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Mike: "Wow! Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is finally being produced -- not to mention, by DICE! What will they think of next?
Kent: "Battlefront 4, produced by Activision. Wanna bet?"

Yup, folks. I can't wait. And there are a lot of other things in production that I really wish would be available today!
Such as:
Pirates of the Caribbean 5
Bethesda Game Studio's next game (not including the Elder Scrolls: Online)
Unreal Engine 4*
CryEngine 4* (released! as CryEngine)
*notice, they're even competing in version numbers
Pacific Rim (released)
Call of Duty: Ghosts
... and a ton of other stuff.

There's also a lot of stuff I'd rather see at the bottom of Lake Ohrid (over which I am gazing right now) than in the shops, but that's subject for another blog.

This blog will be up for another couple of days, so I'll create an extended category below for any others that come to mind. Feel free to comment, and I'll add them to the list (if I don't add them, I'll tell you why).

Extended List:
Xbox One
Tom Clancy's The Division

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