I am an Amateur Artist, Mapper, Musician, Coder, Voice Actor and Modeler. I am currently working with Dubbz Studios and Shattered Studios.

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ratchet3789 Sep 19 2014, 6:11pm replied:

UnrealScript and JavaScript have a lot of properties that are alike. I do agree that it will be hard but I am hoping that my knowledge of JS will come in handy.

On the Graphics front, thats why I chose Unreal the first few times. Although the graphics may not be AAA or advanced indie, they will still look decent.

+1 vote   article: Shadows - Unreal Update
ratchet3789 May 30 2014, 5:45pm replied:

Yeah, we will be going with Source now due to all the user votes. From what I have tried alredy Source 2013 Multiplayer and Singleplayer do not work whatsoever. I have been working with Visual Studio for the past day trying to fix it. If we cannot fix it I will be looking at the CryEngine due to it being on Steam and the visual improvements graphically and gameplay wise.

+1 vote   article: Complete Re-design
ratchet3789 May 22 2013, 8:28pm says:

Reminds me of Serious Sam on the Source Engine.

+1 vote   media: pi try out
ratchet3789 May 12 2013, 8:37pm says:

The progress that has been made on this map since those photos is phernominal.

+1 vote   media: Hangman
ratchet3789 May 7 2013, 9:30am replied:

I'm pretty sure I have done that but if not by now then I must be getting a bit lazy haha. We would love some logos and photos thank you! You know where to send them. Thanks Vocaloid

+1 vote   article: Shadows
ratchet3789 Mar 10 2013, 6:52am replied:

I have extracted the MMD version but I am making extreme changes. The reason we had to extract and model him is because we have no front and side reference images to work off.

+1 vote   media: The Oni
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 4:42am replied:

Yeah as Goupyl said it adds mystery and I'm not sure if it will stay there but if you look at my comment towards DolphinC you'll see what I plan to do.

+1 vote   media: Ao Oni Main Menu
ratchet3789 Mar 10 2013, 6:50am replied:

As it is the Miku Dance model I will need to edit a lot of things on it. Not just to stop the original creator getting mad with us but to make it look better in general.

+2 votes   mod: Shadows
ratchet3789 Mar 10 2013, 6:44am replied:

I wish. That was originally the grass that you see in the cracks of the road in Crysis 2. It allowed us to resize it so I chose to make it big enough for people to hide and sneak around in.

We gave up on that whole concept.

+1 vote   media: HMV Test
ratchet3789 Mar 10 2013, 6:38am replied:

Please read the Description. It is a 30 - 40 minute very early prototype. Its extremely low poly and needs another at least 5 hours work.

We place reasons as to why these weapons look as they do and the time we have spent on them in the description for a reason. Please read them

Thank you

+1 vote   media: Prototype AR-15
ratchet3789 Mar 7 2013, 1:01am replied:

No were just in the shadows. Follow @CTFO_Ratchet and @_juriaan for updates. Its mostly our private posts but there are usually conversations involving our latest workings on Ao Oni Source.

+2 votes   mod: Shadows
ratchet3789 Jan 21 2013, 10:03am says:

If you guys have any questions we'd be happy to answer them in our spare time. Just ask them here or to @ddsaus on twitter!

+3 votes   mod: Shadows
ratchet3789 Jan 20 2013, 4:21am replied:

Exactly. Why would a company like this release an engine like this to the public. Why give indie devs the chance to 1 up your games?

+4 votes   engine: Anvil
ratchet3789 Jan 17 2013, 10:55pm replied:

You would need to heavily crack and edit a lot of PS3 system files. Don't bother.

+2 votes   game: Grand Theft Auto IV
ratchet3789 Jan 13 2013, 1:18pm replied:

We will be creating a whole new storyline and if we have time or in the future we will use the original official storyline. Everything else will be almost the same apart from maps, characters and other small things.

+4 votes   mod: Shadows
ratchet3789 Jan 6 2013, 1:45am replied:

Yeah I understood. I could use a little help but at the moment its fine

+2 votes   game: Dead Zone
ratchet3789 Nov 30 2012, 7:24am replied:

Thank you, I think there are a lot better mods out there atthe moment haha

+5 votes   mod: Shadows
ratchet3789 Nov 27 2012, 4:22am replied:

yeah, the whole thing is terrible at the moment

+1 vote   media: The Oni
ratchet3789 Nov 26 2012, 6:29pm replied:

Nope, Media.giantbomb.com Its on the right side also its not just the face that needs to be fixed its the whole thing.

If you look very closely you can see that I have applied some shaders between the legs, under the neck and under his arms. This is a very rough version that I got over excited on and started texturing straight away.

+1 vote   media: The Oni
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 9:10pm replied:

Do you have anything you can communicate to us through such as Skype?

+2 votes   download: Voice Acting Forum Final
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 4:57am replied:

Yes you are, if that is all right with you?

+2 votes   download: Voice Acting Forum Final
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 4:45am replied:

You are correct it is. This is due to the fact that I was the only one working on this mod at the time and the Oni was still in the early stages of modelling.
If you look at our current work you will see the progression.

+1 vote   media: Ao Oni Map
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 4:43am replied:

This whole design has been scraped and yes there will be a lot added.

+1 vote   media: Concept Look-A-Like
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 4:41am replied:

Yes, the tree will be moved and we plan on having a certain something in the window there between the tree and the house

+1 vote   media: Ao Oni Main Menu
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 4:40am replied:

Well if you look extremely closely I stole it from this guy
Haha. it only took about 5 recompiles and checks.

+1 vote   media: Ao Oni Main Menu
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 4:40am replied:

Thats what were thinking and I agree!

+2 votes   media: TheTrueTurtles Ao Oni The Blue Demon
ratchet3789 Nov 25 2012, 4:39am replied:

This means we will most likely do dev commentary. I think people would really like to know what its like working with DDS from different points of view and even I as a lead designer would really like to know what you guys thought of working with and for DDS and what you guys are looking forward to create and plan with Dark Descent in the near future.

+1 vote   media: Ao Oni Main Menu
ratchet3789 Nov 4 2012, 1:05am replied: +3 votes   mod: Shadows
ratchet3789 Sep 16 2012, 7:16pm replied:

Yeah haha i did! I had to leave my PC on anyway so its been seeding for the last 2 days!

Im now using your word "Plonker"

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
ratchet3789 Jun 4 2012, 3:15am replied:

I am basing it on Ao Oni 6.23

+3 votes   article: Voice Acting Forum
ratchet3789 May 26 2012, 8:21am replied:

thanks and I'm going to make it fairly dark, not so dark that you have to use a flash light to see but dark enough to make it scary

+1 vote   media: Ao Oni Map
ratchet3789 Apr 21 2012, 11:41pm replied:

that is live streaming, it is where you play a game and show others in realtime, i had like 20 pple watching me play L4D2
Also subscribe to it :D!

+1 vote   game: Astro Worlds (CANCELED!)
ratchet3789 Apr 8 2012, 11:55am says:

i've had this game for 2 years and only just been able to play it... cant wait to find dad -_-

+3 votes   game: Fallout 3
ratchet3789 Apr 7 2012, 10:14pm replied:

Wow! Are you going to make people pay for it or is it going to be free? I would love to try it out, it seems amazing!! Can you choose which car your driving and what track your driving on?

+1 vote   game: Astro Worlds (CANCELED!)
ratchet3789 Apr 6 2012, 11:08am says:

Its me when i wake up most mornings!

+8 votes   media: Take a Chill Pill Man
ratchet3789 Jan 19 2015, 7:06am replied:

Alpha... Beta...

+1 vote   download: Exterminatus Beta 8.10 (Zip)
ratchet3789 Jan 10 2015, 1:42pm replied:

A flashlight has not been implemented yet and the glow is just from the reflective texture of the basic text on Unreal 4. Unfortunately it is only me working on this at the moment.

+1 vote   game: Shadowed Nightmare
ratchet3789 Nov 14 2014, 9:35pm replied:

You do have to remember this game was built on an XP system. The differences between XP and Windows 8 are insane.

+2 votes   download: Initial release
ratchet3789 Sep 14 2014, 3:20am replied:

That's because the guy who did this, who I thought at the time was a great mapper. Used a brush (wall/floor piece) as the bed. He should have used the bed model from Half-Life.

Should be a lot better on Unreal though.

+1 vote   media: Elkindas Work's
ratchet3789 Feb 22 2014, 9:52pm replied:

Thanks, I was mid way through a custom vehicle but had to format my Solid State Drive and reinstall Maya And CryENGINE

+1 vote   media: Cloth and Rain Demonstration
ratchet3789 Feb 22 2014, 9:50pm says:

Any planned updates/screenshots?
also don't you think creating a Valve based game on the Unity engine kind of breaks the logic of Half-Life? I mean Source is a lot easier to learn than Unity, just check out 3kliksphillip!

+1 vote   article: December
ratchet3789 Feb 18 2014, 8:03am replied:

Yes, that is one of the many reasons we have returned to the CryEngine. It helps provide the amazingly immersive environment especially with the stealth features we are planning to implement

+1 vote   media: Tank and Grass
ratchet3789 Feb 16 2014, 12:03am replied:

Yes, sorry to reply so late but the HUD that is in and is going to be in all future videos for now is the CryEngine's default HUD. The HUD will be the last thing we work on for now as we'd like to get everything else done first.

+1 vote   game: Dead Zone
ratchet3789 Aug 1 2013, 6:41am says:

What kind of items etc would you need modelling on Blender? I might be able to help you there

0 votes   article: Recontinueing, but in Unity 3d
ratchet3789 Jun 23 2013, 1:07pm replied:

Yes I agree, this was a very early alpha map that we had worked on a while ago. We have changed the layout of the entire house but are hoping to have these maps in there after we edit them.

+2 votes   media: Shadows update 17-1-2013 + Dev Commentary
ratchet3789 Jun 22 2013, 2:46pm replied:

Ohh how wrong you were all those years ago. The game is excellent but the engine is horrid to work with. It seems Valve and Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall 2013, yes a modified Source Engine game) have modified it and made it an excellent engine to use.

A lot better than the original 2008 engine that you would have had to deal with.

-1 votes   media: In-game shot
ratchet3789 May 14 2013, 12:44am replied:

It does look a bit cartoon based with the textures but it still looks amazing. I am not one to criticise because I suck at 3D modeling.

What program do you use, if I may ask?

+1 vote   media: M79
ratchet3789 May 7 2013, 9:33am replied:

Thank you, We are aiming towards a scary theme that you can also have a bit of a laugh at some times.

Yes, we are working on single player at the moment but when we get around to multi-player I believe the game will force the players to always stay together and not run off. Just to add to it puzzles that force them away from each other and to determine each others fate.

+1 vote   article: Shadows
ratchet3789 May 7 2013, 9:28am replied:

Thank you, we still have to ad HDR lighting, models and other props. There is also an early video showing the level,

+1 vote   media: Progress on hallway
ratchet3789 May 3 2013, 8:49pm replied:

It means that you've either given the same key you use to a mate, your using a pirated version or the code has been generated or duplicated.

+1 vote   download: Reign of the Undead 2.0 Beta
ratchet3789 Apr 4 2013, 12:02am replied:

Or are you?

+1 vote   group: Noob Dev Team
ratchet3789 Apr 3 2012, 10:52am replied:

He coded the aliens to make a porno haha

+1 vote   media: Funny Tree Spawn
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