I play video games and upload my impressions of the games on my Youtube channel. I have been playing video games since I was about 4 years old, in the good old days when Doom was the pinnacle of graphics. I will take a video game over a movie or a book any day. I want to believe that any and all games can give me a unique experience, tell me a story, or test my skills and challenge my brain. For the last 2½ years, I have been doing Lets Plays on my Youtube channel. I have now begun a new concept of videos for my channel where I look at a new game each day for about 30-60 minutes and where I just talk about how I experience the game. I hope that this allows people to discover new and exciting games and that I can help developers get their game out to the masses. If you are a developer and you would like me to review your game on my Youtube channel, drop me a message! I am brutally honest, but I feel that I am able to give a game the respect it deserves.

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Armed with a heavy-duty water cannon, Max has what he needs to vanquish his long-term nemesis: the Mutant Mudds. Max must blast and hover his way across the soiled landscape to seek out mysterious Water Sprites. Legend says collecting all of the mysterious Water Sprites will wash the filthy Mutant Mudds away for good!

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Latest tweets from @qieth

Jan 10 2016

@mikey_bt I'm only here until Wednesday, then I'm flying back again :)

Jan 10 2016

@mikey_bt guess I'm having pizza and cheesecake tomorrow! (unless my US coworkers drag me along to something :P)

Jan 10 2016

@mikey_bt that's like, 3 blocks from my hotel. It will definitely go on the list!

Jan 10 2016

So I've been in New York City since Wednesday. What a crazy place this is :D

Nov 14 2015

@gamxin_bns sorry for the late reply. I don't really make YT vids anymore. Sounds cool though, so if you need me got my expertise, speak up!

Nov 3 2015

@maxjoseph I have a fleeting crush on your hair. Would you please tell me what kind of product you use? :P Big fan of Catfish, by the way :)

Oct 14 2015

#esportszulu For en der altid får tæsk af i Dota, har I et supertip til mig?

Sep 6 2015

@ClickerHeroes just got a new update on Android. Any chance i can get the full patch notes, to see what bugs were corrected? :)

Jul 8 2015

Working from home always feels a bit weird, though I enjoy having a kitten sleep in my lap while I go through my emails. Should be standard!

Jul 4 2015

@Danskern Sov godt! :)

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