I am an Amateur Artist, Mapper, Musician, Coder, Voice Actor and Modeler. I am currently working with Dubbz Studios and Shattered Studios.

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Game Review on Mar 12th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

The fact that Activision pushed Terminal Reality to release the game before the release of Season 4 of the TV series ruined it. Terminal Reality set a standard with their other games, Ghostbusters for example but it seems as though Activision was just out to tarnish their reputation. You can tell this game was only in an early creation state and it seems that Activision gave Terminal Reality a month to release it. The controls are buggy and on the PC you can barely see anything. Given at least 6 more months this game would have earn't at least a 7/10. I'm sure that they would have added a lot more levels in and released a lot more new content.

The Stairwell ( SCP 087 )
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The Stanley Parable
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