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RabbitFreak Jan 6 2012 says:

Just bought!

humblebundle, indieroyale, indiegala, my wallet becomes empty these days!

+2 votes   news: Indie Royale - Happy New Years Bundle
RabbitFreak Dec 13 2011 says:

You forgot to mention that they include also inMomentum original soundtrack and zombie shooter theme in the bundle.
Plus they said today on Twitter that they are going to add new goodies tomorrow.

+2 votes   feature: IndieGala bundle sale
RabbitFreak Dec 12 2011 says:

Just 4 games,
only one of them of high quality.

Honestly IndieGala or Humble gives you more for less..

+4 votes   news: The Xmas Bundle is live!
RabbitFreak May 25 2011 replied:

You could mod it in the future, don't you see the amazing tools they release?
I'm sure there will be a lot of mods after release, if you preorder now you can play with map editor and see how powerful is right now.

Anyway if you wanna fight with human characters right now you should take a look at BTR.

( i'm a fan of both games, don't want to compare, just point this difference )

+1 vote   news: New Overgrowth a132 video devlog
RabbitFreak May 22 2011 says:

Well this game is "breaking the rules" also against common videogame stereotypes... Nice one guys!

P.s.: Preordered!

+2 votes   news: Introducing Pete
RabbitFreak May 7 2011 replied:

I don't think that in 2000 there were 10k poly characters and active ragdolls... but probably you were too little to remember anything.

Looks better and better every day guys!
Can't wait to play it!!!

+3 votes   news: Pre-order your copy of B.T.R. today! Only [ppbranchg14331price]!
RabbitFreak Apr 30 2011 says:

Keep up the good work!
It looks awesome!

+1 vote   news: Art asset Overgrowth overview video log
RabbitFreak Apr 30 2011 replied:

Are you kidding?

Capoeira animations are GREAT and regarding arm proportions they already replied that it's because they want real ife character proportions rather than action figures.

This indie game looks far more better than many action games i've seen recently, even some mainstream ones, and has much more fun because of the huge number of fighters in the brawl.
Yes, there are things to improve, ( and i'm sure they will, since it keeps getting better every week ) but i would buy it even now as is, if i would be sure to have the same gameplay of the video in an online match!

Can't wait to play it.

+5 votes   news: Object Oriented Fighting
RabbitFreak Apr 21 2011 says:


+3 votes   game: Breaking The Rules
RabbitFreak Apr 20 2011 says:

Nice graphics and the sky and illumination are very realistic and polished. Also style is almost poetic!

Anyway BreakingTheRules has better ragdolls.

You should copy from it.

+1 vote   news: New Overgrowth a127 video devlog
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