Not much to say in my bio, except that I'm a university student in Ontario Canada. I'm about 6ft tall, brown hair blue eyes, ear pierced, no tattoos(yet). I should probably warn you that I am a dangerous young man capable of applying his own makeup :P

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Oh fun.

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Well thought I'd post something new, but there isn't much to say.  Oh I know what's fun.  Guitar Hero III and drinking, which is what I think I'll do tonight.  Oh then I have to write that stupid Chemistry lab report.  What a fun weekend.  In other news, I downloaded the UT3 Beta Demo.  Definitely an improvement over UT2003/4. It seems to miss somehing that the original had though.  I don't know what it is. 

EA need I say more?

Rabbitstorm Blog

Its a sad day when one umbrella comapny owns as many comapnies as EA does. I found out today that EA bought two more studios last month, Pandemic and Bioware.  Now that struck me.  Being Canadian, I'm proud of what Bioware has accompished, and how they remained independent.  I just hope they sold to EA for some sort of business or legal reason and not greed.  So what is the going rate for two companies?  860 million dollars.  That's a fair chunk of change isn't it? With Bioware's release of Mass effect tomorrow, will it experience the devotion of Bioware or the abandonment of Electronic Arts.

What about Mass Effect two?  Will it have some arbitrary date stuck to its forehead and be rushed out the door come October/November 2008/2009?  

 I guess a good point will be the increase cash flow available to the two studios. I mean it must help alleviate some stress when you know there's money to back you up.  Of course, on this money front.  What if(I know its impossible) a game goes badly due to the previously mentioned rushed ship date.  Will the studio be consolidated with some other EA games studio.


I guess we'll wait and see. 

 [ /rant>

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