoil should be compensated with the whole body and the turret, the guns in the back that is.
Just a personal opinion but I understand that this is work in progress

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Raygoza Jul 27 2014 says:

Very good, but sure that Kushan need to research hyperspace for balance between the races?
I think their ships maybe should be more expensive and or have longer production time because they already come with hyperspace capabilities and have no use of production modules.

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Raygoza Jul 20 2014 says:


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Raygoza Jul 3 2014 says:

Does that mean a release soon?

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Raygoza Jul 2 2014 says:

Will the Rebirth mod be played like complex?

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Raygoza Jun 27 2014 replied:

I suggest calling it Power Station or Reactor.

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Raygoza Jun 27 2014 says:

My idea is that maybe have infested Terrans that come with the Zerg.

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Raygoza Jun 27 2014 says:

Never seen a Bentusi ship with the arc shape in vertical position.

If you still plan to do it I hope you'll make it feel like the Bentusi.
Tho whole race in general too.

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Raygoza Jun 25 2014 says:

Is this a view from the top or bottom or of a side?

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Raygoza Jun 25 2014 says:

I agree with KYSD.

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Raygoza Jun 24 2014 says:

By the way do ships regenerate their shields faster after damage if they are deactivated?
Example being the BC 304.

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Raygoza Jun 23 2014 says:

By the way if the Extended supply depot is the power generator, what is the regular sypply depot doing on this race?

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Raygoza Jun 23 2014 says:

Looks interesting, by the way what was the main reason to not include the Protoss?

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Raygoza Jun 22 2014 says:

I don't get it?
Is it a third Terran faction now?

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Raygoza Jun 22 2014 says:

WHat he says in spanish is that these three mods allow you tpo play the original campaigns and then he explains a little of each mod.
Lie Burning Ground allowing you to play as the Dominion and the KMC and one of them is very high tech.

The SUM mod which allows you to play with Super units and the Dawn of change that lets you play as teh Imperial or something and that it is a total conversion etc.

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Raygoza Jun 22 2014 says:

Your Progenitors Rock.

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Raygoza Jun 21 2014 says:

Maybe the Coalition because of their mobile construction vehicle should be able to get automated Reffinaries or would that be too much of an edge?

Also are they abvle to build more mobile construction vehicles?

Otherwise leaving resource depots could be a good idea.

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Raygoza Jun 20 2014 says:

Tell me is the tech sssembler a resource depot as well?

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Raygoza Jun 15 2014 says:

Glad to see that you got most of this planned.

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Raygoza Jun 12 2014 replied:

There's one more thing I think you can accomplish, the Complex mod has an armor module for the Pride of Hiigara I wonder if you could add a such module slot for every capturable ship for the Progenitors, this way when the Progenitors capture a ship, that ship will get that module slot filed with a module called Progenitor enhancements or tech which would boost the stats percentage wise (this way no different armor modules for different ships), all captured ships will get better in every way and capturing these to non Progenitor ships will get you to keep the armor, retiring it should grant some additional research for enhancements with general upgrades or new abilities, like regenerative hull with the help of nanites, the armor would also add that ability and the ships with the armor module could have an other texture to show that it's upgraded.

By the way Dark Sajuuk knows how to make production ships able to build stuff when captured by other races, I suggest this to be applied on all but the Progenitor production ships.

I also think that most ships should have the phase shield, also the PTV 0.04 has a Drone upgrade that allows it to act as a bomber please take a look at that version, I especially liked the timing on the Gateway effect in that version, I'm hosting it at my account.

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Raygoza Jun 12 2014 says:

How true will you stay to the races original concepts?

If I may suggest
We know the HIigarans are many different Kiths, I really liked the way PTV made you select your combination of Kiths, could we expect something like this?

How different is the Taiidan compared to HW1? Do you use Chassis research instead of production modules?

I like how you races looked in the last English version of the mod.

If I may share my opinion.
The Progenitors are cool but I feel that they don't give me the same mysterious feeling I got from facing them in the campaign, I feel that a way to make them is to make them different from other races and not have a strike craft for every role as scout interceptor and bomber etc.
I believe they should be a race of a few ships that they heavily upgrade with awekening dormant ship systems and possibly lacking modules completely.
I suppose that apart from this you have to pick how they are going to be built, from debris or from complete ships. I suggest having some kind of Carrier ship and have the Gate as a shipyard.
I'm also sure you would rather use your ocreated Progenitor ships instead of borrowing from an other mod.

Anyway as the Carrier ship in my suggestion I always preferred the Sleeper from the PTV v0.04 bt might be irrelevant in your case as I don't think you'd like to use it.

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Raygoza Jun 7 2014 says:

I agree with Templarfreak, when moving the upper body should move more and when firing the kickback effect should be noticed on the upper body too.

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Raygoza Jun 7 2014 says:

Very strange

+1 vote   media: Weird
Raygoza Jun 7 2014 says:

StarCraft was very successfull because you got to play every race.
I guess it sort of depends on the Lore, you'd like to be in the best moments of the story.

Kerrigan would be interresting because no one has ever playedt he Queen of Blades after SC1.

Boh Raynor and Zeratul are very interresting in SC2, could depend on if you can recreate their abilities.

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