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[Q]uik Jan 15 2012, 6:07pm replied:

never noticed..

0 votes   article: Red Orchestra 2 Mod SDK Available to All
[Q]uik Jul 23 2010, 11:48am says:

looks really great^^ it acually looks amazing

+1 vote   media: Model Render
[Q]uik May 24 2009, 12:39pm says:

WOW! i cant wait^^ ACE Team take your time! no need to hurry! for a game like this i can wait for like.. forever^^ i cant wait... i loved the first game and if ur to set the sequel in a more free world and make it longer, i rly think ill love the sequel even more^^ i wish you the best of luck!^^

+1 vote   article: New Zeno Clash Trailer + news about a sequel...
[Q]uik May 24 2009, 12:33pm says:

well, i said i downloaded it illegaly, doesnt that prove i realise it is illegal? well, i bought it a few days ago (i have bin low on money so i havent bin able to buy it.) so now it stands proudly at my desk=P and i still recommend everyone to buy the game, it is excellent! they rly deserve the money and i really look ofrward to a sequel=P

+1 vote   game: Zeno Clash
[Q]uik May 13 2009, 10:17am says:

the game is absolutly great, i downloaded it illegaly, but i will buy it ASAP! it is just awesome! except for, it is too short, and i realy hope u will make a sequel!

graphics is GREAT, story line is so weird it is good! (seriously, it is great!) although, the psysics is great but... way to unrealistic, if u pounce (sorry for bad english) in the face, the person dont fly 3meters away, even though, this is what makes it so cool, it is kinnda annoying osmetimes^^ music is great, and what an imagination with the world and the animals/character! u have great imagination, and i think, if you keep this up, and make more games, u will become BIG, and i mean big like in a great and big company that everyone hears of! i will buy this game outta two reasons: the game is great and to support you so u can continue making weird great games!^^

9/10, would give it more like 10/10 if the game was longer, and btw: sure the battle system is great, but may i give you a suggestion for later on? more combinations of attacks would be nice, and more different weps, it is like 2 close combat weps, and 4 long range, this is kinnda annoying, well, i can understand why, the game is like... 10-12 hours long, but still^^ game is great all around! and, i realy just have to say to anyone looking into it: BUY IT!

+1 vote   game: Zeno Clash
[Q]uik Apr 30 2009, 12:26pm says:

are you doing all this by yourself? oh man! ^^ you gotta gett some guys helping you:P

+1 vote   mod: Quental ire corma (Lord Of The Rings)
[Q]uik Apr 30 2009, 12:23pm says:

looks like the modals is a bit too high for Quake engine=P very well, good job anyway

+1 vote   mod: Spawn of the Dead
[Q]uik Apr 29 2009, 10:58am says:

this is like one of the best free engines EVER!! i love it!=P

+2 votes   engine: Esenthel Engine
[Q]uik Dec 14 2008, 11:12am says:

know what i missed in FC2? more open areas! the forests was also too much of forest it wasnt africa alike... this is more open and has lesser trees ^^

+1 vote   media: Railroad
[Q]uik Dec 14 2008, 11:11am says:

Farcry 2 har almost ONLY forests, wich i disliked ;) i want more of.. THIS.. more Africa! =P

+2 votes   media: More Screenshots
[Q]uik Dec 14 2008, 11:10am says:

agree with CrowbarSka

looking good except for mountains ;) keep it up

+1 vote   media: More Screenshots
[Q]uik Dec 6 2008, 9:23am says:

looking GREAT looking forward to a demo! :P

+1 vote   article: December Update
[Q]uik Nov 28 2008, 9:36am says:

i like everything except the head :P dont like it^^ otherwise GJ =P

+1 vote   media: zombie
[Q]uik Nov 27 2008, 4:07pm says:

Sounds good, looking forward to it^^ when do you expect it to be done?

+1 vote   mod: Insanity
[Q]uik Nov 26 2008, 4:15pm says:

looks nice ^^ hope u get all the way ^^

+1 vote   mod: FarCrysis
[Q]uik Nov 17 2008, 10:13am says:

well, first, you already get too little ammo, why do so you get less? you get 600caps, you buy ammo for 600caps and BOOM theyre gone =P but i agree at the XP but thats about it =P

+1 vote   mod: Welcome To The Wasteland
[Q]uik Nov 8 2008, 11:42am says:

well, if it was the same as FC2 it would be boooooring, i wouldnt wanna play the FC2 story AGAN =P so i think it is good ;)

+1 vote   article: New Story
[Q]uik Nov 4 2008, 10:37am says:

looks GREAT kkeep it up!

+1 vote   mod: Lost World Returns
[Q]uik Nov 3 2008, 4:04pm says:

the graphics was good in FC2 =P i dont complain :P

+2 votes   media: Dynamic Fire Test
[Q]uik Oct 29 2008, 9:10am says:

Well, you know Egypt isnt that Cloudy too often =P make it less Cloudy and its Gr8 =P

+1 vote   media: Beginning of a map : WAR-Gizeh
[Q]uik Oct 29 2008, 4:44am says:

the Dynamatic weather = AWESOME ;)

+1 vote   mod: FarCrysis
[Q]uik Oct 29 2008, 4:34am says:

WOW that looks like... like... like a picture taken in the savannah!!! AMAZING!

+2 votes   media: Savannh
[Q]uik Oct 28 2008, 1:39pm says:

the feeling of Farcry 2 is kinnda har to crack:P BUT i think this mod might aswell become a great mod with some FC2 elements :P looking forward to it :P

+1 vote   mod: FarCrysis
[Q]uik Oct 27 2008, 4:53pm says:

cant wait for this ;)

+1 vote   media: Darineth Gates - Looking East
[Q]uik Oct 27 2008, 4:52pm says:

looking pretty good ;)

+1 vote   media: Darineth in SandBox 2
[Q]uik Oct 27 2008, 4:52pm says:

looking like a good system :D

+1 vote   media: Inventory System Mock-up
[Q]uik Oct 26 2008, 11:05am says:

looking pretty cool!

+1 vote   mod: CURSE
[Q]uik Oct 26 2008, 4:48am says:

sweet, wulfburk, could you send me an email at: we could keep in better touch that way, and that is also my msn if youre intersested =P

+1 vote   mod: Battlefield Plastic War
[Q]uik Oct 25 2008, 1:52pm says:

not sure, but are you still looking for a modeller? in that way i could gladly join up making models for you =P
i can mostly only make weapons, and not animate or Texture =P

+1 vote   mod: Battlefield Plastic War
[Q]uik Oct 25 2008, 12:32pm says:

kraddy: i sort of agree, but still not.. i mean it would be very nice to have quicker fights aso, but still, it is very much harder to get balanced Game play in that way =P

pic: looks VERY good!

+1 vote   media: Enemy Spotted
[Q]uik Oct 25 2008, 12:26pm says:

cant wait guys!! cant we see a demo or something soon? would be rly great! rly hope you will finish it! Goood luck!

+1 vote   mod: Tiberian Genesis
[Q]uik Oct 25 2008, 12:23pm says:

loooks very good so far=P keep up the good work ;)

+1 vote   mod: The Legend of Zelda: Codenamed - Project: Light
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