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radir May 8 2012 says:

If someone is looking for mods (like I was), then they should check out this link.
It is a mod manager with some mods with it. The most awsome is the reconstructor mod. It gives a weapon, which is able to reconstruct any destroyed building.

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radir Jan 5 2012 replied:

My suggestion to the uploader: use mediafire if you don't want to upload here! It's light years better than wait to download free sites!

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radir Oct 6 2011 says:

Maybe it is just dust in the air as the sun shines on it.

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radir Sep 13 2011 replied:

Bringing down torrent sites does not help.
In hungary the police brought down nearly all the torrent sites. They confiscated the servers. So you'd think all is gone. No! In one week, all of them were back up with their latest backup.
But you were right about the first one. Only pirates can stop piracy.

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radir Jun 20 2011 says:


All I get is "502 Bad Gateway". :(

Fixed, it is working now! :D

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radir May 9 2011 says:

This is a very delicate topic.
Even the word "piracy" is strange to me. You would be a pirate if you steal something, and then later resell it. But in this case people do it for free. No one makes money on it, so it is hard to call it piracy.
And the stealing part. If you steal something, than the stuff you stole will be gone, no one but you can own it. But if you download something, then it wont move from the servers hard drive to yours, and then they have to write the whole program from scratch. You can download stuff infinite times, it will be there still. The problem is that we still thinking in 20th century law. If this is anything, it is forgery. Or at least it is the closest thing to it.

And for the religious people: when Jesus was sharing bread and fish with his followers, he was stealing from the bakers and fishers, cause he fed a few hundred people from one bread and one fish? Cause this is happening when you download stuff. Someone had to buy it in the first place, then he or she shared it with the world for free! But in this case it is not food but culture.

Of course, I don't want to legitimize downloading stuff for free. I think you should buy it if you like it. You should support the developers if you can! But think before you call some one a thief!

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radir Sep 9 2010 says:

Wow! This mod beats nearly all other shoc mods by far! And I tried a lot! I reather get more features and content then nice shiny textures. Like the nice shader effects near every bullet hit! And the tons of new features! Awsome work!

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radir Aug 30 2010 says:

Now this would be really sweet:

1 click: you download the game (and install it at the same time).
1 click: you download the mod for it. And the mod is installed, and playable. No more option file editing, or stuff like that. Just 2 simple clicks, and you have it all!
I now a lot of people, who would love to play the same game with mods, but it's too complicated for them. Even the game install itself was a big headache for them. With this it would open new worlds for them. If it will work like that... That would be really sweet...
But I think you will have huge problems with the distributors with the user content on the store page idea. I thing that would be a big no for most of them. The pc game creation buisness became an industry. And as an industry, they don't like individuality. What they want is uniformity. They want to see their polished shiny pictures an videos on their store page. And their nice and fluffy marketing text. Of course, I hope, I'm wrong. But the trend that they treat us gamers like criminals - even if we buy their game - makes me think like this.
But really, I hope for the best! ;)

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radir Mar 24 2010 says:

I don't know where to post this, so...

I have found a strange bug:
If I have a stalker anomaly detector in my belt, and the night vision is on, all the anomalies burst into huge flames and a strange wind effect appears above them, even radio active zones, and campfires too. But only if I'm 10.2 meter-s close. And as soon as the nightvision is off or I'm further away then 10.2 meters or the anomaly detector is not in my belt, everything goes back to normal.

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radir Feb 23 2010 replied:

No I think it is the GCF Scape's setup.

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radir Feb 8 2010 replied:

This is their project site.
Here You can download the newest release, and can view the bugfixes and where are they at. So it's not dead. Just progressing slowly.

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