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QuintSakugarne Oct 30 2013, 3:59pm says:

FYI in the summary you should change the Flying Red Barrel subtitle to "Diary of a Little Aviator", since that's the name the English release uses.

+2 votes   game: 100% Orange Juice
QuintSakugarne Jul 3 2013, 9:16pm replied:

Also apparently they just updated the game to deal with "player trap in a save room".

I just wish they'd be more generous with ammo, in general.

+1 vote   game: Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery
QuintSakugarne Jul 3 2013, 9:04pm replied:

It would make more sense for all ammo to be unlimited, or to just draw from one common ammo pool, with one or two basic weapons that have unlimited ammo (such as the blue shooter and the bombs).

+1 vote   game: Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery
QuintSakugarne Jun 17 2013, 5:22pm says:

I've heard there's a bug with Chelsea's extra lives. Is this true, or has it been fixed yet?

+2 votes   game: Bunny Must Die!
QuintSakugarne Oct 18 2012, 8:51am says:

329 characters

+1 vote   member: boshi
QuintSakugarne Oct 15 2012, 10:08am replied:

I had to look in the manual for this one. It's a rather unintuitive choice for a pause key.

+1 vote   game: Flying Red Barrel
QuintSakugarne Jul 18 2012, 11:18am replied:

You need to sign in online at least once every so often, and furthermore, offline mode doesn't activate when Steam wants to update itself.

This is relevant to me because I'm offline pretty often and I've run into these problems many times before. I have to time when I start Steam to be when I'm online.

Furthermore, Steam doesn't track your playtime when you're offline, and at least some games don't track your chieves if you're offline.

+2 votes   company: Valve
QuintSakugarne Jul 9 2012, 5:01pm says:

When I picked this up in an Indie Royale bundle, I expected this to be one of those throwaway games that I'd care little for.

I ended up playing it more than the original reason I bought the bundle (which was Tobe's Vertical Adventure).

This is a great game.

+3 votes   game: Slydris
QuintSakugarne Jul 9 2012, 4:06pm replied:

Same here; far more games I already have than time to play them. And I don't even have that many games.

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QuintSakugarne May 30 2012, 6:21pm says:

If I buy the direct-purchase version, can I get a Desura key?

+1 vote   game: Explodemon
QuintSakugarne May 25 2012, 9:37pm says:

I haven't actually tried this game, but this looks awfully like RPG Maker. Are you sure the engine is custom built?

+7 votes   game: Silver Nightmares
QuintSakugarne May 21 2012, 4:06pm says:

Just as a heads-up, this game appears to be completely unrelated to the Game Boy game called "Pitman" (though that was localized in the U.S. as "Catrap").

+2 votes   game: Pitman
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