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Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Life After Pi - Rythm + Hues

4 comments by cW#Ravenblood on Feb 10th, 2013

Hey there,
this is the official "Life After Pi" Documentary about the bankruptcy of Rythm + Hues,
some weeks before they won the oscar for the best visual effects.
Everyone who creates art, wants to get into the branche, already is there or someone who just
loves movies should watch this.


Report abuse Dev-Blog #2-Source Practice #2- Compiled Model!

1 comment by cW#Ravenblood on May 27th, 2011

Yeah, today I compiled my first model to source!
Like the result, and now I know why everyone hates compiling models to source :DDDDDD
Here is my result, you can also check the vid description for more infos :D
Too lazy to write something because noone cares about the blog D:

Report abuse Dev-Blog #1 - Source Engine Practice #1 - HUDChange

0 comments by cW#Ravenblood on May 25th, 2011

Hey guys,

I just started working with the Source Enginge, because I want to get more into it and learn some stuff like Model Compiling, Ironsight, Self-Illuminating Textures etc.

So I've created a little HL2EP2-Mod called "Ravenblood's Source Practice" and today I've messed around with the hud (a little bit :P).

I like the result, lets see what comes in the next time! (Model Compiling :P).

Here can you see my result:

Dev-Blog #1-Source Engine Practice #1-HUDChange

Dev-Blog #1-Source Engine Practice #1-HUDChange

I'll post a new blog when I've done something new!

Report abuse My favourite Devs

1 comment by cW#Ravenblood on Apr 4th, 2011

Yeah, some of my fav devs :D
Not all, but some guys with cool skills :D :

Music Composers:

Level Designer:

3D Artist:

and here specially:

  • Wird for the past
  • moci for the present
  • Nauz for the future

Generall Artists and alrounder:

Well, I think all of them have great skill and talent and I/we can learn from them :D
I hope I didnt forget someone, if I'll edit the blog.
Greetings and have a nice day :)

Report abuse What I've missed in MOTY

7 comments by cW#Ravenblood on Dec 26th, 2010

Yeah, here are some mods I've missed in the MOTY (players choice):

I think all of these mods are soo awesome and deserved a place in the MOTY awards.
Anyway, this are not all mods I like, but few of them.

Report abuse best of loops #1

1 comment by cW#Ravenblood on Aug 15th, 2009

Here u have the best loops EVER: (<--go CAVE!) (<--the first of ??) (<--also the first of ??) (<--looool) (<--good question) (<--me too!) (<--"be a freind") (<--dafatcat OWN3D!) (<--the next of it!) (<--lol jeremy!) (<--epic fail!) (<--gonna kill U!) (<--go master chief GO!) (<--just dance!) (<--nice, really nice!) (<-- oO Oo oO Oo oO Oo) (<--first of ??) (<--revulution) (<--just dance!) (y--argh) (<--next one!) (<--peanut butter jelly time!)
(<-- oO Oo oO Oo oO Oo) (<--????) (<--sweet sweet sweet sweet!!!!) (<--next one!) (<--NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!) (<--look atre th one who has BIG EYES!) (<-- leekspin FTW!)

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